15 Perfect Gifts For Travel Lovers! (Travel Essentials AND Fun Things)

Hey, beautiful people. I’m currently on a plane (thank you, scheduled posts!) on my way to Toronto and, as we’re reaching the end of the year, I’ve been feeling really reflective.

I just feel a bit David-Tennanty when he was regenerating. (We didn’t want you to go either, Ten!)

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The best thing about this year is all the travel I’ve been lucky enough to experience. (I mean, sure, my bank account doesn’t feel particularly lucky – but my soul does!) The only thing keeping me from curling up into ball of despair over this year ending (look, I don’t know why I’m so doomsday about this, but just leave me to be sad) is the potential for travel next year. It’s going to be amazing.

And then I realised . . . I’m now one of “those” people. The people who say “well, you spend as much on a weekend out in London as you would to go away for a weekend, so we might as well go” and “yeah, fine, Reading festival looks great and all, but we could to Spain for Fib instead!”. I have been bitten by the travel bug. (And if you’re also feeling those travel blues . . . I’ve just edited my Mauritius video and I’ll stick it below so you can watch and love it. It’s only 2 minutes.)

So I decided to just give in to it. Everyone’s asking me “Mia, what do you want for Christmas?” and, honestly, I want to travel or be reminded of the fun I have whilst travelling . . . so I decided to make a little gift guide for people who, like me, love to travel. We’re going to cover some of the more practical gifts, as well as some of the fun ones. Let’s go!

Oh – and, if any of you remember, I’m currently building my graphic design portfolio . . . so I actually made a mock-email shot with this in mind. I’ll show you at the end!

#1 – Travel Wallet

How have I only just seen this? So much anxiety could have been avoided over the past year just by having one of these useful puppies. A travel wallet is exactly what it sounds like; a wallet that allows you to keep all of your essential travel documents close-by and in one place. For any traveller, you know that gut-wrenching panic of “shit, do I have everything?!” right before you leave your home and hotel. Not with this baby!

Travel Wallet – Amazon UK – £12.99

Travel Wallet – Amazon US – $11.99

And, yes, I bought myself one.

#2 – A Cute Carry-On Suitcase

Savvy travellers know that carry-ons are no joke. You can fit a lot in a well packed carry-on suitcase and, even better, you don’t need to pay those luggage fees! Personally, my favourite is the one I currently own and I bought it from River Island last year (sadly, it isn’t in stock anymore). I’ve taken this on pretty much all of my holidays and it’s amazingly convenient, instantly recognizable (helpful after getting off a 3am flight, running on 0 hours sleep and needing to pick up your luggage off the carousel) and pretty.

Photo-Design Carry-On – Amazon UK – £34.95

Rose Gold Carry-On – Amazon UK – £35.99


Retro Vintage Carry-On – Amazon US – $199

#3 – A Map Of The World

I love using a map as the world as a room decoration to bring a little of the world back home with you; there are so many cute ways to use it. Of course, I would be a truly cruel person if I didn’t include some of these decoration ideas, right?

Classic World Map wallpaper with amazing detail and colour. Looks great as a feature wall in a bedroom.https://i.pinimg.com/564x/13/e2/54/13e2542005d3536b7deab13da5bd4249.jpg

See – how adorable? Coming home after a day of work isn’t so bad when you get to come home to that, is it?

The great thing about maps is that there are loads of them available on the market – scratch-off ones, chalkboard ones, wallpaper murals . . .

Scratch Map Deluxe Edition - Personalised World Map Poster, Travel Gift - Luckies of London

Scratch-Off Map – Amazon UK – £16.90

Scratch-Off Map – Amazon US – $24.95

Pinboard Map Of The World – Amazon UK – £24.95

Pinboard Map Of The World – Amazon US – $24.97

Map Of The World Tapestry – Amazon UK – £9.65

Map Of The World Tapestry – Amazon US – $9.90

#4 – Travel Necklace

First of all . . . I love jewellery. I mean, who doesn’t? (No, seriously, direct me to them so that we can have a sit-down chat about what’s going wrong in their lives.) Good jewellery is meaningful and personal – as well as being cute, naturally. A travel themed necklace is a great gift for a travel lover because what’s better than being able to carry the world with you wherever you go?

