Best Friend Gifts Your BFF Will Love For Any Occasion


As it’s coming up to Christmas, I decided to create a gift guide for arguably one of the most important people in your life; your BFF. Your best friend. The one most likely to be arrested with you.

Okay, so our gift ideas are going to be split up into a few categories (side note, these are all linked so you can just jump between them if you’re looking for something specific):

  1. Cheap Best Friend Gifts
  2. 10 Amazing, Thoughtful Best Friend Gift Ideas
  3. Joint/Matching Best Friend Gift Ideas (you know, the cute T-Shirts and things)
  4. 10 DIY Best Friend Gift Ideas

**Quick note: I’m an Amazon affiliate, which means that if you click a link I’ve provided to Amazon and buy something I get a little comission of the purchase. You don’t get charged extra money (the price is the same without my link) – but it’s like a little tip for me.**

Cheap Best Friend Gifts

I know my audience is pretty divided between America and UK, so half of this is going to be for the US and half will be UK (the guide spells out BFFs; BF will be US and FS will be UK. Let’s slay these gift ideas!). These presents I’ve selected are definitely more on the affordable side of things – so regardless of your budget, there will be something you can use!

Mermaid Makeup Brushes – $13 // Rose Gold Headphones – $39 // Pink Clay Face Mask – $26 // Pink Sunnies – $13 // Passport Cover – $6.99 // Rose Gold Flamingo – $39 // Kylie Lipset – $23.99 // Geometric Fairy Lights – $17 // Sequin Pillowcase – $15 // Grey and Gold Watch – $39.99 // Rose Gold Speaker – $21

Mint Alarm Clock – $10 // Pink Cat Phone Case – $7 // Cat In The Mug – $14 // Thug Life Rug – $12 // Dinosaur Taco Holder – $13 // Goth Starbucks Patch – $6 // Cacti Print Backpack – $25.98 // Hakuna Matata Print – $5 // Kawaii Cup – $14

Fabulous Mug – £5 // Absolut Cherry Vodka – £16 // Unicorn Slippers – £14 // Notebook – £7.50 // Sassy Mug – £5.99 // Sweeties Candle Set – £8.16 // Panda Slippers – £7.49 // Cacti Pencil Case Set Of 3 – £1.85 // Blue Backpack – £7.99

Copper Lamp – £17.99 // Tea Light Tray – £11.40 // Styling Hairbrush – £12.95 // Copper Photo Frame – £13.99 // 6pc Matte Lipgloss Set – £3.50 // Sequin Pillowcase – £3 // Copper Nail Polish – £3.99 // Gold Clock – £15.77 // Sephia Earphones – £10.50 // 7 Pc Makeup Brush Set – £2.79

Now that we’ve got our on-a-budget gifts out of the way, let’s move on to our fun gifts. (Some of the gifts below are cheap too, don’t worry; I just didn’t want to limit the spending on them.)

10 Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend

  1. A holiday away.

    I acknowledge that this is pretty expensive usually – but if you look on Wowcher, you can scoop a week away (flights and hotel included!) for under £100 per person, as long as you’re flexible about dates. Tara and I are going to the Swiss Alps for 3 nights to stay in a 4.8* eco-pod hotel for £449 per person, flights included… 2 nights over the same dates in a pod that’s a downgrade from the one we’re in costs £850. For an entire night less – and that’s not including flights. Leila and I managed to score Disneyland Paris transport, park tickets and hotel for £179!

    Even better, both sites are worldwide – so you can grab deals local to you too! Just think, if you know some of your best friend’s dream places, or bucket list holidays, you can buy them a really thoughtful gift. Here are a few deals I think are brilliant:
    All Inclusive Mallorca Holiday – From £99 pp (linked)

    4 Night Rome & Venice Holiday – £129 pp (linked)

    New York For Christmas Holiday – £399 pp (linked)

  2. A spa weekend or treatment

    Same logic as above; in fact, you can use the same sites to grab a cheap deal. Taking your bestie for a spa treatment to soak away the stress from everyday life . . . ah, it’s a dream.

    Spa Day In London – £34pp (linked)

  3. Matching tattoos

    I actually got a matching tattoo with my mum and plan to get one with my dad – who are best friends of a different kind. They’re beautiful, meaningful gifts (I bought my mum her’s for her birthday) and you can treasure them for years!

    Want an example?



    The cuteness!

