A ‘Lil Haul + Life Update!

Hello there internet friends – I hope you are all somewhat proud of me.

Why, you ask? Well, your girl has only gone and scheduled content all the way up until the second week of March! Admittedly, this is only a few weeks into the future, but I feel way more on top of my blog and various commitments.

Sometimes when life gets to be . . . a lot . . . things tend to pile up and become overwhelming. Plus, it’s way easier to just bury your head in the sand and pretend you have no responsibilities. Once you’ve adjusted, however, it becomes a lot easier to deal. And I think I’ve found my feet!

Thank you, Jesus.

Today’s post is two things. It’s like a marriage of two odd, really different people; it’s pretty much doomed to fail, but I’m sure it’ll be interesting to watch. Grab your popcorn, kids.

Part one: life update. Part two: haul.

So, life update. I’ve just started my new job and I’m really enjoying it. It’s in a super convenient location and, when the sun decides to make a reappearance, it’s going to be brilliant. (Also, very good experience – I’m learning a lot.)

I got offered a second job for £15/hourly; I might not be able to accept it as my passport has taken a leave of absence (really need to order a new one) but if they can accept my photocopy, it’s only for a couple of months and that extra pay will be going straight to a fabulous summer . . . well, and taxes. Eurgh. But I get paid £10/hourly at my current place, three days a week, and the new one would hire me for 2 days a week.

The money would be divine. More importantly, the holidays I would go on with the money would be divine.

I got rejected from the one uni course I applied for. That said, it was a very last-minute choice (literally ten minutes before I sent off the application), my personal statement was quite literally entirely geared at a completely different subject and, if I really want to go, I can apply through clearing. I didn’t even apply for the one I built the whole portfolio for.

Honestly, I’ve found a couple of opportunities that I’d really rather do instead of uni and the prospect of leaving the working world doesn’t appeal to me much. University would be a massive lifestyle change and . . . I like my current lifestyle. At the moment, it’s a case of pros and cons.

Expect a post on that. At some point.

I’m currently figuring out what I want from 2018. Looking into holidays, setting some goals, making some plans. Booking some classes! That kind of thing. I’m in a pretty good place, actually. So that’s what’s going on in my life at the moment. Let’s get onto the haul! #Capitalism.

As I am trying to mix up my mediums, I have discovered that hauls are about 1,000 times easier when they’re videos – so have another haul video. It’s only like 2 minutes and I’ve been buying some cool shit. Make sure you’re on 1080px.

Okay, well this was just a really quick post. I’ve been wanting to share what’s going on in my life at the moment, but I really didn’t think you’d care that much. I do have some longer posts around certain topics (like uni, for example) in the works, but those may never see the light of day! So a kind of concise post like this seemed a bit more appropriate.

Plus, you know, it’s pretty hard to write a post entirely about a video.

What did you guys think of the video? I think I’ve found a pretty consistent editing style; I actually quite like it. Which is something I never thought I’d say about my editing skills. What was your favourite of my purchases? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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42 thoughts on “A ‘Lil Haul + Life Update!”

  1. Love love love that red satin bodysuit! And I love how positive your attitude is – something doesn’t work out and you keep going. You find alternatives and work around it. That’s something I extremely admire, not everyone has the ability to do that! xx

    1. Thank you! It was on sale and I was like…. that was meant for me🙌 and awww thank you so much, I do try to keep very positive and flexible – life will work itself out, we can’t see the end result yet xxx

  2. This video is great! I definitely think it’s true to your style and meshes well with the self brand you are creating.

    It’s okay to take time and not jump head first into school. Everyone has these unrealistic metrics of where you should be and who you should be by a certain age and unless you come from a pedigree family with Ivy League schooling, it just doesn’t work like that—everyone is just pretending. I started school immediately after graduation to pursue theatre, did it for one year, and went through a serious depression because I wasn’t happy. I love the arts don’t get me wrong, but it took me working in the real world to realize marketing is my thing. Don’t let these adults lie to you—you have all the time that you need to live whatever type of life you want for as long as you want it. Work hard, be consistent, and follow through. Do that enough times, the universe has no choice but to yield to you.

