OOTD ft. My *Beloved* Thrills Co Cords

Hello, party people and welcome back! I know now is a weird time to be talking about clothes, what with hardly anyone seeing us in them . . . but here I am anyway! I’m actually quite excited for this post; getting somewhat back my roots. Did you guys know my first post on this little site was an outfit one? I used to love posting OOTD posts on here.

Now, admittedly, this was mostly because it gave me an excuse to spend a ridiculous amount on clothes.

After all, isn’t it a fashion blogger’s job to be kitted out?

Alas, I can hardly use that as an excuse anymore. I think my last OOTD post was all of . . . erm . . . Well, it’s been a while.

I’m glad we’re back with this one, though! Why? Because this is an outfit of favourites. Cord? Love. Guns’N’Roses? Adore. Comfy fits that look straight out of the 70s? Guys, it’s fine, you’ve already sold me – you don’t need to keep selling!

I love the sheer causalness of this outfit. Loose fit jeans and a comfy band tee? What more could a girl ask for?

These bad boys are from the Aussie brand Thrills and they fit like an absolute dream. If you’re in Aus, you can pick them up from Universal. Their quality is absolutely fabulous and the company has a great sustainability angle.

The colour is called “sunshine” and when I first saw them I was immediately thrown back to warmer days, laughing in the beer gardens and listening to music.


If you want to talk about full circle, would you guys believe I bought this tee back in 2017? I actually think it was my second post on this blog – OOTD: Watching Guns’N’Roses in Lisbon. It’s so funny – I’ve got back to short, light hair for the first time since then and my style is . . . still pretty punky. I’d like to think my picture editing is *somewhat* better though – get a load of these!

I have to admit, that’s one of my favourite things about having a blog. It’s a collection of memories and adventures and . . . well, sometimes of weird outfit choices. I honestly can’t help it, guys, I like like kind of odd stuff.

As much as I would love to be causing confused second-looks with my bright trousers, Melbourne is most definitely dipping into “too freezing to be fair” territory. This outfit was a fab fit a few weeks ago, but not so much anymore. I’m the passing the torch onto my friends in the northern hemisphere now.

On a completely unrelated note, I started a new Twitter because I got locked out of my old one. Follow me here and drop your handles below, because my timeline is looking mighty empty.

And I think here is as good a place as any to end this post! I hope you enjoyed this little OOTD – what’s your opinion on the cords? Would any of you guys try them out? And also let me know what you think about the fancy widgets with product suggestions. I think they’re rather cute! Let me know your thoughts down below!


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40 thoughts on “OOTD ft. My *Beloved* Thrills Co Cords”

  1. I love corduroy trousers! They’re so tough to find in stores 😂 Yours are so cute and I like how you styled them with the top! I have a burnt brown pair that I’m so glad I grabbed when I found them. Great post! ✨💕

    1. I know – I think because we’re solidly in Autumn over here, they’re a bit more available than normal, but I definitely think there’s better selection online. Ooo they sound lovely! <3

  2. Oooh, I love that outfit! Cords are always so great but the last time I owned a pair of them was when I was 10 and had no idea about how great they were. Unfortunate. Literally the first thing on my ‘want-to-buy’ list, now.
    That orange looks so good, though! Bright colours are definitely always a plus!! xx

  3. Girl I feel the same way about clothes! It is just my poor mirror seeing them when I decide to get dressed! I LOVED this OOTD! And I LOVE that T-shirt! I loved it when you styled it the first time! Great outfit sweets! <3

  4. First of all: you look AMAZING! And those cords totally match your radiant personality. I find cords to be like jelly shoes. I used to love them as a kid, then they were deemed “unfashionable” and now they are back in style and I am all here for it! I think my dream cords would be some in a subtle dark green. I have yet to find some! For some reason this post made me really nostalgic, thinking back to your past outfit posts. We were BABIES! xx

    1. Thank you so much, Fiona! <3 Omg honestly. I love how old trends are coming full circle now! I've seen loads of dark green cords and they're so gorge - try Wrangler or Rollers. And I know, it's actually crazy but also really damn sweet!xx

  5. Ooh I love the trousers! I think I remember having a pair of dungarees as a kid in corduroy and I definitely have the jacket that was big a few years back. xx

    1. Oooh! I love all of these different tops! Now, work from home outfits are in. I like that you can still be super flexible with this option. I love your outfits! You can never go wrong with a classic tee. Thanks for sharing these OOTD’s!

      Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

    2. Such a lovely outfit! I love the trousers and the Guns’n’Roses top gives it a lovely edge 🤟😍 Hahaha can’t believe winter is starting in Australia, here in Canada it FINALLY spring!

    3. Those yellow pants are GORGEOUS!!! Also – super random, I know – but can I just say that your blog is absolutely STUNNING??! I mean, oh my goodness, Mia!! I was blown away by the graphics and the groovy moving letters and just the entire aesthetic as a whole!! I love it!

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