My TK Maxx Candle Haul + Wishlist

Oh, TK Maxx, how you wound me. How you eagerly and callously empty my wallet; how you tempt and seduce me into purchasing things that I technically don’t need.

Hey guys!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed my somewhat radio silence – I feel like I’ve been disgustingly lazy and unproductive, but in all likelihood it’s doubtful that anybody actually noticed. Recently, I’ve been sucked into this weird pit of . . . I don’t know. Nothing good. Regardless, we’re moving towards the end of September and into an incredibly exciting October, so I’m forcing myself to climb out of the pit. home-fragrance/dare-to-begin-scented-candle/p/82131138

TK Maxx Rose Gold Create Candle – £9.99

Now, I think we can all admit to ourselves that we’re strongly in Autumn. Pack the summer clothes away and make space in your wardrobes for massive jumpers and coats. If you’re anything like me, part of you will be really excited for just the coziness of Autumn . . . and part of you is already pining after your summer dresses.

Well, to make myself feel better about the inevitability of getting caught in the rain and having to stand next to sick people on the train, I decided to jump full force into Autumn with some Autumn candles. home-fragrance/autumn-equinox-scented-candle-340g/p/82091663

Autumn Equinox Candle – £7.99

Okay, so I could spend a sentence or two justifying my candle haul . . . but they’re just so damn pretty that I don’t think you can blame me.

First up, I bought my parents a candle each because we’re big candle fans in my family. See – the addiction isn’t my fault; it’s been ingrained. Seriously, though, sometimes you walk into our house and in every room there are so many candles lit that you kind of just think “have I inadvertently walked into a satanic ritual or ??”.

The first candle is for my mother, the poor extroverted family lover stuck in a family of introverts. It’s a really well-packaged and delicious smelling candle (she picked it and loves the scent) and I think it makes a great little gift.

I couldn’t find this one online, but it might still be in store if you want to pick it up!


Next up is the candle I got for my dad . . .

I just found this candle so bloody classy – just look at the matte black finish. The smell was really subtle and comforting – black vanilla – and it was something like £3.99 so it was just a nice little treat. Again, sorry, I couldn’t find this one online – but you can always try in store.

And now, screw the spawners, it’s time to see what gorgeous, gorgeous candles I bought for myself.

The first, God bless TK Maxx and DW Home, is this quite frankly amazing Autumn/Winter candle (with bloody beautiful packaging, I think we can all agree) with the scent of sugared current. This one has been burning a hell of a lot in my room as I sit here and write Autumn-related posts and it’s such a delicious scent. My room is my haven.

Again, I unfortunately couldn’t find the exact scent online – but I love the candle quality, the strength of the scent and the packaging, so I have to dedicate a section of my candle wishlist to DW Home candles. And, kids, we’ve got some real seasonal finds here. home-fragrance/pumpkin peppercorn-scented-candle-240g/p/82124550

Autumn Blessings Pumpkin & Peppercorn Scented DW Home Candle – TK Maxx – £7.99

Look at that lid – it has a pumpkin on the lid! home-fragrance/white-pumpkin-scented-candle-350g/p/82124797

White Pumpkin DW Home Candle – TK Maxx – £6.99 home-fragrance/pink-peony-petals-candle-363g/p/82059580

Peony Petals DW Home Candle – TK Maxx – £7.99 home-fragrance/gray-smoked-birch-247g/p/82084968

Smoked Birch Candle – £5.99 home-fragrance/cranberry-scented-candle/p/82125239

Cranberry Candle – £7.99 home-fragrance/hello-gorgeous-scented-candle lid-453g/p/82105942

Hello Gorgeous Candle – £7.99

Next up is a crazy good value for money candle. Now, this one I definitely won’t be able to find online because it was £2.99 and near the tills (so not even in the candle section) but oh my goodness it’s such great value for money.

Look. At. That. Lid.

Okay, the next candle may be completely out of season, but if you could smell it you would understand why I just had to give it a buy anyway.

This scent – this scent . . . my dad and I fought over this one. It’s so potent and strong that he wanted it. Please, father, stay in your lane.

Along with DW Home candles, this brand left such a strong impression with me that I have to include some of their candles to try in my wishlist too! (It would also be useful to learn to distinguish between “wishlist” and “checkout”, Mia.) home-fragrance/white-water-scented-candle-167g/p/82199238

White Water Candle – £5.99 home-fragrance/forest-leaves-scented-candle-500g/p/82125898

Autumn Leaves Candle – £9.99

Last but not least, we have the perfectly scented candle for those drizzly Autumn days . . .

This scent is much more subtle and musky – and I love it. It truly is perfect for those cold days when the rain is pouring outside and you’re curled up with a mug of hot chocolate and a nice snuggly blanket. (Speaking of, do you like my photo backgrounds? I love, love, love the blankets.)

Again, this has really tumblr-photo-esque packaging that I just love.

Now . . . with all of my rather beautiful, if I do say so myself, candles (and the candle wishlist) I’ve also been thinking. With all of these candles, don’t you need somewhere nice to display them? lanterns/copper-tone-hanging-terrarium/p/84131055

TK Maxx Hanging Terrarium – £9.99

Yeah, I’m curbing that direction of wishlist-creating before that gets out of hand. I hope you enjoyed this post – and found some candles that you love. Am I the only one that has what could be considered a legitimate addiction? What’s your favourite candle? And sorry for the disappearing act; I’m back now! Let me know your thoughts down below!


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