    Loving your blog refinement!


    1. Thank you so much girl! ❤️

      And that’s what I’m thinking: most of me wanted to go to uni because it’s the expected thing, not really through any passion for it. That’s a damn good piece of advice – and I agree! Work hard, be consistent and follow through; how can you fail? And thank you gorgeous girl!xx

  3. So proud of you!! Make that money and travel. I want you to travel and take me along, you deserve all the goods you get. And for that rejected course, goodluck girl for the next ones.
    Now, onto the video. Stay safe and keep grinding 😘

  4. congrats on the jobs! The video was great too. I really need to start buying spring/summer clothing. I feel like my whole wardrobe is just black jeans and sweaters lol

  5. I love the maxi dress so much, girlie and that silk pajama set is on fire!

    As to school, I think that going to university is a great experience, but it’s not the only experience. It will be there if and when you decide to go. There are many ways to be successful and university (could be) one of them. I wish that I had spent more time free in my younger years. There’s pros and con to both. It’s okay to take your time and figure out what you want. Most people rush into school and later realize they’d prefer to be learning or doing something else. I think that it’s important while you’re out of school to still live your day to day life in a way that’s going to bring you closer to your goals. I’d wish you luck, but all you really need it that beautiful dress, let’s be honest, lol.

    1. Thank you lovely 🙂

      And that’s my thoughts exactly; there’s so much hyperfocus on uni that it always felt like i HAD to go, but as I’m moving closer to it . . . I enjoy everything I’m doing now and, like you said, it will be there later! And thank you so much for the advice, I really appreciate it 🙂 Girl, I had it on my wishlist for literally 9 months and i love it even more now I own it!x

  6. I am so proud of you sweets! Way to go! And I feel you with being overwhelmed.
    And girl this post is not full of doom but full of fabulousness. In my opinion a clothing haul IS a life update! An update about looking fab-u-lous which you do!
    I hear you about the struggle between higher education and basically living yo best life. I struggle with that a lot! Good luck with both of your jobs! yay for anything that enables you to travel more! And just putting a bug in your ear….New York. NEW YORK! NEW YORK!!!!! 
Sorry that might have been a bit bigger then a bug but just saying, you would have an amazing tour guide (if I do say so myself ;p) ! <3

    1. Thank you so much! <3 You're the sweetest thing – and I definitely agree with you on clothing lines being life updates. You can totally see how my life is going by how I dress xD

      I mean, I did love New York and was thinking of trying to get over there for summer . . . 😉 We could definitely tear up the town! <3

  7. Hope they accept your photocopy so you can have that job!!! Sounds like you are in a really good place in life, it’s all in your hands & everything is your choice. ♡

  8. Hopefully they accept the photo copy because it sounds like it would be great for you! I’m currently looking for a second job at the moment and it’s been difficult to say the least. Plus, I’ve very excited to read the post about you experience with university applications and the lifestyle change because I’ve obviously experienced the flip side to what you are. And…that maxi dress looked so incredible on, it looked like it was made for you!! xx

    1. I think I managed to sort it so fingers crossed! 😀 And ughh girl same; this one fell into my lap (my mum works at the company) but before when i was looking for part time stuff there was literally N O T H I N G interesting or well paid. And thanks lovely! The post is a hot mess atm x_x And I love it, I must confess that as soon as the weather permits it I will be in this maxi dress ALL THE TIME xx

      1. 🤞🏽🤞🏽 it’s the same here at the moment, and my one day a week job isn’t cutting it. Cannot wait for some incredible photos with that dress! xx

  9. Congratulations on getting a new job and I hope you’ll be accepted for the second one as well.Having extra money is never a bad thing, especially for holidays because they can be pretty expensive. xx

  10. Start by booking yourself a holiday so you have something to look forward to! I completely agree with you on the uni front its a complete change of scenery and life, do what makes you happy <3

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