Christmas Shopping (On A Budget!) With Me – TK Maxx

Hello, internet friends. I’m here to help you save – and spend! – money. And, as always with these posts, allow me to include the following disclaimer:

I am affiliate for many of the stores I link to, which means I get a percentage of the sale (an advertising fee) if you buy through my link. It doesn’t change the price for you at all; it comes out of the company’s pocket. See – we can take down those corporate bastards! And pay for my meals. And shoes. Also, almighty Amazon and all the other sites that pay me, I’m joking; I love you really. #TeamCapitalism

I should really make an image version of that to save everyone’s time.

Okay, moving on. So, in case you’re some kind of paranoid, technology-fearing hermit that resides in a wifi-less cave, “off the grid”, devoid of all connection and outside contact . . . we’re solidly in run-up-to-Christmas mode. If you’re a normal person (ie: not me), now is around the time you’re going to be thinking about Christmas presents. If you’re like me and you’ve bought and wrapped all your gifts already . . . well. I bet you’re fun at parties.

Globe – £24.99 // Pink Crosley Record Player – £49.99 // Velvet Bed Spread – £29.99 // Black Glass Box – £9.99 // Velvet Floor Pillow – £39.99 // Silver Tray – £9.99 // Velvet Floral Pillow – £14.99 // Skull Lamp – £19.99

The thing that my first year of being an adult has taught me, other than that adult life sucks and I’d like a refund, is that life is expensive. See, that refund really would come in handy.

Christmas is no exception to the rule – Christmas is probably the cause of the rule. You have to buy people presents that they aren’t even going to use and could buy for themselves at any other time of year; wrap said presents up carefully and neatly just to watch your creations get callously ripped to shreds in front of your very eyes (because apparently giving gifts in a plastic bag is unacceptable; no, you not only want to waste my money, you also want to waste my time); and then, worse, you have to pretend to smile unresentfully at their faces while they wince at the fifth bath & body gift set they’ve recieved this year.

Well, those sets were fucking everywhere in the shops and they seemed like a somewhat useful idea – everyone’s gotta keep clean! – so don’t bloody look at me like that.

I am solidly rambling here; back to the point. Long story short, I’ve done all my Christmas shopping and managed to get a lot for money, so today I’m sharing one of my favourite shops for Christmas shopping on a budget and sharing with you some fabulous deals. You’re welcome. Let’s go!

Oh, Holy mother of tack and all things unnecessary, how I love TK Maxx. It’s like the saying “one man’s trash is another’s treasure” personified. So many things I don’t need . . . so many things I desperately want. While TK Maxx is a great place to fulfil your clutter needs, it is genuinely a treasure trove of great deals, if you’re willing to look. Let’s face it, though, who is willing to look?

That’s where online shopping comes in handy! Here are some of my TK Maxx top picks – and what I bought some of my people:


Sure, sweets aren’t fancy – but they’re pretty much always well-recieved. Plus, TK Maxx have all these fancy chocolates that look way more expensive than they actually are, which are great for those family members you aren’t quite sure what to buy for.

White & Milk Chocolate Strawberry Chocolate Slab – £5.99 //Bag Of White Chocolate Bark – £4.99 // Chocolate Mendiants – £7.99 // Chocolate Jazzies – £4.99 // Chocolate Slab – £9.99

I bought my dad a massive jar of sweets (same sweets and company as below, but a bigger jar):

Liquorice Jar – £4.99


Next up is the thing I mainly love TK Maxx for (aside from room items) – the stationery. As all seasoned stationery addicts know, there’s usually a trade between cute and inexpensive. You can’t have both; the universe will just break. Well, that was before TK Maxx. TK Maxx have an abundance of cute and cheap stationery, so if you want to buy someone a cute notebook or a planner  . . . you know where to go.

Stationery always makes a cute little gift, so here are a few inexpensive (and yet so beautiful) finds. Plus, they’re all under £10!

1 – Follow Your Dreams Notebook – £6.99 // 2 – Floral Planner – £7.99 // 3 – Never Stop Exploring Notebook – £5.99 // 4 – Thoughts Notebook – £6.99 // 5 – Saturday Notebook – £5.99 // 6 – Master Plan – £5.99 // 7 – Goal Digger – £5.99 // 8 – Adventure Books – £5.99 // 9 – Genius Notebook – £5.99 // 10 – 2018 Planner – £7.99 // 11 – 2018 Planner – £7.99 // 12 – Adventure Awaits – £6.99

As part of a hamper, I bought my (student) best friend a planner from TK Maxx to help her with her studies and annotated it with motivational tips and messages.

