31 Creative (But Easy!) Title/Heading Ideas For Your Bullet Journal

Hello, gorgeous humans – how are we all doing today? New week blues hit you all yet? Same here – it’s rough, we’ll get through it together. (Alternatively . . . suicide pact cult? I’m kidding. Kind of.)

In case you guys missed my Go-To Casual Melbourne OOTD post, I’ll give you a two second life catch up: I’ve just started a new job at a call centre and I’m heading into my second week. Why is this relevant? Well, because for my first week I was in training (like literal classroom, powerpoint training) and, much like when I was back in a classroom, this meant I spent a decent portion of my time doodling.

And so we reach the doodles that constitute today’s post: easy ideas for cute titles/headings for your bullet journal. Or whatever else you may need a cute heading for, I don’t know your life.

(Pin this image for me, beautiful humans!)

As I’m all about keeping it easy, all of these titles are simple to recreate and take literally no artistic ability. If you can write your name, you can use these. Plus – all I needed to use were my trusty pastel highlighters. (Honestly, I use these for literally everything and would be lost without them.)

Pastel Highlighters – Amazon UK – £5.57

Pastel Highlighters – Amazon US – $11

I actually really like having this spread in my journal as a little bit of a reference to flick back to – sometimes when you’re setting up a brand new spread, that blank page looks daunting and the creative juices just aren’t showing their support. This is a great little page to flick back to and go “aha, yes, I shall start from there”.

(And, of course, I also love this page because it killed half an hour.)

Well, my loves, I hope this page was somewhat helpful for you too! If you guys enjoy bullet journalling, a. good choice. But b. make sure you’re giving my Bullet Journalling Pinterest board a follow for lots of inspo.

Do you guys like these headings? Do you think you’ll give any of them a try yourselves? Which is your favourite? Also – do you guys like this kind of post? I spent a lot of time doodling similar things do this during those training sessions (RIP), so if you like them I can happily share more of these posts! Let me know your thoughts down below!


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28 thoughts on “31 Creative (But Easy!) Title/Heading Ideas For Your Bullet Journal

  1. Hey, was asking someone about a knitting or sewing circle for you. Sewing they said go to a store as theirs is too old and boring for you. There may be a more appropriate one in Sydney if you ever go through there.
    Knitting circles of all sorts are everywhere, especially in the northern suburbs.
    Another idea might be to ask in Spellbox in the royal arcade. Quite a few sewers there. I have a girlfriend on the Gold Coast who is a dress maker and will be up there in a few weeks. She will have some ideas having worked in costuming for theatre in Melbourne

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thank you 🙂 I didn’t actually realise there was any crafty shops in Royal Arcade – I used to work right up the road from there and walked past all the time. Cheers for the recommendation, you have a good week 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Not a sewing shop per se… a lot of crafts there and people who do them at a bit higher level than a hobby. Not far from there though is Spotlight for fabrics and materials… join their rewards program.
        You may remember me blogging about about my friend, the Bard. He makes costumes etc… for several people. His skills range from sewing up to welding. Enjoy the full moon tonight ♑


  2. These are such lovely ideas! I recently started a bullet journal (on top all the many hobbies I already have) and often find myself struggling with header ideas. Will definitely have to use these!

    ☼ cabin twenty-four


  3. Oh wow! Your designs here are so small, precise and perfect – you must have such a steady hand girl! Beautiful!
    aglassofice.com x


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