2 Outfit Ideas For New Years Eve + Last Minute Sale STEALS

Obligatory comments about how fast time has gone and how I can’t believe it’s almost 2018 aside, we need to accept that it is almost New Years and, unless we are all suddenly dedicating ourselves to the unchained freedom of the nudist lifestyle, we need outfits.

Hello, people! It’s not necessarily that I believe in welcoming the new year in the way you want to spend it – on your A game, looking like God spent a couple of extra minutes cooking you in the oven – or even that New Year is a fantastic excuse for a photoshoot the likes Instagram has never seen before . . . No, I just live to dress up. Any excuse.

My main excuse for dressing up over the Christmas period when all my friends and family are like “Mia, we don’t even fit in our wardrobes ATM”? This post. So thank you, blog family, you allowed me to wear heels.

That said, I mean I know that not everyone wants to be overdressed uncomfortable and some prefer trainers and jeans – so I have included some casual looks in amongst all the stilettos and sequins. I am in your gang maybe 50% of the time; equal opportunities and all that.

1. The Casual Bar Look

I feel like this look just screams “European!”. Everywhere – quite literally everywhere – you go in Europe, all black with a leather jacket is an outfit you’re guaranteed to see on women. It’s comforting, really: we can all agree that this, while comfy, is still a look. We have teamed up to say “yes, we approve this”.

What I learnt, through trying and testing this outfit, is that I am not a skilled model . . . and I am even less so when tipsy. Also, as much as I love these Topshop jeans (and I do) it is time to accept that my ass is no longer a size 6 and get a bigger pair. It is so squashed. Update: in the post-Christmas room clean, these jeans – bless them for their service – have been let go. It’s been emotional.

Anyways . . . outfit. So you could always do all black, but I’m obsessed with my red converses and they don’t get enough wear, so I went for black and red. Plus, I mean, I look like a vampire chick and if a look doesn’t scream out “I would just as soon rip your throat out as kiss you” am I even dressing correctly?

This outfit is definitely more casual . . . but the sparkly mesh top (which, by the way, is beautiful and was only £2) as well as the glittery bag really scream “festive as fuck”.

I feel like I just get more 90s as time goes by, to be honest with you. Anyways, as they say . . . the devil’s in the details. And this outfit? Full of ’em.

Jacket – Forever 21 (last year, though, so I don’t know if it’s still available) // Top – ROMWE – (linked) – £3.82 – $4.99 // Bag – Dollskill (old) // Jeans – Topshop

Like this look? Here are my serving suggestions:

HUSTLE Leather Jacket – Missguided – £22.50


Floral Leather Jacket – ASOS – £48


2-in-1 Mesh and Sequin Cami – ASOS – £14.50


Black and Red Mesh Top – ASOS – £11.50

2. Thigh Highs and Skirts

Oh, Missguided, how you bless my closet. I love this Missguided skirt . . . and New Year is definitely a great excuse to crack it out. This look is very simple and pretty timeless – a leather skirt with a white shirt – but I think the over-the-knee boots jazz it up a bit.

I wore this for our family’s (as in extended family meeting of like 30 of us) boxing day dinner meal, so I swapped out the thigh-hgihs for converses and tights and didn’t get photos out . . . or any good photos at all. Sorry.

I would love to link to it for you (and I really would; I get paid if you buy things through me) but unfortunately it’s not available anymore. Keep your eyes open, though – Missguided is always bringing in cool stuff!

No, I’m just kidding – it’s still in stock!

Missguided Leather Floral Print Skirt – £30

Of course, this also needs a big old warm coat over it because, as much as I believe in looking good, I don’t necessarily think hypothermia is either worth it or a good look.

Last Minute Sale Steals

Okay, so while I whole-heartedly endorse shopping and basically any excuse for me to buy a new pretty thing . . . well, results in a new pretty thing in my wardrobe . . . I allow myself this weakness because I’m a shopping ninja. Seriously, I can internet shop like a total wizard. You’ll look at my wardrobe and think “she must be broke”, then be completely shocked to realise how much it all cost me. Why?

Sales, baby.

So here are a few of my top (sale) picks for some New Years Eve outfits.

Missguided Black Mini Dress – £24.50

Missguided Black Sequin Dress – £15


ASOS – Gold Sequin Dress – £36


ASOS – Sequin Mini Dress – £21

Missguided – Gold Glitter Bandeau Dress – £10

Well, I think I have kept you here for long enough! By the way, beautiful people, I am firmly back in business with le blogging and getting up to date with all of your sites! I hope we’re all excited for 2018; you already know I have some productivity posts planned that I cannot wait to share with you.