  4. Concert/Event Tickets (Sports, Theater, Etc.)

    The great thing about friends? The memories you share with them – so wonderful gift to give is a memory. Whether it’s a favourite artist, a favourite sport or a favourite theatre show (hello, Book Of Mormon), event tickets are always a great gift.

  5. Technology

    You know your best friend is crazy attached to her tech . . . so why not make it a bit easier on her?

    Rose Gold Selfie Stick – $19.99

    Rose Gold Lens For Phones – $22.99

    Little Monster Powerbank – $29.99

    Super-Soft Keyring Powerbank – £9.99

  6. Enamel Pins & Patches

    It sounds weird, I know, but enamel pins are a great way to show you know your best friend. For example, one of my friends (hey, Tara) is a sarcastic little shit (it does make you wonder about why we get along so well . . . ) so some sassy pins would be great. This can make a real thoughtful present. The same goes for patches.

    Yikes Enamel Pin – Etsy – £7.36

  7. A planner & some organisational tools

    Look, you want the best for your friends, right? You want your BFF to do well and succeed in life. Sometimes, though, they can just use a little help. Our best friends are the ones that we turn to for help and advice in our times of need, so this gift is a productive and helpful one – tools to help them be productive and helpful.

    My favourite planner at the moment has to be this Law Of Attraction planner.

    Deluxe Law of Attraction Life Planner – Academic planner to Increase Productivity & Happiness – Weekly Planner, Organizer & Gratitude Journal (Undated, Rose Gold)

    Amazon US
    Amazon UK

    My mum actually has this planner and, if you actually use it, it is life-changingly good. Before you even begin planning, there are pages dedicated to introspective activities and goal-setting and evaluating. It’s also incredibly pretty.

  8. Money

    We all love money. I know that sometimes giving money can seem like a cop-out, but I’d argue that money is actually one of the best gifts that you can give. It’s useful and versatile and it allows the recipient to buy whatever they need – it really is a gift that keeps on giving.

  9. Books

    Okay, again, this one may sound weird – but hear me out. This can be a helpful gift (you know your friend is studying? Get them a really informative book or study guide), fun (you know they love Adventure Time? Get them one of the concept art books), or tied in to the first point (self-help books, anyone?).

  10. Charm bracelet.

    Charm bracelets are a really thoughtful gift for BFFs because you have to select the individual charms and place meanings behind them. You can pick charms for memories (for example, Josh would be utterly horrified if I bought him a charm bracelet because it would have a snail charm on it) and things that are special to your friendship.

    While you can always do the big Pandora bracelets (e x p e n s i v e) there are way cheaper brands too.
    Empty Charm Bracelet – Amazon UK – £9.99
    Complete Heart Bracelet – Amazon UK – £8.97

    Long Way Gold Plated Snake Chain Glass Beads "I Love You" Charm Beaded Bracelets for Women
    I Love You Charm Bracelet – Amazon US – $10.99

  11.  Bonus Gift – Polaroid Camera!

    Okay, so I planned to only do 10 gifts . . . but if we’re talking about memories, then we definitely need to talk about what one of my favourite gifts ever has to be: my Instant photo camera. These are cute AF and they’re a perfect gift for your best friend – because they’re the the perfect way to preserve the memories that you make together.
    Instax Mini 9 – Amazon US – $59.95

    Instax Mini 9 – Amazon UK – £61

Joint/Matching BFF Gifts

The instagram photos.

Matching best friend gifts are the cutest of the cute – a tangible statement laying claim to your bestie and saying “hey, you see her? She’s my one.”. So I couldn’t leave out joint best friend gifts . . . especially when it means you get a little something too!

Matching Best Friend Necklaces

Matching Compass Necklaces – $26

Lux Accessories Best Friends BFF Forever Soul Sisters Valentine Heart Necklaces. (2 PC)

Soul Sisters Matching Necklace – $8.95

Lux Accessories Goldtone Enamel Pizza Emoji BFF Best Friend Forever Necklace 2Pc

Best Friend Pizza Necklace – $6.45

I’m sorry, but can we just take a moment to appreciate . . . the pizza necklaces? These are beautiful. And, let’s not lie, which besties don’t bond over delicious food? Are you even real friends?

Lux Accessories Partners In Crime Handcuff Hand Cuff Gun ...

