October Bullet Journal Spread &Event/Things To Do List!

Hey, beautiful people!

The one thing nobody warns you about travel is the dejection. The depression you face upon getting home, diving back into your routine and being . . . well, being bored. The lack of inspiration; the soul deep yearning for something fun, something new, something exciting.

For all of September, I’ve been feeling that oppressive cloud hanging over me; it’s been affecting my productivity, my mood . . . my bullet journal. And don’t even look at me like I’m some crazy sad person who’s overly attached to a journal. That shit helps me out so much in terms of getting things done and meeting goals and whatnot, so I kind of fall into this weird motivation-sucking pit of pointlessness and desolation without it. It’s not so much a trigger (like losing my journal wouldn’t cause me to become some lazy, waste of space) but it is an indication that my mental state isn’t all I want it to be.

Today, life kind of aligned for me; I’ve been neck-deep in this uselessness and working on autopilot, not really socialising too much, but one of my best friends called me. Side note: the best friend is the one that I went to Fib Festival with – she’s wild and crazy and outgoing and I absolutely love her to bits; we have so much fun together.

So basically, instead of going back to London after FIB (which was in Valencia – you can read about our trip to Valencia here) she went to France with her roommate, who is French, and spent a few weeks hitch-hiking round there. In that time, she did a crazy amount of fun shit – and fell for a French guy who she’s . . . well, I have no clue, to be honest. Both of our summers were filled with fun and adventure (mine was Mauritius, Lisbon, Download Festival, Milan, Valencia and then Cyprus; hers was Ibiza, Valencia, France and Korfu. Yes, I’m insanely jealous over France and Korfu) and now . . .

We’re here. Working. (Studying for her as well.) Not looking forward to any trips or fun things.

The call basically consisted of her saying “Mia, I feel depressed, promise me we’re going to have loads of fun and travel next summer”. It was just incredibly well timed – because we were having the same issue and this call prompted me to decide to fix it.

We live in London – the capital city of the UK! A place where there’s constantly fun to be had; adventures to be discovered; excitement to find! It’s easy to forget when you’re stepping off the plane and back into the “real world”, but London is a place that people come to visit. Where people dream of visiting.

So in October I’ve decided to embrace that and start taking absolute advantage of London and everything that it has to offer! And hopefully at the same time my brain will start to remember that we’re a happy person.

Now, I don’t think I could’ve picked a better time to clean up my act, to be honest. Why? Because October means Halloween. And, oh baby, Halloween is one of my absolute favourite times of year. I have an excuse to dress up, everything’s spooky and there are so many events on!

So let’s take a look into my upcoming month – and what we’re going to be doing!

My October To-Do/Events List

So, as you can see . . . I’m seriously fucking excited for Halloween! The costumes, the parties, the posts . . . the vlogs? Oh – and I want to dye my hair red/pink. But that, my dear beautiful friends, is a whole other post. Maybe a hair colour journey post? Who knows?

But yeah – the point is: October is going to be a great month. I’m incredibly excited.

Has anyone else got a great month planned? What are we all up to? Did you like my bullet journal? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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