Cheapest Store For Crafts and DIYs? The Works XMAS Haul!

Dear fellow bloggers,

It is with profound regret that I share with you this letter. I cannot continue to live this lie.  I am . . . not in Christmas mode already.

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Hey, beautiful people – how’s it going? It seems like the blogging world comes to a general consensus about a lot of things; one example being that as soon as it hits November 1st, it’s Christmas. Get out your decorations, put in your festive films and start your gingerbread house baking.

Look, guys . . . I tried. I tried to get into this spirit, but it’s November. Early November. The sun is still out, for heaven’s sakes. The sun does not shine on Christmas – what are we Australian?

Then I came to a daunting realisation: November has to be my December because I’m not here for any of December. I’m going to have to fake it ’til I make it. Oh, and do a lot of Christmas shopping. So, to kick off my descent into the festive spirit, I returned to one of my trusty favourite stores: The Works.

The Works and TK Maxx are similar in the sense that shopping in-store at both is not my favourite experience, but shopping online is amazing. If you’re unfamiliar with The Works, it’s probably because you’ve walked past it in your local shopping center, dismissing it as crap. The Works is . . . well, I’m not really sure. I’d describe it as a hobby store; there’s so much variety in what they stock. You can pick up 10 books for £10 – or so much craft stuff for such a good price that you’ll hole up in your room crafting for the rest of your life, forgotten by wider society; only referred to in hush tones by the rest of your family, with a hint of reverence and disbelief like maybe you were just an apparition that once appeared in their lives . . .

Regardless, The Works have some absolutely amazing Christmas crafts in stock – so I went on a binge-buy and thought I’d share my finds with you!

#1 – 2018 Motivational Calendar

Due to my mother ripping my life savings to shreds with the Canada to New York trip (worth. It.) and that being her Christmas gift from me, I told her I’m not buying her anything else or I’d end up homeless on the street at 18. Which is not in my immediate plans, I won’t lie to you.

However, my mother is very into self-improvement, mindfulness and positivity. She does manifestation, meditates – hell, she has a law of attraction planner! So I saw this 2018 calendar for £2 and immediately knew that she’d love it and, as any well-trained child does, I figured I’d pick it up for her.

The Works have loads of cute calendars for £2 each (some with matching diaries) so if you’re looking for some cute room deco – or a cheap christmas gift – you may want to check it out.

#2 – Fairy Lights!

For someone whose hair took out her overhead light years ago, (literally not a joke) you’d think I have more lighting in my room . . . but no. I’ve been after fairy lights for ages, but it’s only when I stumbled across this wonderfully valued deals that I actually picked some up.

So the lights that are on here were only £1 (!) and the boxes of lights marked £3 were in a deal where you buy both for £4.50 and they both come with batteries. Which I totally should have read, because I went and bought seperate batteries as I didn’t have this knowledge. Oh well.; if the apocalypse hits, I’m stocked up!

#3 – Cute AF Pencils & A Gift Box

I’m quickly coming to the realisation that numbering these items has been a grave mistake. My next purchases were entirely seperate, but they looked good together, so I lumped them under the same heading. Sue me.

First off, we have this adorable little gift box. I don’t know why I picked it up, probably because it was like £1, but I regret nothing. It’s cute and it will save me time wrapping something. Or maybe I’ll stick my jewellery in it, or use it as a paperclip holder. It’s tiny and adorable; I’ll find something to do with it.

Now, these pencils . . . oh, you Pinterest junkies, you will absolutely die for these pencils. They are the height of blogger-aesthetic. And for £2? This pencil set will make you feel like you have your shit together.

I’ll probably gift these out because I don’t use pencils (I like my mistakes like I like my death: permanent and irreversible), but for £2 I couldn’t not pick them up. That would be sacrilege!

#4 – Assorted Essential Bits

I actually also picked up a portfolio (see, I’m totally not procrastinating on my design portfolio!) and an A2 sketchbook, but both of those were too big to photograph and not particularly exciting to look at either. That being said, they were only like £8 for the set of both the sketchbook and portfolio, so who’s complaining?

Admittedly less glamourous than my other purchases, but we all need some essentials!

#5 – Mini Jars Of Goodness!

