June Playlist + Guns’N’Roses Concert OOTD

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June was, I will admit, a pretty great month for me. We had my trip to the place my heart has claimed as home – Lisbon – to watch a band that my heart belongs to (Guns’N’Roses) and then a festival with music that my heart claims as home too – Download. On top of that, when I got home the weather was actually really good (if you ignore the fact that was because of global warming and the fact that we’re getting much closer to our inevitable death) and I even managed to get myself a little tan-

Dear God, I’m about to die.

This is Jesus giving me one final hurrah before it all goes tits up.

I knew the fact that The Killers came out with new music – and that it was good – was too good to be true.

The June Playlist

I should warn you – this month is heavy on metal music. Come on; it would be sacrilegious for me not to listen to metal in the month where I went to see GNR and I went to a rock festival. Besides, metal is great – you’re welcome.

Oh . . . I guess I should also disclaim the fact that this may read like a love-letter to the band Shinedown. I only just discovered them in June and they’re amazing, so they’ve been consuming a lot of time. It’s nothing obsessive or stalker-like I promise. I only know every single colour of the lead singer has dyed his hair in the past ten years. That’s it, honest.

I’ve been home for weeks and I’m still dreaming about Lisbon and all it’s beauty. Le sigh.

Without further ado, here is the June playlist!

  • Call Me – Shinedown // YOUTUBE
  • The Crow and The Butterfly – Shinedown // YOUTUBE
  • Simple Man – Shinedown // YOUTUBE
  • Enemies – Shinedown // YOUTUBE
  • Cut The Cord – Shinedown // YOUTUBE
  • Breaking Inside – Shinedown // YOUTUBE
  • State Of My Head – Shinedown // YOUTUBE
  • In My Blood – Black Stone Cherries // YOUTUBE
  • Black Hole Sun – Soundgarden // YOUTUBE
  • Like a Stone – Audioslave // YOUTUBE
  • Show Me How To Live – Audioslave // YOUTUBE
  • Community Property – Steel Panther // YOUTUBE
  • Dragula – Rob Zombie // YOUTUBE
  • Never Gonna Stop Me – Rob Zombie // YOUTUBE
  • Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door – Guns’N’Roses // YOUTUBE
  • Mr Brownstone – Guns’N’Roses // YOUTUBE
  • Night Train – Guns’N’Roses // YOUTUBE
  • Champion – Fall Out Boy // YOUTUBE
  • The Man – The Killers // YOUTUBE
  • Hard Times – Paramore // YOUTUBE
  • Rose Coloured Boy – Paramore // YOUTUBE
  • The Pretender – Foo Fighters // YOUTUBE
  • Best of You – Foo Fighters // YOUTUBE
  • Enter Sandman – Metallica // YOUTUBE

I realise that I didn’t actually delve into it enough to be considered talking about it, but talking about The Killers releasing new music that was actually good and not bitterly disappointing (looking at you, Linkin Park) Foo Fighters have also released a great new single (Run) and Fall Out Boy have released two – so I’m taking this to mean that next year everyone is going to be touring and I’ll have a lot of concerts to attend.

Which is good because as I get older my wardrobe gets decisively more grunge/punk and I need more socially acceptable places to wear these clothes. And also I mean if I have to spend all day trapped in the capitalist society’s gilded cage that is a workplace then I need things to spend the money on.


Well, beautiful people, that is the music I was listening to obsessively on repeat for all of June – what do you think? Any familiar faces? Also, the Guns’ Outfit; I’m obsessed with the vans and fishnet combination. It’s just so . . . aesthetic.


 (Next post is tomorrow at 5!)

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