OOTD: Marketing Segmentation, Labels & Cliques

I’ve never understood the concept of “cliques”.

Humans are multi-faceted creatures; the idea that you could lump a group of people together based on one interest . . . to me, it seems pretty absurd. The idea that these people then couldn’t like and hang out with people with other interests? Well, that also makes no sense. And it confuses me, the more I grow up – that the world seems so divided. That humans are so divided. Not even at a political, or racial, level (obviously that too, but it’s not the point of this post) . . . it just seems like everything we do or like defines and divides us.

You like to eat clean? Well, you must love yoga, be a vegan, go completely cruelty free and only wear sustainable, ethical clothing. (All completely great things, but they aren’t? Mutually? Exclusive?)

You’re a blogger? Your room has fairy lights, marble interiors, white walls and some postive quotes on the wall, right? Copper? Even better – rose gold. (But we’re going to call you basic for liking all the things that we’ve basically shoved down your throats.)

Or, you like metal music. Clearly you’re a goth. You like piercings; you have tattoos. You wear a lot of black; platform heels. Because that’s the demographic of someone who likes metal and you like metal, right?

And let’s not even talk about the basic white girl stereotype.

We’re almost expected to be one thing and fit into one category – and I just find it so hard to understand how. My tastes are so eclectic and varied in everything from music to people. I feel like a life spent in one category would be a life spent moulding yourself to one category.


So I stumbled across this Pin on Pinterest (I have a board called “FR” where I pin things related to social issues and interesting facts etc. so I often get suggested really interesting things) and it kind of blew my mind a little. I studied Media Studies (got the jaded, cynical world-view to prove it) for a while, so I kind of knew about market segmentation, but not to this degree.

And it just made me think – they do this with gender . . . how many other things do they do it with? Social circles? Types of music?

The media, not to sound like a conspiracy theorist, controls everything. It really does – to a point that we can’t truly understand how much it controls us because it’s constantly there. Think of TV shows – especially ones with American high schools. If you want to be pretty and popular, be a cheerleader. If you’re “smart” and “above all that” be a self-aware emo-goth. You can’t be a goth cheerleader. (I’m sorry, can we take a moment to appreciate how cool that would be?) Right? So think – how does that subconsciously affect you?

When we’re watching TV, don’t we start to relate to certain characters? Aren’t we drawn to certain cliques? Certain traits? And doesn’t it make it easier to market things to us when we’re like that? Market brands, make-up, designer clothing to “Mean Girls”. Market edgy things like retro-cool shit to the “above it all” kids?

And clothing; how many different styles and categories of clothing are there?

And so we get to the crux of today’s post: style.

My wardrobe is like my taste in friends; eclectic. I love everything from extremely minimal outfits, majorly grunge and bohemian chic. Velvet, lace, pink, black, orange . .  I have a very wide range of what I like to wear. (And don’t my wardrobes know it.)


Corset Skirt – Topshop – £34 (linked, bro)

Like this outfit. I love how simple it is – and a lot of my wardrobe is constructed by equally as basic pieces. But at the same time . . .

An abrasively bright cardigan is never a no!

I don’t know; I guess I’ve just never felt like I fit into a specific box (and, boy, have I wanted to at many times in my life) and that no one label was right for me. And that’s because no one box is enough; we’re told we should fit in one box. We’re force-fed these traits and identities by people who want us to be as simple and easy to market to as possible. But these people are trying to simplify our ideas and interests because we have so many.

Like, seriously take a moment to think about that – massive parts of our culture and what influences our minds and opinions are purposely simplified and segmented. It’s designed to simplify us.

So don’t feel like you need to be confined to a box – in any way. And I know that this is a really shallow version of that, personal style, but it really fit what was kind of swirling around in my head.

If you want to try that thing, talk to that person, go to that event, or wear that abrasively bright jacket . . . go for it. You don’t have to be this consistently-in-one-scene person. You can be everything – or you can be nothing.

So, yeah – this jacket is a pretty eccentric choice. But it’s different and it’s colourful and it’s loud and proud and what it definitely isn’t is boring. It’s me accepting and embracing that sometimes there will be utter curveballs in my identity and my tastes and that’s totally fucking okay.

And it’s an opportunity to share that message with you too. I hope you guys liked the OOTD; what did you think? Would you wear the jacket? Did any of my thoughts resonate with you? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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