9 Sustainable Gifts For Her That Will Save Money & The Planet!

Hello, gorgeous humans – how are we all doing today? Good? Feeling festive? Great! Personally, I’m feeling rather excited.

Now, we all know that I love a gift guide. Capitalism really feeds my soul. (And it’s a really good excuse for my hours of mindless internet shopping.) However, while I may love a good online shop, one thing I have really been trying to keep in mind throughout my year and especially the festive season is the fact our planet is literally dying.

*Cue Mariah Carey to get us all back into seasonal cheer*. Okay, so let’s try that again minus the dramatics: climate change is real and we should really be at least trying to cut down on single-use waste. Now, there are a couple of ways I’m going about this during the festive season. I’m trying to avoid things with plastic packaging, avoiding wrapping paper that isn’t recyclable, making DIY gifts out of repurposed items . . . and this post.

Gifts that are a little more sustainable.

Now, big disclaimer – I’m not a scientist or anything. I don’t know the exact carbon footprint of these products, the entire history of the brands or how much plastic was used in their creation. But I figure that a really small percentage of us actually do and some steps in the right direction are always better than just doing nothing.

1. Re-usable metal bottles

By this point, I think we’ve all heard the “use reusable water bottles so you don’t buy bottled water” dialogue. While anything reusable is good . . . I’d argue we should probably also try to avoid the reusable plastic bottles too. After all, they’re still plastic?

Metal bottles are my personal favourites – they’re higher quality and just last longer, plus they keep your water ice cold in summer and your tea hot in winter. It’s a real win! A good brand for metal bottles is S’Well; their bottles are made sustainably, they give to one of my fave charities and their bottles are ridiculously cute.

1. Swell x Liberty Fabric 17oz Bottle – $30 // 2. Thistle Water Bottle 17oz – $41 // 3. Pearl Bottle 17oz – $30 // 4. Rose Gold Water Bottle 17oz – $42 // 5. Marble Travel Bottle 9oz – $25 // 6. Ombre Water Bottle 17oz – $35

2. At-home laser removal devices

This idea is something that came to mind when I realised just how many razors I actually go through. Realistically, in a month I go through at least one or two packets – and that massively adds up over time. The concept of laser hair removal appeals for that reason (and also because I’m lazy and not having to worry about shaving would be a literal dream).

At-home laser hair removal devices have become popular in recent years – and, as most of them boast having over 100,000 flashes, they can always be passed forwards once you’ve used them for a few months. There are quite a few different brands and models available, I’ve picked one of the more affordable options with a high * rating on Amazon.

IPL Hair Removal System for Women Permanent Painless UPGRADE to 600,000 Flashes Facial Body Profesional Hair Remover Device Hair Treatment Wholebody Home Use (White)

IPL Hair Removal Kit – 600,000 Pulses – Amazon $91.99

On this note, you could also buy someone laser hair removal sessions as a gift.

3. Vintage Jumpers

If you guys have been following my blog for a while, you will already know how much I adore vintage jumpers. And why not? They’re cute, they’re fashionable and (especially when it comes to brands like Adidas or Nike) you can get a pretty modern look without buying it new.

My all-time fave place to shop for good vintage jumpers is an Ebay store called RascalGarms. There’s a great selection of affordable and trendy vintage jumpers from all your fave brands – and free worldwide shipping. Big yes.

Tommy Hilfiger Jumper – £25 // Purple Fred Perry Jumper – £26 // Grey Nike Jumper – £26 // Adidas Jumper – £24

4. Vintage T-Shirts

The same logic as above applies here – vintage is stylish and it’s keeping away from the fast fashion chain.

5. Washable Make-Up Wipes

These are such a great idea – not only are they super convenient (never running out of makeup wipes? The dream.), think of the number of reusable wipes and all the plastic packaging you’d save over the course of a year.

Bamboo Re-Usable Make-Up Pads and Cloth Set of 20 – Amazon – $14.59

6. Beeswax Wrapping Paper

Did anyone else know that wrapping paper isn’t recyclable? Yeah, this was rough news to me too – I freaking love pretty things and wrapping paper is no exception. A great alternative this festive season is beeswax paper. Not only is it recyclable and often sustainably made . . . it’s also biodegradable!

Beeswax Gift Wrap Set of 6 – $14.54

7. Supporting Small Businesses!

Shopping local and from small businesses is a great way to cut down on your carbon footprint! Plus, small businesses don’t mass-produce and it means a lot more to them than a massive corporation. (Is it down with the rich or save the planet? I vote both!)

8. Thrift/Recycle Store Finds

This is one I personally love doing for myself as well as for gifts – I have couple of thrift flip DIYs coming up for you guys over the festive season. (Think candles.)

9. Buy someone an ongoing charity donation

The charity fundraiser in me is rearing her head again! If you want to give someone a real gift for good, you could always invest in an on-going charity donation on their behalf. This could be something small like $5 a month, but it’s a gift that keeps on giving – and to more than just your gift recipient.

Okay, my beauties, that’s this post done! I hope you enjoyed this post and found some inspiring gift ideas for a more eco-friendly Christmas. I know it’s not the easiest thing to do at this time of year – but it definitely helps that some of these ideas are cheaper, right? Which of these ideas is your favourite? Let me know your thoughts down below!


9 thoughts on “9 Sustainable Gifts For Her That Will Save Money & The Planet!”

  1. The reusable metal bottle is by far my favorite one guess because I wanted one but could barely find it in a nearby store.But,there are very good ideas like the bamboo straws and toothbrush which I believe are very nice too.

  2. AAAAAAAAAAAH MIA THIS IS ME SCREAMING AT HOW AMAZING THIS POST IS! I love love LOVE these ideas. I really want to look into beeswax wrap because it’s washable as well! And yes to thrift shopping and small businesses. Gonna have to look into these for my friends and myself!! Our climate queen is slaying once more.

  3. I had no idea wrapping paper wasn’t recyclable ?! What ??! Imagine how much waste !! This was such a great post idea and I completely agree, little steps in the right direction are much better than doing nothing! xx

  4. I absolutely love metal bottles – especially chilly bottles. I am so bad for using so many makeup wipes and defo need to invest in re-usable ones. This is such an amazing post, as always!! xxxx

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