3-Step Curly Hair Routine For Perfect Curls (Quickly!)

Hello friends! (And apparently family because that isn’t a horrifying prospectMum, if you’re reading this, please stop reading my blog. This isn’t China, I don’t want to be monitored on the internet.) I hope you’re all well and not randomly having your blog referenced to you by your mother in casual Whatsapp conversation. (Last time I mention it, I promise.)

Today’s post is a quickie – but, much like my 3-step haircare routine, sometimes that’s the best way. So: curly hair. Some of my most popular posts have been my tips for growing long curly hair and my old haircare routine. I’ve always been somewhat of a lazy curly girl, but moving to Australia really sealed the deal.

For some reason, fellow black people just don’t exist down under. Kidding (well, kind of) – but there’s really not that many of us here, especially not compared to London where you can buy black haircare in the grocery store. Here, you can’t buy it anywhere. It’s insanely hard to find hair products for my hair type unless I want to pay to get it imported.

Which I don’t. In case you were wondering.

Enter stage right my hair products. It’s been a lot of trial and error to find products that work – but I am pleased to say I’ve found a 3-product routine that keeps my hair healthy . . . but also keeps it super defined and curly. And this is kind of essential because your girl went full social isolation and cut herself bangs. 

I literally don’t know why I do this to myself. Moving on.

My favourite thing about this routine? The whole thing takes place in the shower and takes less than ten minutes! High maintenance hair? We don’t know her.

My first weapon of choice has to be a good brush and some conditioner.  I like to comb the conditioner through my hair so that it gets full coverage and starts to fall into locks/curls.

Honestly, my hair’s not too fussy when it comes to conditioner – Tresemme is a favourite of mine because it’s cheap, thick and the bottles are massive. Not to mention, you can find it in literally any grocery store in the world.

That said, I’ve tried branching out with this Maui conditioner and I’m a big fan. It smells absolutely beautiful and has that thick, full coverage texture I covet in any conditioner.

Eventually I want to move to conditioner bars because it’s less plastic, but I’ve not found a conditioner bar that *actually* works yet. If you have any suggestions, please shoot them my way!

Once that’s all rinsed out, I just go about my showering and, right before I get out, I use this Garnier Curl Activating Foam Mousse. The thing I love about this? Again, it’s a grocery store favourite that ypu’ll be able to find anywhere. With this, I flip my head upside down, apply from mid-length to ends and scrunch.

This works as a great curl activator – but it can be a little crunchy, which is why I like to apply it wet so it doesn’t fully saturate my hair.

My last step is a few droplets of the John Frieda Frizz Ease Dream Curl Cream. This is my favourite styling and it genuinely leaves my hair feeling and looking healthy, bouncy and defined.

This cream isn’t particularly curl activating, but it makes my hair so soft. As I mentioned, foam curl activators can leave a bit of crunch – and this cream smoothes that right out. It also makes my hair nice and shiny and it gives it that light, non-greasy feel I love.

The results?

Well, I really like how this minimal routine leaves my hair looking. Obviously, what with being in social isolation and only really going out for work and walking the dog, I’m not needing anything too fancy. . . and once things start to open up again, it would be pretty easy to use chopstick curlers to perfect any strays.

Alright, lovers, that’s this post all wrapped up! Do you guys have curly hair? Have you ever tested any of these products? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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15 thoughts on “3-Step Curly Hair Routine For Perfect Curls (Quickly!)”

  1. I love this!! I have what the curl scale would refer to as wavy hair, around 2c. It took me YEARS to figure out that I was actually damaging my natural curl pattern by using silicone and sulfate heavy products and brushes made for straight hair. I’m actually on the CG routine now and after merely 1 month there was so much change! I’m now 4 months in and my hair is so much more healthy and my curls are coming out much more defined! I never used to be a person who looked at the ingredients on a shampoo bottle but now I won’t buy anything without having read & approved of it first. I’ve been hearing a lot of great things about Maui Moisture recently. Great post Mia xx

    1. Thank you Fiona! <3 Oooo that's good to hear! Would love to see before and after pics ;) I bought the shampoo & conditioner on a whim from Maui and it is SO good, Fiona. I really highly recommend - it smells gorgeous too xx

    1. Thank you Jirah! I have received it but my dog ate my laptop charger so my computers been dead for the past few days 🙁 I’m getting a new charger tonight though so I’ll respond with some reference images xx

    2. Your hair is STUNNING! I am obsessed! I have been letting my hair dry naturally, and I realized it has gotten a LOT more curly then it use to be (before it was more Hermione Granger pouffy then curly) and I need to look into more curl products! That maui conditioner looks amazing! <3

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