I kind of hate myself for this; not because I dislike the purchase but because I have actually spent far more money buying the jars and the glitter seperately in the past . . . when these beauties existed. But it’s fine. I’m not bitter.

You may be confused as to why I love these little jars so much . . . but all will be revealed in time. Maybe.

#6 – Wrapping Shit

Okay, the best thing about Christmas, for me, is the wrapping. I will happily spend entire days wrapping my gifts, making them look a-fucking-mazing and then will sit there and secretly murder you in my head when you callously rip apart my art to get to your gift. You caveman.

This means I stock up my wrapping paper, my bows and my ribbon.


Ugh . . . I already have this year’s wrapping theme planned and it’s going to look so good (and well in brand with my blog) that I kind of want to skip the gift-buying and just wrap things up.

Well . . . here we are, at the end of the post. I hope you guys enjoyed perusing my purchases – I genuinely really recommend taking a look around The Works website, especially if you are starting your Christmas celebrations/organisations early. They’re insanely cheap and have a fantastic variety of items. When do you start prepping for Christmas? Are you one of the bloggers that’s already in the spirit of things? And what was your favourite of my purchases? Let me know your thoughts below!


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34 thoughts on “Cheapest Store For Crafts and DIYs? The Works XMAS Haul!”

  1. Oh golly, its getting closer to Christmas already! I’m super loving the warm fairy lights out of your purchases – they just add a special touch to every room. Dimming out the lights and playing some soft Christmas music in the glow sounds amazing right now! xx

    1. Thank you lovely! And I know (terrifying how quickly time is going…) I’m only prepping for christmas because im not here to do all my wrapping and crafting stuff next month, but it’s actually really fun starting early!xxx

  2. This post has got me into the mood already 😛 I shall not be home on Christmas too and I hate the fact that I shall not get to bake my boozy Christmas cake or have our roast lunch but hey, I am planning to do it nonetheless way before. This will be an epic Christmas for you from the sounds of it btw and I love the wrapping paraphernalia including that gift box. I would totally gift myself one. What’s the point of not hoarding, right? xx

    1. Oooh yes! It’s working…I will force everyone to celebrate Christmas with me early 3:) And ooh, where are you going to be over Christmas? Hopefully somewhere incredibly fun! And I hope so 😀 trust me, I have some really wrapping porn coming up (DIY wrapping paper, polaroid pictures, colour co-ordinated packages…) that you’re gonna love 😀 And I completely agree – houses are to hoard!xxx

      1. Italy and then India. Both will be full of food, family, friends and fun. When family becomes too much I have to rely on food and friends to bail me out.
        I shall wait to feast my eyes on wrapping porn and salivate in silence. xx

  3. Absolutely LOVING these posts at the minute, also, girl, YOU NEED TO GET IN THE CHRISTMAS MOOD omg you can’t miss out on it!! (I’m pretending it’s December already) I’m obsessed with buying cute stuff for wrapping, I take gift wrapping is an extremely professional art hahahahah! Great post as always xxx

    1. ahahaha thank you! AND I’M TRYING I’VE WATCHED A NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS AND MADE A GINGERBREAD HOUSE (OK IT COLLAPSED AFTER LITERALLY A SECOND WE DIDN’T EVEN FINISH THE ENTIRE ROOF BUT IT COUNTS) and awww me too! I’ve gone extra level 300000 this year with my wrapping…I cant wait to finish all my shopping so i can show you 😀 xxx

  4. I am so guilty of being in the Christmas spirit. In fact I was already celebrating BEFORE Halloween! (I blame Hallmark!) But I can empathize with those who are waiting until the Midde of November:) I love your purchases! I love fairy lights! And I agree wrapping really is the best part! <3

      1. Hehe. I have plenty to spread around! I can not wait to see! seriously my favorite part! I love putting on a Christmas movie and getting my wrap on! lol. I actually wrap pretty much all of my family’s presents (except mine regardless of how many times I offer…Sigh…. lol) because I love it. <3

      2. I have PLENTY to go around! lol. I love watching a Christmas movie and getting my wrap on. I wrap all the presents for my family (though no matter how many times I offer they still won’t let me wrap my own…lol.) and I find it so peaceful. I love decorating them. I can not wait to see you came up with this year! <3

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