Everyone’s Decluttering – How To Get Started

Hello, beautiful people and welcome back to my website. Today, your girl is taking a backseat and having a guest post take the wheel! (Thank God… being back at work is really zapping any and all spare energy I had, so this could not have come at a more convenient time!) Usually, I kind of skip out on sponsored posts, but this guest post is something that’s actually quite helpful and relevant for you guys, so I hope you enjoy!

Many people are now simplifying and downsizing, realising that every new gizmo, gadget, or so-called ‘must-have’ just makes life more complicated.  

Decluttering your possessions is a first, and major, step when you’re trying to make life simpler. It sounds easy, but it’s not always that straightforward. These tips might help. 

Take it Easy 

Trying to declutter your whole life (or even your whole wardrobe) all at once is sure to make you feel overwhelmed by the task. Small steps are the way to go, focusing each step on just a single aspect or theme in your life. 

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Examples of single-focus areas could be: 

  • Your car that’s always full of old parking slips, sweet wrappers or dust and dirt from your shoes. Hoover the floor and seats. Polish the dash. Clear out the glove box and side compartments. Enjoying the ‘new car’ feel in your old motor will encourage you to create the same feeling of space somewhere else.
  • Tackle your clothes. Start with the things that don’t fit or are damaged beyond repair. Let them go. Put them in a self storage room if you just want them out of the way but still within reach. Enjoy the liberation of knowing everything in your wardrobe is wearable.
  • Target the books you don’t read, games you don’t play, or gadgets you don’t use. They are all taking up space and mental energy. Remove them from your life.

Little steps like this might sound too small to make much difference. But they’re important. When you find yourself drawn to (and enjoying) the place or area you’ve cleared, you realise how much you could amplify that good feeling if you cleared another small spot. It starts the momentum you need to carry on. 

Build New Habits 

Good habits are harder to form than bad ones, for some strange reason. Habits are so deeply ingrained that we often don’t even realise we have them. 

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When you try and make too many changes to habitual behaviour, your mind will rebel and you’ll slip back into old ways before new ones have had chance to become second nature. 

By focusing on just one small area in your life to declutter, and maintaining the new, streamlined style until it’s a habit, you give a new way of doing things chance to bed in. 

Bear in mind that if you live with other people, they have needs and habits too. When you change something in your own life, you also make changes in theirs whether you meant to or not. 

So small steps, taken regularly, help ease everyone into a more organised, smooth-flowing lifestyle. 

Try and maintain each newly cleared area, whether it’s one kitchen drawer, your shoe collection or your car, for about a month before adding a new area. 

Make Believe Life’s a Beach 

You can’t take everything you own on holiday, so if you’ve ever had a holiday you already know a bit about living a minimalist lifestyle. Even if you’re an over-packer, you can still only take what you can carry. 

When you’re packing, you naturally focus on what you need and what you can manage without.

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Nobody is saying you have to live your whole life out of a suitcase. The idea here is to tap into your inner minimalist. We all have one. 

So, do you really need a phone, an e-reader and a tablet? Maybe, or maybe not. Try cutting down on your gadgets for a while, choosing just one that lets you do it all. 

What about clothes? Do you need to keep a wardrobe full of winter boots and coats through the summer months? Wouldn’t it be grand to just reach in and grab what you want without having to root through out-of-season stuff? 

Kitchen gadgets? How often do you use the bread maker, the smoothie maker, the food processor or the halogen oven?  

There are lots of areas where we could reduce what we own down to just those things we use, like we do when going on holiday. 

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If it worries you to get rid of stuff, consider renting a self storage unit for a few months. You can stow away the things you don’t use, but they’ll still be there if you made a mistake and need something back. When you realise you’re not missing what’s in storage, you know you can safely unload them permanently. Some people like to keep things in self storage in the long term, as a sort of home extension, especially in small houses or flats. 

Over a few months, you’ll find life naturally becomes a bit less stressful when you don’t have so much clutter hanging around. A huge benefit of having less stuff at home means the things you do have hold more meaning. These are things that matter, that enrich life. 

You get a lot more pleasure out of possessions when the best ones aren’t buried under things you don’t really care about. 


Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post, it definitely inspired me to clear out my room this weekend! Back to normal posts soon, babies, I’m just learning to rebalance work and social life.

11 thoughts on “Everyone’s Decluttering – How To Get Started”

  1. The rental place is a good idea. I am lucky to have a large area in the garage where I can put stuff. So what I’ll do is bag up a bunch of old clothes or shoes, put a date on the bag and put it up in the garage. If 6 months go by and I never missed it – out it goes. You’re right, it’s a new mindset and new habits but it’s very possible to live with less stuff.

  2. I definitely find decluttering pretty hard. I did few makeup and clothing declutters and they were hard, but I’m getting better at it thank God. These advices are so helpful, I’ll definitely put them into practice. Lovely post. xx

  3. I loved this post! 💕 I never sort out my wardrobe and always find it so difficult to get rid of things. I feel I have a hard time to let things go in my life as well as these things we have in our homes. It would be good to donate clothes

  4. I need to declutter as well so thanks for the reminder and tips. I get so overwhelmed with everything I have to do on a daily basis on TOP of decluttering so taking it easy is priority numero uno lol

  5. decluttering has so many benefits, your environment feels cleaner and healthier and your heart is lighter. there is a book I​ love called ‘a monk’s guide to a cleaner house’ and this is one of my all-time favorite books. it shows how cleaning your house has benefits on your mental and physical health! great post btw mia ;))

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