How To Grow Your Hair Thick, FAST and Healthy – Curly Girl Hair Growth Tips

Do you have short hair that you struggle to grow? Are you dreaming of having healthy, long locks . . . but not sure where to start? Currently searching the internet high and low for tips on how to get thicker curly hair? Well, you’re in the right place! This post is full of tips that helped me grow my naturally curly hair over 10 inches in less than a year.

Hi guys! How we all doing? Enjoying the fresh February air? Hiding out in your houses from said air because it’s absolutely freezing? Same.

Today, I am going to be sharing a post I am super excited about with you! If you somehow managed to scroll past both that title and intro, this post is about hair growth. Namely, my top tips for growing your hair long, thick and healthy. (Oh – and doing it on a budget. No crazy expensive hair growth treatments here.)

Why do I somehow feel I am qualified to talk about this subject? Well, because this was my hair in mid February 2017 . . . and this is how it looked by the end of the year!

That’s a lot of growth in less than a year! So now you see I’ve got the results . . . let’s talk about how I grew my hair.

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 #1 – Heat products? Not today, Satan, not today.

Yeah, I know – “but what about straightening and curling my hair?”.

Sorry, kids, but try and cut back. I’m not saying never, just not frequently. Heat is damaging as hell for your hair and can leave it brittle, dry and frizzy. Especially when it comes to curly hair, the best way to grow it long and healthy is to protect it from any dryness and damage.

Another aspect to this is that once your hair is damaged, your body isn’t working to heal it. It’s just going to sit on your head looking frazzled and dead until you cut it. Which defeats the entire point of growing it.

One of my top tips for cutting back on heat damage (aside from the mandatory heat protection spray) is actually to get a hairdryer that has the option to use cold air.


#2 – Water & Vitamins

By this point, we’ve all used the internet enough to know all the benefits of eating good and fuelling our bodies with nutritionally rich foods . . . but let me throw out another one. Getting all your vitamins in and drinking lots of water helps your hair grow fast and healthy.

What you eat can have a huge effect on the health of your hair. A lack of the right nutrients including vitamins A, C, D and E, zinc, B vitamins, iron, biotin, protein and essential fatty acids may slow down hair growth or even cause hair loss. – Healthline

Now, I don’t mean necessarily mean hair growth vitamins (although if they work for you go for it). Even making a more consistent effort to eat your fruits and veggies goes a long way to providing your body with the nutrients it needs to grow. And grow your hair!


Hair Growth Tips

Hey . . . are you following my beauty & haircare boards on Pinterest yet? Well, you should be!

#3 -The Best Oil To Grow Curly Hair Fast – Castor Oil

I consider myself to be somewhat of an oil connoisseur, mainly based on the fact I have put most oils known to man on my hair . . . but, in terms of growing curly hair, castor oil is second to none. While I wouldn’t brag about its moisturising properties or smell (both of which I would brag about with Jasmine Oil), massaging some castor oil into your scalp a couple of times a week will get you visible results – fast.

Castor Oil (2oz) USDA Certified Organic, 100% Pure, Cold Pressed, Hexane Free by Kate Blanc. Stimulate Growth for Eyelashes, Eyebrows, Hair. Lash Growth Serum. Brow Treatment. FREE Mascara Starter Kit


#4 – Scalp massages

Oh sweet Jesus these are a big yes! Massaging your scalp helps to stimulate your hair follicles and it feels great. Doing this for a couple of minutes a day (whether that’s to massage in some castor oil, to loosen your hair after being in a ponytail all day or when you shampoo) is a great way to force some growth!

By the way, there’s a really good brush I actually use to shampoo my hair (yep, your girl is extra) that massages your scalp as you wash and it’s amazing.


#5 – Wearing your hair up

Not a damn clue why this works, but not only does wearing your hair up help to grow curly hair – it significantly improves its condition. We don’t realise how much toll our daily activities take on our hair (the environment, weather, us touching it, etc.) but it all adds up. If you have

Even if only for a couple days out of the week, put some leave in conditioner or an oil treatment on your hair, scrape it up into a bun and wear your hair up and protected!

#6 – Switch out the metal and elastic hairbands for scrunchies


Normal hairbands are so damn harsh to your poor, precious hair – and I’m not even going to trigger myself by mentioning elastic bands. A really quick thing I find that helps my hair to grow and maintain its healthy state is just switching out to scrunchies. The material is far softer and therefore way kinder to your hair . . . and, if you’re following my tip for wearing your hair up more, some scrunchies are a solid investment.

Okay, I’m just going to stop here. The video has some more tips and general haircare advice (as well as a cute outfit) so take a watch of that! They’re a lot of effort to put together, so I’d love for you kids to enjoy it.

