Bullet Journal Jan-June Flickthrough & July Bullet Journal Spread

Well, fuck. We’re in July.

Hello my friends! Not to sound like a broken record (because I have seen this phrase so many times on my reader and we’re only like 3 days in) but where is time going? Is there a whole in my floor it’s just kind of slipping away through? This year is going by almost obscenely quickly.

(That said . . . a new month brings me even closer to Australia, so who’s really complaining?)

Something I realised is that, with the entrance of July, we’ve moved past the halfway mark for the year! Somewhat terrifying, sure, but it gives us a good amount of the year to look back on. So the first part of this post is a flickthrough of my bullet journal from Jan-June – and then we’ll look at my July setup.

Watch this video for me babies, it’s only a few minutes and there’s a great song in the background!

If you’re a regular ’round these parts (and, y’know, you have eyes that managed to read the title), then you already know what’s coming next in today’s post . . .

My July Bullet Journal Spread

If you’re wondering, “wow, does Mia only bullet journal for the consistent and easy to produce month-on-month content?” . . . absolutely.



90 Paper Cuts – £2.49


Vintage Paper Sticker Backgrounds – £1.96

July is far more reserved than my previous months – mainly because I only decided to go to Australia last month and I need to save up until September. I’m aiming for £5k in savings and to reach that goal I need to save £1.6k a month for June, July and August.

My social life is taking some real hits – but my blog content has never been so organised. We’ve got posts scheduled until August, my friends.

As you can see, my goals for July are pretty minimal – I need to start planning Australia properly (because when I say that I literally decided a day before I booked the tickets, I am not kidding), get a few of the tattoos I want (depending on budget, anyway) and meet the girls I’m travelling with for a weekend to plan out some shit!

(And go partying. Hell, Aus is just going to be one long party, why not get a head start?)

July Blog Calendar


Cheap tape diy decoration, Buy Quality washi tape directly from China masking tape Suppliers: 1.5-10cm*5-7m Vintage European opera epic washi tape DIY decoration scrapbooking planner masking tape adhesive tape washitape

Renaissance Paintings Washi Tape – £0.71 – £2.50 – Aliexpress

Highlighter - STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL Pastel, Assorted Colours, Wallet of 6

Pastel Highlighters – AMAZON UK – £5.63

Pastel Highlighters – AMAZON US – $10.56

4 Pcs/Lot Vintage Sculpture goddess memo pad planner sticky note paper sticker kawaii stationery pepalaria 30Sheet

Collection Of 4 Designs Sticky Notes – Aliexpress – £1.89

The big benefit of being condemned to be boring all month is that your girl is going to have more time to dedicate to le blog. Okay, so maybe that was a bit of a lie – because I’m actually working more at physical work to save the extra money for Aus, but still. I can hope and dream.

To make sure this blog doesn’t suffer too much and I don’t end up posting once in the entire month, your girl has got her blogging schedule prepared and is writing and scheduling out these posts! Naturally, these can (and probably will) change, but here’s just a couple of things I have in the pipeline . . .

If you’ve got an eye for detail, you’ll already notice that I’ve switched the days for my July Bu-Jo Spread and Brand Spotlight around already. When I said these are subject to change, my friends, I meant it!

I do genuinely find it really useful to have an overview of my monthly content; it means I can dip in and out of writing posts as I go and I know what content/photographs I need to look out for. For example, if I know I’ve got a post about a summer OOTD coming up . . . well, I’ll remember to actually take OOTD photos. (Which we all know I am woefully bad at.)

Even better, if I’m having a bulk blogging day, I can sit down and look at the content coming up to take photos for it. If you remember, my How To Write Better Blog Posts: 10 Rules For Writing Engaging Blog Posts People Will Actually Read, Lil Homeware Haul, Mario Badescu Sprays Review and How To Get Out Of A Slump posts all had the same backdrop – all of those photos were taken at the same time, because I knew those posts were coming up.

Okay, my beautiful peoples . . . I think that’s about all that really needs to be said for this post! I hope you guys enjoyed a glimpse into my bullet journal spread for the month. Are you as obsessed with the vintage stickers as I am? Do you guys plan out your blog content in advance too? And what did you think of my Jan-June flickthrough? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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70 thoughts on “Bullet Journal Jan-June Flickthrough & July Bullet Journal Spread”

      1. Coyote from Orion

        🎶I see a bad moon a rising
        I see trouble on the way
        Don’t go round tonight
        Cos it’s bound to take your light
        There’s a bad moon on the rise 🎶🦉☾

    1. YAIII – Ya’ know I’m a sucker for bullet journaling styles! I absolutely adore the vintage vibes you’ve got going on, like I haven’t really seen that style a lot of places. So A+ for being original here!! <33 Have a lovely summer Mia xx

    2. Once again, you’ve killed the bu-jo game. I’m forever inspired by your bullet journaling, even though I know I’ll never get out of my lazy funk long enough to put half as much effort into mine as you evidently put into yours. I’m so pumped for your upcoming posts, they all look super interesting and helpful – though I’m even MORE pumped for you to get here already, though with how fast time is moving (why is July already here, where did March-June go??) you’re gonna be here in no time and we’re gonna party for two months straight. Also obsessed with that Renaissance tape holy shit xx

      1. Priya my love you are just too sweet to me! And honestly, that’s why I wanted to share my flickthrough – genuinely, most of my bujo spreads are so lazy and plain LOL xD And thank you girly (although I won’t lie to you the post order has changed massively). And I’M SO EXCITED, TIME IS GOING BY SO QUICKLY IM GONNA BE THERE BEFORE YA KNOW IT! xxxx

      1. Aww that means a lot thank you love! I love being able to experiment with pretty much any type of art I want in my journal so it can definitely look mismatched LOL – and don’t worry, I’ll post so much it’ll feel like you’re all with me xx

    3. This makes me want to put more colour and effort into my journals, although I don’t bullet journal, rather just normally plan shiz.You’re so creative yo

      1. Thank you so much lovely! I totally feel you on that; I tried bullet journalling a couple of times before it stuck, but once you get into the habit it becomes harder not to x

      2. Your bullet spread is amazing as usual, Mia! I wish I had that sort of dedication to sprucing up my sad looking journal sitting at the corner haha 😀

        oli | thenicepeach.com

      3. Another beautiful spread! I’ve drafted up a few tattoos I want to get, but have yet to find time to get anything done- hopefully July is the month haha

        1. I wish I was as good as you with bullet journals. I’m an absolute mess when it comes to these cute things. It’s also such a smart idea to map out your monthly content. Love it! xx

          1. Thank you lovely 🙂 Honestly, it’s all stickers and washi tape LOL. And girlll if you don’t already, I seriously suggest planning your content in advance – it makes life SO MUCH EASIER xx

          1. Your bujo is gorgeouusssss! But HOW can you stay so dedicated to making spreads?? I started a bujo at the beginning of the year and gave up 3 months in because I was too lazy to keep writing. Man, I wish I had your dedication, haha!

            1. I need to plan my blog content too. Your bullet journal is so beautiful 😍 I always love the stickers you use and the washi tape. I wish you an amazing Summer beautiful 😍❤️ Good luck with saving 🍀

            2. Your bullet journal design is gorgeous love it!! And I know I’ve saif it before but those pastel highlighters though 😍 hope you have a great month of July xx

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