COVID-19: Pen-Palling The Homies!

Hello, beautiful people and welcome back to the episode of Black Mirror we really wish would end already.  Hopefully you and your family are all good and well – today’s post is something a little more light-hearted and hopefully a bit of a mental break. (As well as something fun you can try!)

But first: your daily dose of COVID-19 nonsense. So, our sitch:

It’s weird. A lot of people in our inner circle have been quite seriously affected. Daryl’s housemate is literally stuck in Peru, potentially for months. Loads of my friends and work colleagues have had to return to their home countries. One of my best friends is Canadian and in a long distance relationship with an Aussie, so she’s obviously worried about the travel ban.

A big concern for everyone here is temporary visas; most of my circle are travellers, so going home is difficult because it’s likely to mean we can’t come back to live in Australia.

As odd as it sounds, I’m pretty profoundly grateful; had this clusterfuck happened three or four months ago, I literally would have had to go home. Fortunately, I still have a job and my school fees have been lowered, which is making it possible for me to stay here in Australia.

So, yes! That’s a quick summary of where I’m at (as well as stuck inside, gazing longingly at the pub opposite the apartment). This post is fortunately not about that though – it’s about something fun I decided to do in the meantime!

And that’s pen-palling!

In this weird and wacky time, the downside to being on the other side of the world . . . well, it’s being on the other side of the world. With the time difference, calling family and friends is difficult. I still go into work – and I’m currently full time – so early mornings and late nights aren’t a great time to chat.

Not to mention I just kind of hate messaging and calling. Working in a call centre for over a year really kills that buzz. I can’t wait for the days when I work in a solitary office and my only phone calls are from Daryl asking if I want wine. And even that’s probably too much – he should know by now that I always want wine.

That being said . . . I would hate for my mother to survive this pandemic only to have a heart attack because I’ve checked in regularly enough. This woman’s a panicker, it’s a possibility.

So, in the spirit of not being completely out of touch, I decided to do some pen-palling! And, partly because I have nothing better to do a-la COVID-19 and partly because I’m just like that, I decided to make my letters a ‘lil bit fancy too!

If you guys would like to see how my letters turned out and have a peek at the presents I included, make sure to watch the video. (I’m almost proud at how this one turned out! At the very least, it’s real cute.)

Honestly, this was a really fun way to spend an afternoon. With the limitations on our entire freaking lives at the moment, I’ve been trying to take time for more creative pursuits and get away from too much screen time. (Which is hard when you’re meant to be sitting inside and watching Netflix, but I digress.) If you’re trying to do something similar, highly recommend this activity!

Alright my loves, I won’t hold you hostage here too much longer! I hope you guys enjoyed this post and are making the most out of isolation. Did you guys enjoy the video? Would you do any pen-palling of your own? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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10 thoughts on “COVID-19: Pen-Palling The Homies!”

  1. Oof, that’s rough for your friends. but at least you’re hanging on! Very cute letters! I love the big washi tapes that you used.

  2. This situation is definitely not helping anyone. Everything seems so bad, but we can only hope it will get better. I know that it’s hard to stay positive, but we just have to. I’m glad that you are safe and doing well. xx

  3. Yeahhh I love penpalling and already do it for like two years with friends I met online 😍❤️ It’s so much fun to receive handwritten letters, washi tape, stickers, beautiful paper. Your letters are beautiful! Very creative 💕 Stay safe lovely

  4. You know I adore your videos so much and this was no exception! I think this is such a sweet, personal idea to keep in touch with some of your friends you don’t see as much anymore. Letter writing is just so much more personal than sending a quick text because you can see just how much more effort went into it. I might sit down this afternoon and write a few letters of my own… xx

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