My Go-To Melbourne OOTD For Casual Days!

Hello, internet buddies – how are we all doing today? I’ve just gone back to work for the first time in almost a month and boy I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. Call centres, guys . . . they aren’t any fun, I’ll tell you that for free.

Anyhoo: in the spirit of going back to work and hating my life during the week . . . let me tell you about when I don’t hate my life at the weekends! So last weekend the lovely Priya and I met up for what is the first (and, let’s face it, likely to be the only) successful blogging day we’ve ever had.

Seriously – one of the last times we tried to meet up for a “blogging day” we ended up getting spontaneous tattoos.

Last weekend, however, we did it all. We organised a collab (a freaking cool one too, if I say so myself), I interviewed her and we got OOTD photos. And so we reach the point of today: my go to casual Melbourne outfit.

For those of you who didn’t read my Melbourne Inspired Fashion Inspo + Wishlist post, I can summarise Melbs fashion in one word: grunge. It’s hipster central here in the best possible way and you already know that I am all here for it.

Boots – Demonia  (Ebay Worldwide) – £90 // Jeans – Pull and Bear (ASOS Worldwide) – £30 // Adidas Vintage Sweater (pretty much the same) (Ebay Worldwide) – £26

My go-to casual outfit is this comfy lil combo. A. For the fact it doesn’t feel like I’ve really got dressed, you know? Baggy jeans and sweaters are super comfy, I can face the day a little easier in them. And B. Because vintage sweaters.

The entire world has gone gaga for vintage and far be it from me to be the exception to the rule. This sweater from Adidas is definitely one of my most worn items (mainly because my boyfriend also likes to steal it) and I’m definitely overdue an additional purchase. Plus, secondhand is better for the environment. So hit me with some morality points, bitches.

Anyways, I find this outfit perfect for the winter weather over here – and I also just think it’s very effortlessly cute. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

Now, because it just wouldn’t be one of my posts without a Pinterest plug . . . if you dig my fashion sense, then make sure you’re following my Fashion board on Pinterest!

Also, while we’re all here, sorry for being a little less active than I’d planned to be! My house’s wifi has been down and I’ve just started work, so it’s been a bit tricky to get back into the whole “waking up at 6am and still functioning at 9pm” routine.

House-keeping done! Okay, my lovelies, a big thanks for reading this hot mess of a post all the way down to here – your girl appreciates it! I hope you (somehow) enjoyed it. Would you wear this outfit? Are you as obsessed with vintage jumpers as I am? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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39 thoughts on “My Go-To Melbourne OOTD For Casual Days!

  1. You always have the best outfits and look so good in all of them! 😍 I love them so much. It’s strange to see you in Winter clothes while I’m enjoying Summer in Spain 😂 I love sweater weather too though! Your pictures are beautiful 💕

  2. I’m sorry work has been a bummer! It’s always hard to go back after taking a break. I really love that adidas sweater! Especially with how popular adidas is right now, it’s a secondhand win!


  3. You look so gorgeous, girl!! I LOVE your style! I adore your jeans and sweater, super cute. 💛Also, when you were talking about working in a call center OMG Mia I can relate lol!! I work in a call center as well and Mondays are always the worst. That’s when customers are the crankiest too sigh LOL!

    Amazing post! Your blog posts are so much fun to read! x

    1. Thank you so much lovely! <3 NO WAY! You're call centre too? UGH it sucks on mondays – like we're just as cranky about going back to work as you are, please stop shouting down the phone to me. xx

  4. My gosh, your boots are so fucking cool! 100+ morality points for ya! Hell yes I would wear this outfit though unlikely because I live in the hottest most humid country so sweaters are sadly always out of my practical choices. Oh man wifi being down is the worst, how are you posting this and I’m curious, do you plan to blog full time or is it something you rather keep on the side?

  5. I love your outfit! I cannot own ripped skinny jeans anymore because I keep putting my foot through the rips oops! Love the jean and jumper combo. xx

  6. Major outfit goals! I love outfits like this – simple, easy to wear but then the boots just add edge. Also, you look stunning! I’ve never worked at a call centre before but I am thee most awkward person on the phone. I’m pretty convinced I have phone phobia. xx

  7. OMG girl your blog looks AMAZING! I’m in absolute awe <3 I've been loving following you on social because you've just been doing so many cool things. I love the images and the outfit in this post! Great GREAT work as usual xx

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