May Week 1 & 2 Bu-Jo Spreads + 5 Easy To Recreate (But Cute AF) Bu-Jo Spreads

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Anyone else ever feel like time is flying by too quickly and you aren’t doing enough with it? That’s me at the moment. It’s bloody May and I’ve only gone on one holiday, I haven’t seen any live music yet and . . . okay, well I saw Hamilton (which was fucking amazing), but aside from that what else noteworthy has happened?

Yes, yes, I’m aware “first world problems”, but if I’m lucky enough to live in the first world and have all these opportunities, I don’t want to bloody waste them. I want to go to Australia and Egypt and Switzerland; I want to swim with turtles and go on jungle tours; I want to go to awesome music festivals. I want to do things!

Whatever – all of that was totally irrelevant; today, we’re going to be taking a peek into my bullet journal at my first two weekly spreads of May.


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Then, once we get that out of the way, I’m going to share a couple of bullet journal spreads I’ve been loving at the moment – that are actually really easy to recreate. So if you need any bullet journal inspiration, I have got you covered.

My first week of May was back to work after Italy and pretty un-eventful. I got some plans in place, scouted some locations and things to do; I even applied for some cool opportunities – but I didn’t actually do much. (Although I have a date coming up that is a great way to milk my life for content ideas, so that should be fun/super-fucking-awkward.)

One thing I’ve actually started doing this year is making notes on what songs I’m obsessed with – a la Priya, I may want to make a 2018 playlist in December. If you want to see what songs I’ve been loving for the first weeks of May . . . take a read!

Guys, I am shook – if you haven’t heard Alice Merton Roots, give it a listen. My coworker shared her with me with the glowing praise of “she sounds a bit like Florence The Machine” and I was immediately sold.

Also, that “schedule 100 posts” is for Pinterest. I wish I could schedule 100 blog posts, but your girl is not that organised.

At the time of writing, because I’m just so organised, week 2 of May has not happened for me yet – but here’s my blank spread. I was really feeling green when I was setting this up as I was chilling in my garden, enjoying nature and all that good stuff.

So those are my first weekly spreads for May  . . . now onto some cute AF bullet journal spreads that you can recreate at home! (All sources are linked to the photos.)

**By the way, if you’re interested in setting up a bullet journal of your own, but aren’t sure what they are or where to start take a read of my Setting Up A Bullet Journal Guide**

Love this bullet journal spread! I think a summer bucketlist is a great idea :) x

(This spread is mine; I’m queen of the easy!)

Bullet journal weekly layout, one paged weekly layout, flower drawing. | @buujooo

Configurar tu Bullet Journal - Estudio AVELLANA

1,228 Likes, 6 Comments - Marta (@bullet_journalish) on Instagram: “Before I share with you my new weekly (that is exactly the same layout as this one because I am in…”

Okay, my beautiful people, that is this post . . . wrapped! I hope you’re all having a good May so far; what do you think of my bullet journal spread? Do you have a bullet journal? Which of the 5 simple spreads to recreate did you like the best? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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51 thoughts on “May Week 1 & 2 Bu-Jo Spreads + 5 Easy To Recreate (But Cute AF) Bu-Jo Spreads”

  1. Coyote from Orion

    If I am a part of your blog ‘family’ then I must be one of the family pets…. I mean, am I like the fox in the henhouse that Foghorn Leghorn struts about… or am I Fred Flintstone shut out by the family pet (think Inception) with the milk bottles? Damn I used to cry when I was about 3 at Fred being shut out for the night. Little did I realize at 3…. a great jacket means one can sleep anywhere 😇

    1. I am OBSESSED with your bullet journal 😍 Your washi tapes are so prettyyyyy 😍
      How can you be so creative ugh 😂 looking forward to more of your bujo spread posts! xx

    2. Ooohhh you’ve got a date coming up?? Can’t wait for all the content that links to it 😀 honestly roots by Alice Merton is my new jam it’s such an amazing song. I actually heard the song on the radio initially and thought it was by Florence and the machines 😂 I love how your bullet journal looks so cute!! xx

      1. I absolutely adore your bullet journal ughh, so much yes from me. I’m feeling very inspired, but I’m not even creating spreads for June because of travelling, so it’s gonna be a while before I can let that creativity out haha 🙂 Great post! xx

              1. Girl you’re so dedicated! I want to get back into it but I’m currently trying to finish off a diary style notebook (cos I never finish any of my notebooks and feel bad).

              2. I really need to buy some washi tape, believe it or not but I’ve never owned any! Shock horror, I know 😉
                Very cute set up again this month 🙂

                1. LMAO I saw that “schedule 100 posts” and I was like daaamn girl I guess I need to step up my blogging game, but then I read it’s for pins haha. Thank god!

                2. With every post about a Bu-Jo, I want a Bu-Jo even more! I love the concept. I’d never get anything done though because I’d be so busy trying to make it pretty instead of ticking off the tasks. Maybe I can do a bullet recap journal instead, lol. Write down things I’ve *actually* done and celebrate with pastel colors and glitter… lots and lots of glitter. Gonna check out these links!

                  Dom |

                  1. Yaiiii I’ve been so excited to see your style of bullet journaling. It’s so interesting and inspiring to see how differently it works for different people. Great post Mia, as always <33

                  2. I completely get your first little rant. It’s always difficult when life and responsibilities get in the way of what you want to do! Just keep your head up and keep working towards what you want in life. If you wanna go swim with some turtles, go swim with some frickin’ turtles. If you wanna go on a tour, go on a frickin’ tour. If you wanna cut off all your hair, pierce your nipples and learn to pole dance, you go for it girl! Just work for what you want, and you can achieve it. Great post! xx

                  3. I can relate to always wanting to do things. I get anxiety about NOT having plans in the works, or always being on the go. My Type A overachiever self needs to have trips and things to do always! Which might be a problem because I should learn to just be..But I will just be on a trip or something. Now I am majorly rambling anyway beauty I LOVE your bullet journal as always I am envious! Gorgeous pages! <3

                  4. I totally adored this blogpost. I always like reading about bujo’s, but I never started one because I’m not the person for it. I do like to play with washi tapes, haha, I can’t get more creative than that. I like your washi tapes as well! xo

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