1,000 Followers! – Setting and Tracking Blog Goals & Milestones

Well, damn.

You guys kind of came out of nowhere – my goal for the beginning of January was 750 followers and I’ve hit now 1,000! My baby isn’t even 5 full months old yet!

Thank you to all my wonderful followers – blogging wouldn’t be a fraction as fun without such a simply fabulous community to share it with. You guys are amazing and I will be holding a giveaway soon to celebrate 1,000 of you! (I’m deciding between a Christmas and a New Year themed giveaway; let me know which you’d prefer.)

In the spirit of blogging milestones, I decided to share with you what my blog goals for the first six months of this blog are/were and how I track them! Come New Year, I’m going to be setting a whole bunch of (incredibly ambitious) new goals in a new bullet journal and sharing them with you, as well as some resources and tips for how you guys can set your own blog goals . . . But, for now, I just kind of wanted to reflect on this blog’s progress and show you guys how I monitor my goals.

Plus, y’know, I haven’t had the chance to share my bullet journal with you all for ages. And it’s a pretty layout, so who wants to let that go to waste?

Initial Blog Goals – Months 1-3 – Long Term Growth


So when I was setting up my blog, I thought of three routes I could go down.

  1. Social media. A lot of bloggers primarily interact and promote via social media; this route would mean being active on things like Instagram and Twitter and pursuing an audience on there.
  2. WordPress followers. The WordPress community is like our own mini social media! If I wanted to go this route, I would probably focus more on tag posts, blog awards; the lighter blog posts that really get all the community aspect of it. These tend to be shorter (things like “What’s In My Handbag”, for example) and are quite fun to create and for audiences to read, plus they don’t take as much time – so more time to interact!
  3. SEO. Less glamourous, SEO requires a lot of time on content creation (and optimisation) as content has to be longer, optimised and generally angled a certain way to pick up keywords and people searching for it. Although, long term, SEO is brilliant and can become quite passive after a while. (More content and shares and older domain age boosts the entire site and then the cycle continues.) Audiences will beΒ less interested in content (especially because it’s so long!) so engagement is harder . . . and growth is slower because of less time to promote.

I went for the long haul. My plan for the first 6 months of this blog (the whole first year, really, but the first six months especially) is to build a really good foundation. After the first year, I can focus more on earning money, sponsorship opportunities etc. – but I really just want to build an audience, produce some good content and get my branding/design and everything sorted in the first year.

As you can see, my main focus was on creating content designed to perform better later on down the line (SEO posts and Pinterest posts, in particular); I wasn’t too bothered about social media goals yet. Again, this just in the hopes that as soon as my site is old enough to start ranking (or gets enough backlinks), I’ll have content that will rocket up.

Months 3-6

After the first 3 months, I was pretty pleased with all I’d achieved, so I set myself up another bullet journal page for my blog goals up until January 2018. Now the initial three months are up, I’m starting to (try) branching out to different social networks and building my actual site up a bit more. There’s an entire section dedicated to SEO because, now I have a good initial following, I’d like to focus on that side a lil’ bit.

For me, I find that the process of thinking about what I want from my blog and writing goals down helps me to focus and then actually achieve things. Plus, I’m a total junkie for that feeling you get when you tick something off a checklist. I’m weak in the knees just thinking about it.

Anyways, this was just a quick post to say thank you for 1,000 followers (ASDFGHJKL!). I’m currently in Toronoto (loving it.) so if I’m slow to reply to comments and behind on posts a little bit, that’s why – but I have so many posts you’re all going to love about the trip (read: Christmas markets), so bear with me.

Sneak peek? Sure.


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Thank you guys again for all being a part of this absolutely wonderful journey!


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