Casio Rose Gold – My Favourite Autumn Watch

Hello, wonderful, gorgeous, sexy, amazing human beings! Are we all feeling great? Feeling pumped? Excited for life?

No? You’re tired? Well . . . okay, yeah, me too – but go grab yourself a mug of hot chocolate and settle down to read a rather Autumnal tale.

(Now, this would’ve been a far better intro for my Pumpkin picking post that you guys are going to see in a few days time. This post has no tale. No story. No real moral substance. Lots of pretty pictures, though, so we’ve got what’s important!)

Long story short: I bought a watch. I bought a beautiful, shiny, gorgeous watch that you’re all going to love – and you’re going to lie to me if you don’t love it – that is perfect for Autumn and I decided to share it with you.

Rose gold. Rose bloody gold. The colour of the season for the past, what, 8 seasons? The colour that has slowly sunk into our souls and torn away our love of traditional colours.

I love it.

I think the warm, coppery tones are so Autumnal (gold is summer, rose gold is autumn and silver is winter.) – in decor, clothing and . . . accessories.

Here’s the thing, I love vintage. That kind of grungy style – into it. Anything even slightly 90s? Onto that. I’ve recently been buying a few vintage sweaters that we may or may not see in the coming posts.

 So when I stumbled across this beauty in my quest to write a gift guide for this year:

Casio Classic B640WC-5A Rose Gold Watch

CASIO – Rose Gold – Amazon US – $59.92

CASIO – Rose Gold – Amazon UK – £69

I. Was. Hooked.

It’s rose gold, it’s Casio, it’s bulky and it’s just so perfect and beautiful.

Now, as a responsible adult, I realised: “Mia, you don’t wear watches – why spend the money?”

And then, as an even more responsible adult, I realised: “Mia, you don’t wear watches because you don’t have any. If you want to wear watches – quite frankly, a very responsible adulty accessory – you need to buy one.”

So, duh, I bought the damn watch – and I regret nothing.

Honestly, it goes with pretty much everything and I’ve very quickly become so used to wearing it that it feels weird not to.

I really love the glitter effect the face has and, while chunky, the watch doesn’t overpower outfits or look clunky. So this is a definite 5/5 for me . . . and I think more watches will need to be purchased in the future.

I need to get my tattoo touched up and that dotwork cherry blossom (that looks distinctly non-cherry-blossom-like) covered.

In the spirit of blogging (God, the things I do for you guys) I’m going to – totally unwillingly – show you a few of the watches on my lust-list. Because apparently I’m a watch lover now. Yeah, that’s happened.

Olivia Burton Floral Watch – £82

Casio Black and Gold Watch – £65

Marble Effect Watch – £20

Okay, kiddiwinks, that’s this post done! I hope you enjoyed this epic tale of . . . watch purchasing . . .

Well, when you put it like that, it doesn’t sound all that epic, but I digress.

Did you like this watch? Are you guys watch people, or are you a firm “my phone tells the time, so what is the point”? Would you wear the watch I bought – or any of my wishlist ones? Let me know your thoughts down below! (Also, I feel like there’s been a lot of fashion on my blog recently and I just want to let you guys know . . .  there’s more coming up. Sorry, kids, I need a way to justify my spending habits.)


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48 thoughts on “Casio Rose Gold – My Favourite Autumn Watch”

  1. Ah, I am in love with rose gold still too. <3 The watch you purchased is so cute!!! I don't wear one but tbh, I've really been thinking about it since I'm not allowed to take my phone out at work, I want a watch so I can tell what time it is. The Olivia Burton one is to die for. <3

    1. It’s just such a flattering colour! And thank you – I’ve been wearing it practically non-stop! That’s a good idea; to be honest, if you didn’t want to invest in one, there are loads of really inexpensive watches as well 🙂 And YES – I had to argue with myself to NOT get that ;-; ❤

  2. I’m dead I haven’t ever seen a watch as nice. So tempted to get this for Christmas even though there’s like a 0.2% chance of me actually wearing it because my wrists are tiny and all watches just wanna find their way up my arm

  3. Rose gold?!?! I’ve always loved these watches but the gold just wasn’t doing it for me….rose gold though? I need. How gorgeous!! This might be one for the Christmas list ….xx

  4. There is something so old fashioned and elegant about wearing a watch today’s times which makes it so much cooler now! They make such great statement pieces, and yours is exquisite Mia!

      1. Ahahaha can I tell you a little secret. When I was a wee girl, an aunt discovered that I could not read time. She was aghast. She had to teach me for the next few days and test me out. Whenever I failed, she would out on her stern face and I would flee to the loo to sob my heart out. I was such a tool! I suppose my secret is safe with you. xx

  5. I love rose gold but I really never had the habit of going out with a watch on my wrist – this is really making me want to add it to my wishlist! 😂

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