Pink Hair Inspiration Board + Colours My Hair Has Been

Hey, you simply fantastic human being.

Now, I don’t know if you remember my last post (my October Bullet Journal Spread & To-Do List) but something I mentioned was that I want to dye my hair pink. Surprisingly, this isn’t just a complete whim – I’ve actually been fiddling around with the idea since all the way back in May!

Im abysmal at taking selfies so have a video of my pink hair🌻

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Ah . . . my hair was so light!

Anyways, in the spirit of Halloween and all of the Day of the Dead parties we’re attending, I’ve been thinking about costumes a lot . . . and the idea of having my hair long, straight and dark – but with a pinky/red kick to it. Very sassy. Also, I’m teaching myself to braid and how cool would that look? Braided red and pink hair? Yes, please, God yes.

Seriously – isn’t is just beautiful? What a great hair colour.

So . . . I guess this is where we sit down to talk about the fact I’m a hair-colouring addict. I really am; it’s a genuine issue. I think (much like with my sense of style) it comes from a sense of continuity – you’d probably be really surprised, but I firmly know what my main style/influence is and what I want to/am going to look like when I’m older.

And that’s great – but knowing that makes me want to enjoy everything in between before I get there. Because (let’s take it back to hair) once my hair covers my boob, I’m never dying it again. So until it reaches that point I’ve got to try all of these things!

Right – let me take you on a little trip.

This is me, back in . . . ugh, I have no idea.

curly mia

Wait – found it! 2015 Mia. Jesus, that’s terrifying.

So yeah, my hair’s long and dark and whatever. This, for the record, is my all time favourite look. I just love my hair being long and dark – and I know it’s long now, but it’s not the same long and I miss it.

Now, here’s the first fuck up.

For my first year of college (this is last year, by the way) I decided I wanted purple ombre hair. While it ended up royally fucking up my hair, I still stand by this decision as the purple actually looked really good.

What didn’t look so good is when it faded out to a disgusting silvery-grey colour that took like three rounds of bleach to leave – and still never quite did. In the end, it wrecked my hair so much that I had to cut most of it.

So I cut it and went blue – and I loved that.


Eventually, all of this took a toll on my poor hair and I cut most of it off. Then, because I clearly hadn’t learnt my lesson, I said “cool, let’s just go blonde!”.

Most of my friends actually preferred me blonde, which I found completely weird, but there we go!

Seeing the growth? I think the (somewhat) big chop came after that . . .

So that takes us up to 2016; from there I kind of left my hair (because it was so short)

And this was the growth between about 8 months of 2016 – then I cut most of it off and lightened it. Can’t remember why, exactly. a hairdresser told me to.

Lisbon, come @ meπŸ€™

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And that was in May, so we can see that it’s light brown. (Which is actually my natural colour; I started dying it dark pretty young because of my eyebrows.)

The annoying thing about the light hair is that it was a bit too ginger – and I’m a big dark-hair lover, so right before I went to Valencia I dyed it brown again.

And that’s all my ginger glory. Currently, my hair is looking like this:

So yeah – those are the main things that my hair has seen and done! What was your favourite look? And are you a fan of the pink? I’m getting that familiar itch . . . Let me know your thoughts down below!


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