Casual OOTD ft. The Best Jacket Ever.

Hello earthlings, fellow sufferer here reporting for duty.

By the way, before we get into this post, thank you so much for all of the positivity and engagement on my first post! I did not expect so many lovely comments at all; it was like Christmas morning.

So I think we can all relate to the feeling of buying something, having it arrive and being smugly satisfied with yourself. You know? That feeling of “okay, I knew my taste was great but, damn, who knew it was that great?”.

Today’s OOTD features one such recent purchase that may or may not be the best thing I’ve bought in 2017. (Worst thing strongly goes to face oil when I already have oily skin. That was a recipe for disaster and nobody but me can be blamed.)

Which purchase am I talking about? Well, let me paint you a word picture.

You’ve been walking for miles in the desert. It’s desolate; empty of life and nourishment. The sun is scorching, blisteringly hot, and you start to feel yourself faltering. Your vision grows blurred . . . staying upright becomes challenging.

Dehydration is setting in, urgency and desperation the only things keeping you going.

Then you see it.

A cool, glistening glass of water. Condensation on the glass – reminiscent of a halo’s glow. Your saviour; your salvation.

Your Evian™.

(No seriously, I want credit if they use that as an advert.) That glass of water is what this jacket is for me. A beacon of hope, a symbol of optimism in these dark and uncertain times.

Also, it has roses on it and I really, really like roses.

You want to see the jacket, don’t you? Well, fine – here you go.

Denim Printed Jacket – Missguided – £45

I know, I know. It’s so grunge. It’s a pentagram, it’s ripped, there are roses. God, what’s there not to love?

In all honesty, I think this is a great OOTD to start off on; this outfit sums me up pretty well. It’s lazy, but not quite lazy enough to be completely boring, and there are roses. What more is there to me?

So I was rocking Vans, these awesome acid-wash-jean-effect jogging bottoms that I also picked up from Missguided (on sale, for like £10) and a grey crop top. It was an after-work adventure with one of my best friends Tara and I was feeling lazy, so I went for the comfiest outfit possible.

Also, not that you can tell, but these photos were taken outside Buckingham Palace at like 11. You know – just wishing good old Lizzie a good night’s sleep.

I love London. We were headed back from Leicester Square (TGIF have a better cocktail selection than ShakeShack – which has great curly fries – so our original goal shifted. Naturally.) to Victoria and, through one slight deviation, we ended up outside Buckingham Palace.

Tell me it’s a boring city, I dare you.

My Vans are a relatively new purchase (I bought them as part of my outfit for Guns’N’Roses back in June) but they’re already a wardrobe staple of mine. You cannot beat their versatility – and they’re pretty cheap. Well, cheap for trainers, at least. I don’t even want to think about how much my Pumas cost me.

I’m considering a DIY with them (you guys may have seen the roses embroidered on vans) but I love them so much that if I were to ruin them my already black and dead heart may just finally disintegrate.

Image result for embroidered vans

This is the DIY inspo.

Although . . . what a great post that would make, am I right? Let me know if you guys want that – I’ll happily be the guinea pig. Anyways, what did you think of the outfit?


(Next post is Saturday at 10am!)

40 thoughts on “Casual OOTD ft. The Best Jacket Ever.”

            1. Thanks lovely – I kind of want to create a DIY denim jacket; this one has me inspired! And yes I think I will try the embroidered vans DIY – they’re too cute to resist 😀 thank you for the feedback lovely xx

              1. Awesome! Would love to see that too (: I’m hoping to make shorts out of an old pair of jeans I have, but I’ve never done it before

                    1. Sorry – my comments are going haywire at the moment and half are being dumped into spam so I keep missing them! Thank you for the comment lovely! It’s such a versatile jacket…I love it!xx

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