Hi. My name’s Mia, I’m 18 – and far less of a neurotic mess than my personality would have you believe. Ever present cynicism; it’s a gift!

Depending on your sense of humour, I’m either going to be confusing, mildly entertaining or your new best friend. Morbid fascination is the general consensus; you wouldn’t want to be in the car with me, but you can’t quite bring yourself to give up the sadistic pleasure of watching the crash.

bad bitch ootd

Me and this “About Me” page have had our issues. There have been arguments, ugly accusations and minor-to-moderate existential crises . . . And let’s not even mention the quite frankly embarassing attempts at procrastination. From baking vegan cakes (I’m not vegan, a good baker or particularly hungry) to writing a tutorial on writing About Me pages before I’d written an About Me page, I really tried to avoid this.

But here we are.

ootd image

Why yes, yes I am using images to cover up the fact that I am rapidly running out of things to say.

This blog “Beautiful, Inspiring, Creative . . . Life” is a celebration of the little things in life. It’s my place to pursue my passions and my creativity; to live my life on my own terms (sorry mum, I know all the other teenagers are doing it, but getting drunk on the street corner at 4am strangely doesn’t appeal to me.) and revel in the everyday beauty.

I hope you’ll stick around and follow my adventure in finding magic in the mundane. Also, I have great taste in music and a tendency to trash-talk Donald Trump, so that’s worth sticking around for.