March Bullet Journal Set-Up!

Oh, how freaking good does that post title feel? Bullet journal set-ups being shared on my blog again? It’s like Christmas came ridiculously early.

Hello, you stunning humans – how’s your day going? Hopefully as good as mine but, if not, take comfort in the fact that at least my life doesn’t suck. And I think we can all agree that’s the important thing.

In case the fact I am for once a. posting and b. posting the content most of you signed up for (ie. pretty stationery) has rendered you into a state of mindless shock, today we’re going to be taking a peek inside my bullet journal for March. As heartbreaking as it is to admit, I can barely remember the last time that I shared one of these posts on the blog – but I’m sure we can figure it out together.

(Pin this image for me, babies.)


Slide View: 1: Fujifilm UO Exclusive Instax Mini Bloom Film

Urban Outfitters Bloom Instax Paper – £18

Cheap washi tape, Buy Quality masking tape directly from China decorative stickers tape Suppliers: 10 Styles Gold Foil Gild Washi Tape Hot Stamping Flower Bonsai House DIY Bullet Jornal Stickers Decorative Sticker Masking Tapes

Gold Foil Floral Washi Tape – £0.96 each

Pastel Highlighters – Amazon UK – £5.57

Pastel Highlighters – Amazon US – $11

Most of you will have forgotten, but I’m currently not technically using a bullet journal. In the spirit of my Australia adventure, I bought myself a specific journal which comes preset with loads of honestly beautiful inserts and details. And if you want a reminder of that memo, I’m going to helpfully insert my video setup.

So I didn’t need to create a title page for March this time because . . . your girl paid ahead for that shit.

That said, can we appreciate the quote for a second. I know that, courtesy of me updating you on precisely 0% of my life, you have no idea why we should be appreciating it – but give me a second. For the past four or five months, I’ve been living it up in Melbourne, absolutely loving it and building myself a nice little life here. Which I’m leaving in March.

Now, this is kind of a necessary evil (if I want to do my second year over here, which I do, I need to do 3 months of farmwork) and I’m excited to go back to a more chilled way of life, but I’m still . . . reluctant, I guess? I don’t know, I’m just going to miss quite a lot. So it was kind of nice to have a quote confirming what I already know – time to get off your arse and go, Melbourne will be here when you want to come back.

Also worth a shoutout – we all know how much I love a good Polaroid picture in my bullet journal spreads. They’re one of my Top 10 Ways To Easily Make Your Bu-Jo 10x Cuter With No Effort, after all. If you look at this picture of me and the lovely Raven (my best friend I picked up in Melbourne, who I’m moving to Brisbane with- look, I’m going to get to a catch up post eventually okay) you will notice that the polaroid paper . . . is beautiful. Oh, it is. It’s special floral paper that’s an Urban Outfitters exclusive. Highly recommend.

Slide View: 1: Fujifilm UO Exclusive Instax Mini Bloom Film

Urban Outfitters Bloom Instax Paper – £18

Next up, I kind of did a “goals” spread without any of the . . . goals. A goals visualisation spread, if you will. By the time I eventually make it to Brisbane, I’m going to be mainly focusing on finding a paying farm job and settling into life on the kind-of-farm where we’re going to be living (yeah, yeah, I’ll update you on that sitch in another post) so setting a bunch of goals is just unrealistic for the first month.

However, I desperately want to get back into creating things and, eventually, back into selling my own products – so I decided to take a look at the kind of things I want to focus on. Benefits of where we’re moving to? Toowoomba is the city of gardens – so your girl is going to be surrounded by flowers, which we all know are my favourite things to use for crafts.

The last of my “organisational tools”, if you will, is my monthly calendar. I always use a monthly calendar to help plan out which posts I’ve got coming up on le blog and this bu-jo set up is no different! We’ve got some interesting posts coming up this month (I hope, at least), so make sure you’re staying tuned. I’ve definitely got at least 4 scheduled out and ready to go, which is bloody miraculous for Australia-Mia.

And last, but not least, is my first weekly spread of the month! Initially, I was aiming to head out of Melbourne in the first week of March, but my demi-pairing situation was making that *slightly* impossible. Meaning all that travel imagery is a little out of sync for this particular week, but hey.

In terms of how I prettied this spread up . . . I’m running direly low on supplies, so you’re going to be seeing anything revolutionary. The washi tape is an old-but-gold hit and, as always, pastel highlighters are in for the win.

By the way, if you’re somewhat of a washi tape lover yourself, make sure you check out my Washi Tape Collection & Cheap Places To Get Washi Tape post.

Well, my beautiful babies, with that we have reached the end of this post! I hope you guys still enjoy my bullet journal posts because . . . if you don’t, you’re not likely to be entertained with all the bullet journalling content I have coming up. There’s a flick through my travel journal post you’re all going to hate. If you are a fellow stationery junkie like myself, however, do feel free to follow my bullet journalling board on Pinterest. Much inspo, many pretty pictures.

Did you guys like my bullet journal spread for March? What’s in your monthly spreads? And can we please talk about how gorgeous those Polaroid pictures are? I’m in love. Let me know your thoughts down below!


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30 thoughts on “March Bullet Journal Set-Up!”

  1. 😍😍😍😍😍 Did I NEED another excuse to buy more stationery? No. Am I gonna go ahead and do it anyway ’cause this is the sign I’ve been looking for? Yeah. *insert that sign won’t stop me because I can’t read meme here*

  2. Oooohhhhh my gooooood. Is this what love feels like? I’ve been living urban outfitters for stationary lately as well, they offer so many unique items (and their entire home section is just gaaahhh😍). Anyway, on a totally unrelated note, I was positively delighted when I thought you wrote “hello, you stunning hummus” but alas, you were just addressing us humans. Great post as always girly xx

    1. OH MY GOD, WE DON’T TALK ABOUT THE URBAN OUTFITTERS HOME SECTION FIONA ;-; the only upside to not really having my own house is that I no longer buy loads of homeware items because i’ve got nowhere to put them, but when I was back home… urban outfitters was a real danger. Ahaha, that made me chuckle – one day, I promise to refer to you all as hummus. Thanks lovey xx

  3. Beautiful! I love these scrapbook-style bullet journals. This is only my first official year attempting to bujo, so I’ve been hesitant to buy bits and frills, but I do hope to get there once I’ve got the basics out of the way.

    I’ll be interested to hear about your new farm life this summer. It sounds wild! ❤

  4. Yeah so look, I stopped in a stationary shop on the way to my class, and now i shall be returning to make some purchases. Oh well. Also, dedicating some money to making my progress book a little prettier now. Although you’re my worst influence ever, you’re my biggest inspiration xxx

  5. QUEEN OF BUJO RIGHT HERE! So so pretty omg! And aah the printed polaroids. I didn’t see that video before and your journal is so pretty I cannotttt. Love this post!! <3

  6. DAMN im shook your bullet journal is so freaking pretty. I don’t have the motivation or the time to do that with mine but definitly my inspo. BUJO SET UP GOAL.
    can’t wait to read the posts you prepared for us !!

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