OOTD For £5?

Why hello there, you beautiful people.

 So by this point I’m assuming you’ve read the title and you already know what this post is going to be about. Well, no . . . your eyes don’t deceive you. I managed to pick up an outfit for £5!

Okay, so ish. I managed it ish. The skirt I already had, but the top is new and £5 – which, coming from Motel, is a big saving.


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At the moment, I’m in the process of photographing and writing a post about cheap festival outfit shopping (guys . . . you’re going to love it. I’ve found some real gems – and at some real savings), so I’ve really been in that frugal state of mind.

Alright, fine, you got me. There’s nothing frugal about my state of mind. I’ve been shopping like a mad woman and saying that because I’m finding it all cheaply it’s okay. I need to practice minimalism; my room is crying for help. I’m crying for help. My clothes obsession is seeking meaning and happiness in material items in an attempt to cover up my shallow and unfulfilling life.

S e n d   h e l p.

The editing for this photo could be titled: “When you know your life is going nowhere, so you fake edit in a brighter future”.

I absolutely love this Motel top; I don’t think you guys appreciate how long it took me to find.

Oh, wait – we’re meant to be talking about how I found it, aren’t we?

 Well, if there is one thing I am good for (and I really think one skill is about all I have to offer; sorry society, you’ll have to find another saviour) it’s shopping. And not just finding good things – finding good things for a great price.

Now, let me share with you one of my first stop shops for when I’m craving a little retail therapy without the price tag . . . Depop! Most of you will know about Depop already, but for those of you that don’t Depop is an app where you can buy and sell clothes second hand. It’s a massive marketplace full of loads of goodies from high street brands like River Island to sports brands like Adidas. For crazily reduced prices.

For some reason, (maybe divine intervention?) there’s always a massive selection of Motel available on Depop.

So I first spotted this top on Pinterest ages ago and, while I loved the print, I didn’t love the price. £19 for a little crop top? No thanks.

However Depop had my back with this . . . Someone was selling this beauty for £5! 

 I paired my crop top with a Missguided embroidered denim skirt (that I picked up on sale for £10 last year; it’s now available for full price at £25) for a really vibrant, 90s inspired look. Everything about me is 90s inspired. Rewatching the Fresh Prince was a total mistake; the colours red and orange are making multiple appearances in my wardrobe.

I may also have some flame socks in my wardrobe. I admit nothing.

Sorry about being absent over the past few days; I was in a festival in Spain (which was amazing), but I’m back now and ready to catch up on everyone’s blogs! What did you all think of the outfit? Have you used Depop before? Let me know in the comments below!


42 thoughts on “OOTD For £5?”

  1. That skirt is fabulous and looks great with that top! I love finding clothes that are gorgeous and a good deal (: I have a Depop too- under the same name as my blog, if you’d like to check it out sometime! Everything is $5 and I can do bundles depending on the items you want xoxo

      1. Thank you so much gorgeous girl – you’re lovely too! I know I’ve said it already, but I absolutely love your Instagram feed! And thank you; I’m trying too fake optimism xD xx

        1. Ohhh, don’t tell me that, I’m meant to be saving money 🙈😂 I can’t help myself when it comes to misguided, same as boohoo, I just spend spend spend 😂 xx

      1. First of all I love the outfit! Second, is Dpop available in the states?
        Thirdly, you could have a packing party to minimize your things and see what you really use. Or you could ebay your old stuff that you don’t use anymore? Yard sale?
        It’s easier to let things go when you know the next owner is going to love it. I’m a bit of a minimalist myself, so feel free to reach out if you want any advice on it. Heck, it’s make for great blog fodder. 🤔

        1. Thank you lovely! And yes it’s an international app – I think kittypop is american and she uses it 🙂
          And …. that is a great idea. Would you maybe want to do like a collab post about minimalism and clearing out old clothes? 🎉

          1. Ooohhh then I’ll need to check that out! But first the collab, hehe. That sounds like a great idea! 😁 anything in particular you’d like to know so I can address it in the post? :3 and hmmm. Maybe send me an email through my contact me form so we can coordinate a touch more? 😋

                  1. omg! your so beautiful and I love your writing. If I knew when I was younger that fashion recycles itself. I probably would still be able to fit in my denim skirt. Do you restyle old clothes?

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