Vintage Globe Necklace – Etsy (Worldwide) – £16 – $21

Vintage Map Necklace – Etsy (Worldwide) – £18 – $23.75

Gold Globe Necklace – Etsy (Worldwide) – £9.15 – $12

Passport Necklace – Etsy (Worldwide) – £6 – $8

#5 – Polaroid Camera

I actually recieved a polaroid camera as a Christmas gift last year and I love it. Honestly, while I absolutely love the high-definition of our modern cameras and phones and their ability to capture moments and memories perfectly . . . there’s something so tangible and almost more meaningful about these tiny, instant prints.

Instax Polaroid Camera – Amazon UK – £119

Instax Polaroid – Amazon US – $119.95

#6 – GoPro

In this wonderfully connected age of the internet where people can make money sharing their lives (and their travels!) on things like Youtube and blog websites . . . creating videos is something a lot of travellers like to utlise; it’s a way to preserve memories and pay to keep the dream going. Who could ask for more? Well, if your traveller likes to do extreme sports, go to places that are difficult to film – or likes to take footage underwater! – the GoPro camera is probably the best thing you could get them. If you watched the Mauritius vlog above and you saw the crazy high-def images of the wish under the water – that was filmed on a Go-Pro!

GoPro Hero5 – Amazon UK – £361

GoPro Hero 5 – Amazon US – $399

#7 – Passport Cover

Sure, these may not be a total essential . . . but they are amazingly cute! Passports are a not-so-optional accessory that every traveller needs, so why not jazz them up a bit? (In a way that’ll still let you use it, anyway.)

MoKo RFID Blocking Passport Holder Wallet, Multi-purpose Passport Cover Premium PU Leather Travel Wallet Case Cover - Night Blossom

Floral Passport Cover – Amazon US – $8.99

Sass and Belle Passport – Amazon UK – £4.75

#8 – A Holiday!

I know you’re thinking “well, Mia, that’s just extortionate and ridiculous” and you might just be right – if I were talking about going out of your way to book a normal holiday. I’ve recommended Wowcher a lot on this blog recently, mainly because it’s brilliant, but I’m going to recommend it again. Wowcher is basically a voucher site where you can grab some amazing deals on things like classes, nights out . . . and holidays!

For example:

All Inclusive Mallorca Holiday – From £99 pp (linked)

#9 – A Travel Book

Our memories are indescribably precious things; the fabric that makes us who we are. However, some memories are more interesting than others. That time you fell asleep at your desk? I’d waver the first time you go snorkelling or take a plane journey on your own is something you’d rather remember. People that enjoy travel have the opportunity to make so many life-changingly amazing memories that it would be a complete waste to forget them . . . so why not gift someone something to immortalise their favourite memories?

Scrapbooks and memory-boxes are great for this!

And So The Adventure Begins Scrapbook – Amazon UK – £16

Adventure Scrapbook – Amazon US – $19.99

#10 – A Savings For Travel Box

My last gift idea could actually work as a DIY gift, if you were so inclined . . . a travel savings box! Travel is a pretty expensive thing – so why not help your gift recipient save towards it? There are some really cute savings jars and boxes out there, but I think my favourite travel themed ones have to be these:

Adventure Fund Shadow Savings Box – Amazon UK – £14.99

Travel Fund Shadow Box – Amazon US – $34

Adventure Fund – Amazon UK – £7.64

BONUS GIFT: Notebooks

1 – Adventure Awaits – £6.99 // 2 – Never Stop Exploring Notebook – £5.99 // 3 – Map Book – £7.99 // 4 – Adventure Books – £5.99

And that’s today’s gift guide done! As I am a woman of my word, here’s my email shot that I designed as part of my portfolio!

(Ignore the funny spacing; when you use software like MailChimp, typically you upload images into “blocks” as opposed to one, big infographic and I had to seperate the JPG from the GIF, so WordPress kind of screwed up my spacing. But that’s my email shot!)

Guys . . . we’re legitimately in December; how terrifying is that? I’m not emotionally ready. My bank account is also not ready; Christmas as an adult is expensive. That said, I am excited for New Year – that whole wave of motivation and productivity? Sign me up. Anyways, this is all totally irrelevant. I hope you enjoyed this little gift guide; what was your favourite gift? Are you a travel lover? Let me know your thoughts below!


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