 There’s going to be a post about what I put in that hamper, as a ‘lil bit of inspiration for any of you buying gifts for students – so if you’re interested in that kind of thing, keep your eyes peeled!

Beauty Gifts

If you have not utilised TK Maxx for the savings you can find on beauty products, I am thoroughly ashamed of you. Go sit in the corner and think about what you have – or, in this case, haven’t – done. TK Maxx boasts luxury and designer brands as well as high street ones and you can save massively on makeup.

Plus, as it’s Christmas, they have a whole host of beauty gift sets in that you can save on!

Liquid Lipstick Set – £5.99 // Mermaid Brush Set – £14.99 // Curling Tongs Set – £16.99 // Topshop Lip Kit – £9.99 // 4 In 1 Cleasing Brush – £9.99 // Eyelash Serum- £14.99 // Hair Mask Set – £5.99 // Charcoal Face Mask Set – £5.99

I actually bought the dreaded “bath and body gift set” for one of my aunties. Cute packaging though!

Stocking Fillers

Lastly, because this post is getting long and I need to get up and explore Toronto, TK Maxx has an absolute abundance of stocking fillers great for a little gift, secret santa or  . . . well, as a stocking filler. You guys are lucky; you’ve got me to comb through the crap and find you the gems.

Pink Crosley Record Player – £49.99 // Neon Earphones – £4.99 // Cola Lipsmacker Set – £5.99 // Wood Speaker – £16.99 // Festive Sock Gift Set – £5.99 // Sparkling Rose Candle – £5.99 // Hot Dog Portable Charger – £12.99 // Gold Earphones – £14.99 // Emotional Baggage Pencil Case – £5.99 // Dreams LED Wall Light – £8

And with that, my dear readers, I conclude this post. Hopefully this was helpful for those of you still Christmas shopping; TK Maxx does have some brilliant prices – and some brilliant finds! Have you guys started or finished your Christmas shopping? Also, I have a post idea – I was thinking of doing a “Wrap With Me” video chat/post where I sit down and show you guys what I’ve bought my family and friends etc. Would you be interested in that? Let me know your thoughts below!


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36 thoughts on “Christmas Shopping (On A Budget!) With Me – TK Maxx”

  1. Personally I wouldn’t hang out with a woman who couldn’t severely spend money. It is a skill to be admired. Maybe I’m a Leo…. as Deep Purple sang

      1. An attractive skill. Oh the beautiful friendships that began with taking a lovely young lady shopping… when her bloke was too busy bragging about how much he earned and wasn’t listening to her.
        I even had one send me pictures of his motorcycle for a while. It was really scary.
        I kept the porch light on for him but he never turned up. His wife did though, until it was over. She was a good shopper though. Gave me some great gifts and took me to some nice restaurants I just couldn’t have enjoyed so much on my own. I am still shivering when I think of her husband’s scary double barrel nickname

  2. That was stationary heaven – one of the first TK-Maxx has opened up in Melbourne and I’ve already spent much more than I should responsibly spend in that one store alone! xx

  3. TKMaxx is the ultimate saviour tbh! Equally good quality products for less?? HELL YES I’M TEHRE!!! (Also girl i’m one of those people who’s left everything to the last minute this year send help 911) xox

    1. YES YES YES! So much random goodness in one shop; there’s always something to get someone in TK Maxx – and something that doesn’t leave your wallet crying out for help ;-; (It’s okay…there’s still time! And the internet! Internet shopping is BAE for last minute xxx

  4. Call me cheap (I am) but I have a tried and tested present formula for immediate family: shower gel (or bubble bath). And not the fancy sort that you keep for best, bog standard normal stuff that you actually need and use. They always appreciate it (yay a gift that is actually useful!) and I get to spend ages choosing the perfect scent or colour or anything to suit the person

  5. We have a TJ Maxx, which I guess is basically the same thing lol. These are all great ideas! I’m trying to get some of my shopping done on a budget, and I swear it gets harder every year lol

    1. I think it’s owned by the same business 🙂 And ohmygod tell me about it!! When I first started getting gifts, £20 pocket money was enough to get the key people things…. now that’s enough for one person ;-; x

      1. I think it is, too! And right? It’s ridiculous! I was at bath and body works and it’s $50 for a decent gift set, I swear it used to be a lot less than that. At least $20-$30. It’s crazy

  6. This list is amazing and came right in time as I am stuck on what to get my friends this Christmas ,I am so happy I stumbled on your blog you have amazing posts ,already following for more …if you have time maybe you could stop over at my blog as well😄

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