10 (Practical, But Fun) Gift Ideas For MAJOR Foodies

Foodies… we are them, we love them, we try to wiggle our way into invites for dinner over at their abodes. (In our defense, you’re never going to find us mere mortals cooking three course meals on a Tuesday night – we need to outsource.)

Hi guys! If you follow me over on Instagram, you will already know that my boyfriend is a massive food lover. If I go to his house, I’m treated to breakfast platters, homemade pesto and DIY cocktails . . . So, as his birthday is coming up, I figured a good place to start would be with gifts related to food. It’s an investment, really. I’m helping him to cook for me.

And so, because I love you all and also enjoy rinsing all of my life for content, I’m taking you gift shopping with me! So, if you have any big foodies in your life, you’ve got a great place to start.

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1. Cook Book

The first gift is pretty standard for cooks everywhere . . . a cookbook! These are a great way to give your food lover the gift of inspiration and to encourage them to cook different meals for you. (Because that’s what this really comes down to: getting them to make food that you can eat.)

Thug Kitchen Official Cookbook – Amazon US – $14.46

2. Recipe Book

This is actually a gift I’m going to be expanding on later on down the track because I’m 110% getting Daryl one for his birthday, but it’s a great idea for your favourite chef to have a nice record of their best meals. (And it means that you can steal- I mean, borrow the recipe for your fave dishes.)

Recipe Book – Amazon US – $19.75

3. Pasta Maker

Niche? Maybe a little – but who doesn’t love pasta? I will tell you right now that any self-respecting human is stuck in a complicated, ongoing love affair with this beautiful carbohydrate – so why would a food lover be any different? One thing I’ve learnt from dating a food lover is that it seems like the more they can make themselves the better – and I know that Daryl has been desperately after a pasta maker so he can craft his own pasta for ages.

Marcato Atlas Machine 8334, Made in Italy, Stainless Steel, Includes Pasta Cutter, Hand Crank, and Instructions, Red, Red

Marcato Atlas Pasta Maker – Amazon US -$89.95

4. Herb Garden

There are three things pretty much every dish needs: salt, pepper and herbs. (A base would also be nice, so that you aren’t just seasoning a plate – but the seasoning is what really makes everything edible.) Again, all I’ve got from reluctantly loving a foodie (and spending copious amounts of time watching Gordon Ramsey’s various TV shows) is that fresher is always better – and it doesn’t get much fresher than your own herb garden!

“Grow Your Own Herbs” Mason Jar Kit – Amazon US – $29.99

5. Food Hampers

Okay, this one is kind of cheating because . . . well, you’re just giving them food. But at the same time, you’re here because they like food, so is that really such a bad idea?

Gourmet Gift Basket of Chocolates, Cookies and Snacks Food Gift Baskets. The Perfect Gift for Birthdays, Sympathy or Any Occasion

Gourmet Gift Basket of Chocolates, Cookies and Snacks – Amazon US – $49.95

6. Food Place Gift Cards

This one is, again, a little bit of a cheat – but foodies don’t just love to cook, they do also love to eat. Why not get them the gift of having some delicious food cooked for them with a gift card from their favourite restaurant?

7. Personalised Chopping Board

When I was making this list, I really tried to focus on the practical gifts that foodies would actually use. Most of the lists I found when researching ideas for D’s birthday were just stiffed with novelty gifts . . . Which are fun, I admit, but I’m trying to cut down on my waste so I’m trying to buy gifts that he’ll actually use, rather than laugh at once and throw away.

A personalised chopping board is a great middle ground: it’s a fun gift, but also something that’s going to get a ton of use.

image 0

Personalised Chopping Board – Etsy – $27

8. Fancy Knives

Same logic as before – every meal from toast to a Sunday roast requires a knife, so why not get a high quality set? We personally love a good cheese and wine sesh, so I quite like this cheese board and knives set.

Cheeseboard and knives set – Amazon US – $29.99

9. A Cute Apron

Before I met Daryl, I used to think aprons were kind of a gimmick. (I can feel that some of you winced just then – I’m sorry, okay I’m an uncultured swine.) However, my Lord – the boy is a messy cook. And for someone who spends so much on his clothes, I feel like getting him an apron would just be an investment on keeping them safe.

Dinner Is Coming Apron – Amazon US – $25

10. A Good Blender

Now, unfortunately for me, Daryl’s love of cooking is leaning towards the savoury. (Which in some ways works well because I can do the baking and pretend I’m actually contributing.) However, if you’re buying for a sweets lover, you could always try getting them a good whisk or blender.

Even for savoury lovers, a good NutriBullet is always a sound investment. They’re great for sauces and shakes!

Nutribullet Set – Amazon US – $49.99

Well, my ragtag group of humans, I reckon we can tie this post off here! Do you guys know any big foodies? Are you a big foodie yourself? Did you like these gift ideas? And if you’ve got any gift ideas for food lovers, drop me your suggestions please because I’m still shopping for Daryl and new ideas are always welcome! Let me know your thoughts down below!


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22 thoughts on “10 (Practical, But Fun) Gift Ideas For MAJOR Foodies”

    1. A good and practical recipe book is always a good option. I love the fact that they have such a pretty packing nowadays, it makes the book look so much more enjoyable. Great list of ideas girl. xx

    2. I am in love with that personalized chopping board. I think it would make a great present for my mum or even grandma and, like you said, it’s personal but still gets a ton of use. I don’t know if it’s just me, but the older I get, the more excited I get about kitchen utensils hahaha xx

    3. These are all such good present ideas! I personally have three vegan cookbooks because I always need inspiration of what to make in the evenings as otherwise I fall into a pattern of cooking the same things on a weekly basis. A personalised chop board is also a practical but cute idea. xx

    4. I love this post so much 😍 Food is da best yeahhh. I would love to buy a blender because I love to make smoothies. I also love the personalised chopping board!

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