10 Must-Try Crystal DIYs For The Bohemian Babe!

Do you love crystals and crafting? Try these 10 beautiful and bohemian crystal DIYs to invite all the good vibes into your home! Super creative ways to display crystals that you need on your radar.

Hello, beautiful people, and welcome back to me longingly planning crafts I cannot currently afford. Alas, being an adult with responsibilities and rent is not all it’s cracked up to be. Who knew?

If you’ve followed this blog for any amount of time, you will know that your girl loves crystals. I think they’re so beautiful and, when I’m feeling my most spiritual self, I love to research their properties and meanings. (Am I ever feeling spiritual? No. But a girl can dream.)

Recently, the lovely Arshia has started doing tarot readings. Now, this is a little secret about me: I love tarot cards. I’m a big believer in manifestation and I think there’s at least a little magic kicking around our world. So I was straight in line to get my cards read!

Guys, let me just say – go and get a reading from Arshia. Do it. This is a sign. She’s insightful, detailed and bloody brilliant.

Off the back of a truly brilliant reading, I was inspired to introduce a little more spirituality into my life. And one of my favourite visual reminders to meditate, be present and open myself up to a bit of everyday magic? Crystals. So let’s get down to the crystal DIY projects!

1. DIY Crystal Candle

The first project has to be my most recent craft – this gorgeous DIY crystal candle! This is so easy to recreate and is a brilliantly practical way to display crystals in the home.

2. Witchy Amethyst Mirror

Hello, gorgeous! What a creative and unique DIY mirror idea, right? I’m obsessed with this crafty way to use spare crystals. Plus, amethyst chips are so cheap that you could make this craft on a real budget.

Do you love crystals? Make sure you check out my top 10 list of online stores for cheap crystals!

3. Easy DIY Crystal Pendants 

Um, what? This tutorial – no exaggeration – blew my freaking mind. These crystal pendants look so expensive . . . but are made using an old pepsi can? How? It’s so impressive, I love it!

4. DIY Crystal Planters!

Is this another cheeky self promotion? Of course, I’m a capitalist. But I do genuinely love this way to display crystals – by using them in planters! It’s the perfect combination of two essential aspects of a bohemian home: houseplants and gemstones.

5. 5-Minute Crystal Magnets

diy raw crystal magnets | almost makes perfect


This craft idea has given me major inspiration for a vision board! I’ve been meaning to set some intentions and create some tangible goals for myself – creating a vision board with some crystal magnets sound like optimal good vibes, am I wrong?

6. Crystal Terrarium

DIY Crystal Terrarium

This is definitely a stylish way to display crystals in your home. I think a little crystal terrarium would be a perfect centrepiece for a side table, or in a meditation room.

7. DIY Crystal Hair Barrettes

This next DIY is something you can wear for good vibes on the go! It’s a super easy crystal hair clip perfect for festivals or everyday use.

8. DIY Crystal Earrings

Keeping to the theme of wearable crafts, these crystal earrings are so versatile and stylish that you could wear them any time.

9. Coloured Glass Crystal Terrariums!

Faux Crystal Terrariums

I have been searching high and low for a faux stained glass hack . . . and who’d have thought that it would be researching this post that led me to it? I’m utterly obsessed with these gorgeous stained glass terrariums. They’re not quite crystals, sure, but they’re close enough that I’m counting it!

10. Easy DIY Crystal Rings

And lastly is . . . okay, well, yes it’s another self promotion. Because of course it is. These easy DIY crystal rings can be made in 5 minutes or less – and they make perfect gifts for other people, or jewellery pieces to keep for yourself!

Alright lovers, we shall end at the end. I hope you found these craft projects inspiring – which one was your favourite? Would you try any of them yourselves? Are you a big believer in crystals or tarot? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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28 thoughts on “10 Must-Try Crystal DIYs For The Bohemian Babe!”

  1. I was similarly excited when I heard that Arshia was offering tarot readings! She is so insightful and an incredible talent. Has this knack for tapping into the complexities and nuances of any circumstances and weeding out truth. As always, the most precious little creations here! I love your crafty mind. Those barrettes are just precious! Very 90’s, I’d say x

    1. That necklace made with a pop can is mind blowing!! I so want to go and try that! I love crystals too and have a few amethysts around my house. These are all such fun ways to display them! 🙂

    2. Oh my god, ahh, thank you so much for the mention, Mia!! I’m probably going to sound like a broken record saying this, but your support and encouragement mean far more than I can even express!

      And wow, you really mentioned me in the most perfect post, hahah! I love making crystal candles! They’re definitely not as pretty as yours (so beautiful oh god) but work pretty well for intention setting. And the crystal earrings sound right up my alley, so I’ll definitely be giving those a try! xx

      1. No worries at all, I’m so excited for you and your business!!! Will most definitely be a repeat customer in the future (if you’ll have me haha)

        & Ooo I can definitely see crystal candles being something you liked! I hope the earrings turn out well for you if you do try them xx

    3. I looove all of those ideas 😍😍 the crystal mirror is unique!! I am definitely going to try something like that!! or maybe the magnetics and planter!!

    4. I LOVE crystals, and my collection is ever growing! Will have to try a few of these out…love the idea of a crystal terrarium, what a fab idea!
      Thanks for sharing!
      Aimsy xoxo
      Aimsy’s Antics

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