20 Handmade, Affordable DIY Gifts For Mum (That Could Be Storebought!)

easy, affordable diy gifts for mum (that she'd want!)

Merry Christmas, bitches.

Okay, so I acknowledge that I may be a tad overeager with my yuletide spirit considering that it is, in fact, November*. However, this year I am attempting the mammoth challenge that I’ve set myself for the past few years and not managed to achieve: an at least 50% DIY Christmas.** So we need to get into the holiday spirit early.

*And not even late November; Mia, you bloody animal.

**Yes, because if you couldn’t achieve it when you were at home, with a house full of resources and Next Day Amazon supply deliveries, you’re definitely going to be able to achieve it when you’re the other side of the world with no supplies and no workspace. This is gonna go great, I can already tell.

easy, affordable diy gifts for mum (that she'd want!)

Here’s the thing – I love a good DIY gift, but finding them online is like finding “the one” in a club at 3am. “The one” is far more dignified than that, he’s reading classic literature in his tastefully chic apartment in Paris; that weirdo trying to do the robot is Jeremy and his friends have all abandoned him out of shame. Likewise, the perfect DIY is not sitting on the generic first page of Pinterest search results. It’s better than that, have some class.

So we had three pieces of criteria that these ideal DIY gifts would meet:

1. Being affordable – there’s no point having to spend $80 on supplies to make a candle that would’ve cost you $10 to buy from the store.

2. Being easy to make – if you need to go to school to learn how to bloody weld to create the DIY, it’s not a DIY; it’s a trade tutorial.

3. Being something people would actually like to receive – DIY gifts are fun because it shows you put time and effort into them, but they’re not fun if they’re shit.

Fortunately for you, you don’t have to trawl through tacky Pinterest crafts your mum would not-so-secretly hate – because I’ve done it for you. So welcome to today’s post where I’m going to share 20 easy, affordable DIY gifts for your mother this Christmas season. And, even better, I’ve shared them nice and early on so you have time to gather the supplies and test them out!

1 – Vintage Teacup Candle

Okay, sure, this is massively stereotypical and you all knew it was coming – but it’s done a lot for good reason. I actually made this as part of my mother’s day gift to my mother back in 2018 and she absolutely loved it, so I can confirm it’ll be well received!

(Plus, this is one of my DIYs and I naturally have to plug it.)


2. Marble Dish Rings

So pretty! easy marbled ring dish (click through for tutorial)


3 – 20 Things Jar


This super cute gift idea is from the lovely Fiona, so make sure you check it out!


4 – Chocolate Bark

DIY Schokoladentafeln Schokolade selber machen Last Minute Geschenk Textilband bedrucken


I am obsessed. How delicious and professional do these look?

5 – Tub Tea

Upgrade Your Next Bath With Skin-Soothing DIY Tub Tea


Enjoying this list? Make sure you check out Lynn’s 20+ Handmade DIY gift ideas for mum too!

6 – Chunky Knit Blanket

Step by step guide on how to make a DIY chunky blanket. Don’t they look so beautiful and cozy? Fortunately, you can easily make one from the comfort of your home.


7 – Hanging Memory Boxes

Okay, so now that I’m thinking back on it . . . I have made my mum a lot of DIY gifts over the years. This next gift is another tried and tested hit that I made for her birthday a few years ago and it’s a really cute hanging memory box decoration. This requires literally no skill, all you need is a frame and a printer – you can include photos, a message, whatever you want! It’s a massively thoughtful gift and it’s just really cute!

Here’s how I customised it for my mother:


8 – Clay Garden Markers

Small handmade gifts for all occasions! Easy and meaningful, I'm definitely making a few of these instead of buying junk this year!


9 – Resin Quote Board


This is another one of my own crafts that I’m sharing here (I’m sorry, okay – I make a lot of crafts!) and yet another craft that was born as a gift idea for my mum. Honestly, I think it’s a super cute final product and I’d definitely recommend giving it a go!

10 – Happy Pills


11 – Soup Ornament

Soup Mix Ornaments! Such a cute idea for easy Christmas gifts! I am making these for sure!


12 – Bath Salts


 *Wink wink, nudge nudge*.

If your mama is anything like mine, she’ll like her a bit of relaxation time! My mother is actually super millennial and really into meditation (seriously, the woman is more mindful than me – I feel like I’m letting my generation down in some way), so anything to help her have a time out is a big yes in her books.

13 – Pallet Photo Frame

Creative Mother's Day Gift - DIY Pallet Picture Frame #mothersday #diygift #diypictureframe


14 – Book Planter

DIY succulent book planter | gardening gifts | #gardeninggifts | garden gift ideas | #gardengiftideas | best gifts for gardeners | #bestgiftsforgardeners


15 – Shabby Chic Memo Board


Another DIY from yours truly – admittedly, I created this bad boy as a vision board for myself, but you could clip in family photos as a gift.

16 – Cake Tier Planter

learn how to make a fabulous upcycled indoor DIY planter, this vertical planter is made from old upcycled crockery #DIYsucculentplanter #indoorplanter


17 – Crystal Earrings

Learn how to make these gorgeous DIY Raw Stone Earrings in under five minutes!


18 – Hot Chocolate Mug

Homemade Holiday Gifts- Easy Double Chocolate Vanilla Bean Hot Cocoa Mugs + Marshmallows - from @Half Baked Harvest


19 – Jewellery Holder


20 – Clay Ring Holders


Well, my loves, the purpose of this post . . . has been met. You, me and all our collective Pinterest boards now have more than enough inspiration for thoughtful, handmade gifts for your mama this Christmas. If you guys dig DIYs, make sure you’re following my DIY Gift Pinterest board!

Which of these gift ideas was your favourite? Do you think you’d make any for your mama? And is anyone else in full Christmas mode or is that one just me? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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36 thoughts on “20 Handmade, Affordable DIY Gifts For Mum (That Could Be Storebought!)”

  1. Girl I am here for all things Christmas! Everyone else can stay seated in the corner and be grinches :p These are SUCH cute ideas! I am going to a Christmas party where we have to hand make the gifts (or buy locally thank god!) and this year I got the bright idea that YES, I will attempt to hand make something. WHAT am I thinking? This is such a great guide for inspiration, though execution on my part will probably be at a negative ten :p <3

    1. I love these ideas so much. Everything looks so nice and pretty, my favorite is definitely succulent planter, it looks so cool. My mom loves plants so I’m sure she would love it as a gift. xx

    2. These are all SOO cute omg, I would love to try making the marble ring dishes. The succulent holders, both in book form and the triple layered one looks so adorable as well!! These are all so smart haha it definitely looks fun to do. My friend tried the chunky knit blanket but it came out a disaster I think … I don’t know if she got THE RIGHT kind though so that’s another thing LOL! Thanks for sharing Mia!! x

      Geraldine | https://geraldinetalks.com

    3. I loved all the gifts so much! They are so cute 😍 I especially love the quote board and hanging memory boxes. Anything with pictures and flowers is always a good thing ❤️

    4. I love all of the different DIY gifts you can make! I like that the criteria were kept to the simplest terms. The vintage tea candle looks really interesting. I love the marble dish rings though!! that is totally my vibe! Oooh! I like the chunky knit blanket. This is something I would do! Thanks for sharing all of these ideas!

      Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

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