Do any of you guys have good plans for New Year? It’s kind of annoying that it falls on a Sunday (my original idea was to take a group of friends to watch Kinky Boots then go out for drinks and a dance, but the theatre is closed on Sundays and public transport is shit, so that’s a no go) but I will not let that stop me – and neither should you! What are you guys getting up to? And what are you wearing? Personally, I’m going sequins . . . but I’m going to show you the outfit later. What did you think of these outfit ideas – what was your favourite? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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76 thoughts on “2 Outfit Ideas For New Years Eve + Last Minute Sale STEALS”

    1. OMG casual bar look is my go to look, though I’m a bit stuck since its summer over here…and my mum’s ‘generously’ offered up our house so the whole family will be welcoming the new year in my backyard, avoiding noise complaints from the neighbours xx

    2. Dude, those jackets are seriously ginchy. And the first outfit was possibly the coolest ever. I hope I can find something like that over here, just to wear in general.

    3. Bad bitch fuel… I love it! I want and need that purse in my life, but I think I’d be too intimidated to wear it out haha… But you rock it so well! Enjoy your New Year’s Eve celebrations!

      1. I live comfortably within the knowledge that we are all to busy worrying and being self-conscious to notice anything about other people and so can wear my kookier clothes without intimidation 😉 And thank you lovely – you too! 🙂

      2. Aaaah love these outfits!! The leather jacket is hella cute and so is the bag 😂😂👌I have a similar one but it says “Liquid Sarcasm” instead. The bag and shoes and roses (on the leather jacket) really compliment each other and gurlll you have a fab fashion sense. The second outfit is lovelyyy! And the makeup is light but gorgeous as well. What lip product did you use? Okay okay one last thing – is your hair naturally this pretty?? I need a hair care routine post please. 😂

        1. Ooooh I want one that says liquid sarcasm – that sounds awesome! And thank you so much, you’ll amke me blush 😉 Ohmygosh, girl – mineral makeup. It’s AMAZING for your skin (feels good on skin too!) and keeps your makeup nice and light so there’s no caking. I had MAC velvet teddy on before we went to dinner, but for the photos it’d all but gone – but it leaves a great “natural boost” stain. And awwwww you’re such a cutie – yep, that’s my hair all natural and free to do it’s thang. I’d love to do a haircare post – let me add it to my to-write list 😉 x

      3. Girlll you are STUNNING! Love l or LOVE these looks and sober or drunk you are werking it! That shirt is divine and that skirt! LOVE! Also love the other outfits you posted. I hope you have a wonderful and definitely stylin’ New Year! 💗

              1. That purse! LOL! 😆
                Me, I’ll be sweats under a blanket at home, counting down to midnight and then promptly falling into bed at 12:01. 😛 I firmly believe that is the best version of me and kicks off the New Year as God intended.

                1. BAD BITCH FUEL?! O b s e s s e d.

                  If God didn’t craft my thighs from thunder, I would buy that lil Misguided miniskirt in a millisecond. It’s SO cute and SO Miami.

                  As far as plans, dinner, hookah, drinks with friends. I’m going shopping for my outfit tomorrow perhaps? I want to twinkle the night away but I also have to shoot content for my blog, so, bloop.

                  Happy New Year! Can’t wait to see what awesomeness you have cooked up for us in 2018. I literally crack up laughing during every post. So glad I found your blog!


                  1. Thank you lovely! And omg RIGHT? It’s such a sassy bag I am just LIVING for it.

                    And are you crazy, you could definitely rock it! Ooooh well if I’m ever in Miami I will have to bring it along 😀

                    Okay, that sounds really fun! I mean, to be fair, you could do an OOTD about New Year’s Eve or shopping tips post, so the twinkly dress shopping is actually blog RESEARCH 😉

                    Aww you’re such a sweetie 🙂 And I’m super glad I found your blog too. Hope your New Years Eve is lit lit lit and 2018 is fabulous for you! More health more wealth! <3

                2. These outfits are so so beautiful! I love your style so much, not to mention that the ‘bad bitch fuel’ bag is exactly what I need in my life :’) Wishing you an amazing start to 2018 and I cannot wait to see all of the wonderful content you will bring out in the New Year!! xox

                  1. Thank you so much lovely! I love yours too – and I finally found the word to describe it: Parisian. You would DEFINITELY fit right in in Paris 😀

                    I hope you have a wonderful 2018 as well 🙂 xxx

                3. ahh! i LOVE your outfits! really liking the sparkly top on the first ootd and your purse! OMG! 😀
                  and the skirt you’re wearing on the second is really cute too, it goes well with the top 🙂
                  and I love the black mini dress, looks gorgeous, although, I wish I were taller to wear that gold sequin dress 🙂

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