What did you guys think of this post? Do you rock long hair, or are you styling that chic short cut that I secretly envy but cannot get with my literal mane? Do you guys have any hair growth tips I’ve missed out? And don’t forget to watch the video – I’m obsessed with the outfit I’m wearing in it, I need the sun to come out so I can reveal it to the world! Let me know your thoughts down below!


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  1. You don’t take out big caliber hair with a small caliber bullet ☾♌
    Very fitting for you to bring up the top hat on the Leo full moon eclipse 😄

      1. Over here that hair could run an inner city block and you’d have a big block engine dropped into a Valient to go with it.
        Personally I have always dreamed of dropping a 560 into an E type 😇😃😃😃

    1. Firstly, your photos are GORGEOUS! Your photo in Feb has a real 90’s vibe to it but I mean that in a great way because I love that decade. I once met the head stylist for GHD and she said that the no.1 tip is scalp massages. I’ve been doing it since and it really makes a difference.
      I’m currently on vitamins and switching to less heat on my hair. When it was long, all I wanted it to do was grow. But now it keeps growing and it’s so frustrating because it hits my shoulders and flicks everywhere. Have you tried more natural shampoo’s as well, I think they help. Love this hair post. xxx

      1. Thank you gorgeous! And omg I am such a 90s style lover, I experiment with other styles but always return to that decade 😀 And omg how lucky! I definitely agree that it makes a massive difference, you can incorporate it into your routine so easily too! With oils, shampoos, just forcing your boyfriend to play with your hair while you watch TV…. and YES YES YES I get you. My hair just grows out and fluffy until it hits collarbone level and from there the weight pulls it down and makes it more manageable; I think you just have to suffer through the flicky stage! And yes natural shampoos are awesome 😀 Thank you lovely xx

    2. You mean it’s not the 90’s anymore?? I just left a venue before playing a note tonight because of the rebellion is the new conformity thing. I don’t drink and the manager couldn’t believe it and I had to ask him not to stand so close or I won’t be proud of myself. I would be but it’s better if I say that for a magistrate.
      He had really cute hair… I may have said something about an ugly sheila always being better than a good looking bloke.
      Came home and fucken watched Twilight

      1. I just love this post! I also started paying more attention to my hair condition last year as I wanted it to grow in a healthy way. A year later, my hair is already quite long but I want it a bit longer. Will definitely try some of your tips such as the head massages and the castor oil. Probably will do the castor oil once a month/once every two weeks as my hair tends to get greasy so quick ☹️ Thanks for sharing ❤️

      2. YES!!! Loved these tips and your gorgeous curls! I am about a 2B-2C on the curl chart and let me just say – taking care of curly hair can be a nightmare sometimes. What makes it even more challenging for me is the fact that I have really long hair. The amount of tangles I have is ridiculous. And then explaining to other people that NO, I can’t simply brush them out when they’re dry. Plus, hair products for curly hair are SO EXPENSIVE. I should actually keep a chart of how much I spend on hair products in a year, because that shit adds up. What really helps me is like you said, cutting back on heat – I air dry my hair and only straighten it a couple of times a year. Hair oil is a big must, hair conditioning spray helps my curls immensely and also allows me to brush through it without too much pain and I also like to use a hair mask once a week. There’s really simple and inexpensive DIY hair masks online which will do the trick!

        1. Thank you so much lovely! And yess a fellow curly girl – I’ve been wanting to share haircare tips but not thinking they’d be useful to anyone so it’s great to know there are some fellow curly girls in my corner of the web 🙂 And I definitely feel your pain! And OHMYGOD THANK YOU. Like curls are just so damn prime for tangling and people always think the solution is somehow a brush? Like what how does that even SOUND RIGHT? You’re actually going to LOVE one of my upcoming posts then; it’s all the best places to get cheap (and good) haircare because LORD KNOWS I feel you and your bank’s pain on that! YES YES YES to all your tips – and there are definitely some great DIY hair masks floating around out there!x

      3. I love this post, your photos and your head of hair! Every time I’ve chopped my hair off its literally changed texture. I was born with dead straight hair, then started swimming a bunch and chopped it into a bob and next thing I knew it my hair was in ringlets and curly as heck like yours…until I chopped it short again and it went back to straight and now it can’t make up its mind and I’ve got weird as fuck waves that are so hard to style. I wish I could stay away from my straightener but I definitely use it to straighten or fix up my ends way too many times a week, I’m considering just chopping my hair all off again. I also seriously need to get into the oil game, my whole family does coconut oil for their hair several times a week, but my lazy ass does it like…three times a month. I have heard though, not shampooing every single time you wash your hair is supposedly meant to make it a lot stronger but between the gym and my third-day lazy hair I can’t afford to do that to try haha xx

