DIY Copper Corkboard

Hey, gorgeous! What’s new with you?

Today is going to a brand spanking new DIY for you – and it’s just in time for Autumn. (Because I know that you secretly want some Autumnal decorations for your bedroom. Don’t you try to lie to me.)

So, what you may or may not know (depending on if you read my Dream Bedroom post – and, if you didn’t, go read it.) is that I’m currently redoing my room. And – let’s face it – what better excuse for DIYs is there? The answer is none. Other than Christmas, because Christmas gifts, but that’s besides the point.

Today’s DIY is something I did to spruce up my mini-office corner of a room – a copper/rose gold corkboard! Let me show you the finished product:

How To Make A Copper Corkboard

(My room is in the loft, so the lighting is terrible for photography – but it looks a lot prettier than that in person.)

Then let’s get to how to create it!

Step 1 – Grab you a corkboard.

Thankfully, corkboards are not ridiculously expensive – you can pick one up off of Amazon for under £5!

Corkboard – Amazon UK – £4.67

Corkboard – Amazon US – $6.97

Step 2 – Mark out where you want you paint

Using a marker, decide where you want your paint to go. I wanted a geometic slash because I was incredibly uninspired and that’s all I could think of, but it turned out okay.

Step 3 – Cover/Protect the rest of the board

This didn’t work quite as well as I’d planned – mainly because the washi tape was not sticky enough to withstand paint and prodding with a paintbrush, but if you use masking tape it would probably be fine. This step is just to ensure you’ve got really clean, straight lines and the gold only goes where the gold is meant to.

Step 4 – Spray paint the board!

I’d strongly recommend spray paint as opposed to normal paint because it’s just so much easier.

Amazon UK – Copper Spray Paint 400ml – £8.99

Amazon US – Copper Spray Paint – $4.39

Step 5 – Let it dry and enjoy!

 So this was just a quick and easy room DIY – I’m slowly but surely getting this redecoration done! I’m actually really happy with how it looks at the moment and I cannot wait for it to all be done, so that I can share a ‘lil room tour with you!

How To Make A Copper Corkboard

Anyways, did you like this DIY? Would you have a corkboard in your room? And can we please talk about how cute my setup is? Look at the cat! (It’s a money jar, by the way). Let me know your thoughts below!

(Oh – and have a sneak peek at one of my upcoming posts – you know you want to!)



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38 thoughts on “DIY Copper Corkboard

  1. This is such a good idea!! I need one of these because at the moment all my Polaroids are scattered in random draws and I kinda need to get them organised 😂 Also cannot wait to see your new room! I’m sure it’ll look incred ❤

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I know, it’s practical as well as decorative. Love how it combines creativity with usefulness – one of my favourite combinations.


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