        1. Awww thank you so much lovely! And YES isn’t it super weird how that happens? When mine’s shorter, the curl pattern changes and it’s like totally different hair. Girlllll get on the oil game – it will change your hair’s life….just make sure you remember to wash it out LOL! Eugh no I definitely wouldn’t shampoo that much – I shampoo like once a week (shampoo dries the fuck out of curly hair and it looks nasty after my shampoo wash) xx

          1. Ahhh I probably should pick up the slack with hair oils. I have really thin hair so if I don’t shampoo it every third day or so it goes really gross and greasy unfortunately :/

        2. How are you so gorgeous all the time I could CRYYYY – we don’t have the same hair type but this was SUCH a helpful post since even though my hair is long I feel like it never ends up growing past a certain point and stays the same length for 45045045 years before I get fed up and decide to cut it all off because what’s the point. Hair care is something I definitely need to prioritse more!! xx

          1. Omg every time I read your comments it puts the biggest smile on my face! And aww I’m so glad it could help! I’m currently facing the temptation to cut it short and dye it rose gold/pink, but I’m trying to be good XD xx

        3. Love this post, I can so relate as I have crazily thick hair myself. Beautiful photos too! I cut my hair pretty short at the end of last year and for now I’m enjoying that freedom (and the surprise that it’s not frizzing out as much as I thought it would?!), but I definitely agree with all your tips for those times I’m trying to grow it! xx

            1. Yeah I can relate to that. My hair isn’t as curly as yours but I thought the thickness would be a huge problem going short (and it is some days, the frizz is crazy haha) but most of the time it’s okay! xx

          1. I’ve always wished to have curly hair and I’m lowkey bummed this post wasn’t about how to make your hair curly😄. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it and these tips are actually very useful – l also use castor oil and scalp massages don’t only help hair grow but it feel so damn nice 😅

          2. This is literally the HAIR bible! I had to chop my hair a year and a half ago (let’s NOT talk about that) and it has taken forever to grow my hair out (finally my precious hair is growing, finally! Only took forever and a year!) And I have literally been using EVERY hair trick on the planet and then some (would doing a hair dance work at all?). I haven’t used castor oil, but I LOVE moroccan and coconut. I also do biotin which has helped a ton. I am all about those vitamins! Great tips beauty! <3

          3. My mom has curly hair, and at one point she could almost sit on it. It was comical because no one remembered her name, so when they asked me who I was related too, all I had to say was the long curly head lady, and everyone remembered. Also, all of these were great tips, and the water thing and wearing your hair up I can totally vouch for, because I drink a lot of water, and wear my hair up alot, my hair has grown rather quickly.
            So for lengthy comment, great post! =D

              1. Firstly, I’m always amazed by how beautiful your hair is (and also, I can’t believe you’re not wearing anything on your eyebrows in the video, they’re the definition of ‘on point’). Loved all the tips in! I like wearing my hair up but never thought it had benefits so from now on I will embrace my failed attempts at those ‘messy but cute’ buns :’) xx

                1. Aww thank you so much! And I’m so glad that you enjoyed this post – please rock the cute messy buns for ME, i can’t do them with my hair but they’re the cutest thing ever so I’ll live through you! xx

              2. First of all, you are beautiful! I’m getting Ancient Greek goddess vibes, you are just stunning! Second of all, wow that hair is amazing and OMG I can’t believe how long you got it in just 10 months??
                I also do a lot of those tips daily and I can vouch for scruntchies with my life – those things are amazing! Awesome post, as always!

                1. Oh my god, thank you so much that’s the best compliment EVER (like it genuinely is; the concept around my tattoos is very mythological and I am OBSESSED with Greek goddesses and fae mythology so you just made my entire year) and yep my hair GROWS girl 😀 I’m so glad you liked the post!xx

              3. The saliva of gods, geez you’re hilarious 😂
                I’m guilty of wearing my hair down almost daily so I’m going to give this a try! I can also attest that vitamins and drinking water while also eliminating heat have helped greatly!

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              6. Your hair is just so gorgeous! I absolutely love curly hair ❤️ Thank you so much for sharing the best tips ever, I’m not sure I’ll be able to achieve the same hair goals as you, however, the tips were for sure still very helpful xx

              7. Honestly, looking at your hair makes me wish I had curly hair SO BAD. I know the grass is always greener and I’m sure you’ve been upset with your hair in the past, but I have the most limp, thin, fine hair with zero body and it makes me desperately desire curls haha! Love your tips!

              8. These are all such great tips and loads that I haven’t considered. I have pretty straight hair but of course I want it to be in the best condition possible. I need to invest in some scrunchies!

              9. You have such gorgeous hair! I used to have really curly ringlets when I was younger but they all dropped out as I got older but I wish I still had some of the curls I used to as I hate when my hair is straight. Thanks for sharing these tips – I love the massager too, it feels so lovely.

                Tash – A Girl with a View

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