Partners In Crime Necklace Set – £7.95

2 Part Zombie Apocalypse Partners Necklace Charmtastic

Zombie Apocalypse Partners – £5.99


DIY Best Friend Gifts

And now . . . for one of my favourite sections – let’s get to the DIYs! If you’re anything like me, a personalised gift is a lot of fun – and a great way to save money.

  1. Memory Boxes (post linked)

    I love this DIY because it really is special to your friendship; you can write a really personal note to your friend, or stick a photo in it, or even make them a drawing. There’s a lot of room for creative freedom!

  2. Savings Jars (post linked)

    travel savings jars... cute idea to start beginning of the year and then can put souvenirs in it afterwards

    I think is an absolutely great gift for your best friend because . . . well, we all could do with saving a bit more money! This is great if you’re going on a trip together, or planning to have a really fun summer.

  3. “Open when” Letters

    Open when
    These are a gift idea I absolutely love because they’re so meaningful.

  4. Notes Jar

    365 day jar - will be done when I have time and really properly value someone as my friend

  5. Memory Jar (linked)

    How to Create a Memory Jar! This is an amazing way to capture the best moments throughout the year!

  6. Chill Pills (linked)Chill Pill PROFESSIONALS Apothecary Jar 24 oz by scripturegifts

  7. In case of Miracle break glass
    Gag Gift Idea lol

  8. The drinks bouquet!

    These last two gifts are so my best friend Leila.

  9. Happy pills!


  10. This cute message! (Post linked)

    This perfect print for long-distance BFFs.

And with that we conclude this blog’s first ever gift guide! I know – gasp! I hope you enjoyed this and found some cute ideas. I’d really appreciate it if you could Pin this post too *wink wink*. What are you getting your best friend this Christmas? It’s one of mine’s birthday next week, so I really need to get shopping!

Which gift was your favourite? Are you a DIY-er? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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60 thoughts on “Best Friend Gifts Your BFF Will Love For Any Occasion”

  1. OMGGGG…this is a fantastic post… i loveeeeeeee❤❤❤❤ the diys ideas…my #BIGYBBFFFE isn’t all that sentimental …but we have secret pal coming up at my office and I am definitely using those.

    We exchanged charm bracelets and buy each other’s charms for special events, or just because..☺☺☺

    These are all great ideas…!

  2. Mine died when we were 22. Still the funniest bloke I knew. The only one who stuck with me after my brother was killed. Still my favourite drummer I ever played with. Aside from his mother I am probably the only one who still remembers him daily. Despite being his best mate from 12 years of age it seems his mother and I were the only ones who didn’t use him for drugs and we were the only ones who didn’t carry on pathetically about him having sex with other men. I don’t like calling people names according to their sexuality. He was more a man than most. He was reliable and had backbone. He didn’t let friends down. I told him to keep that shit on his side and he would say if I passed out drunk I could be in trouble.
    Sense of humour is everything when we came through hell. All are equal when we were dirt.
    My cat is the only person who has come close since.

        1. Sorry to rant on a normal post etc… we all have our own paths. Yours and Mia’s kindness is actually an extreme rarity and over the years I have appreciated beyond expression the decency of good folk.
          Preemptive txt tried to make me say I have appreciated Beyonce. I have never even heard Beyonce sing anything.

            1. Never heard her… or Jay Z. Did see a Will Smith film the other. His new one, Bright, is out soon. I think it might be based on old gaming IP, Shadowrun.
              Hip hop for me is still Ice T and Dre before he ever met M&M

          1. I LOL- ed @ “…sad, desolate wasteland of productivity and better-spent time. And who wants that? ” It is so true though! And great post with good ideas! 😊

          2. All of these are amazing ideas girly, I’m so glad you’ve posted them now instead of in December because I always find myself rushing around last minute for gifts!! This was so well thought out and I’m definitely bookmarking this so I can come back to it when I do my shopping!! xxx

            1. Thank you lovely! And that was my exact thought process; I start my planning and shopping in advance (bc budgeting ;-; ) so I thought some other people might find it helpful too 🙂 xxx

          3. Literally thought about how much my bestie Lydia would love all these gifts whilst reading this post!! Her birthday is coming up soon along with Christmas so this post is really helpful!! I really love the diy present idea of the letters 😊 xx

            1. THOSE ARE SO STINKIN’ AMAZING. I’m not entirely sure that my brother would be cool with these though (he’s my closest and best friend)…except maybe the happy pills. But I’m totally gonna use some of these ideas for this Christmas for my family.

              1. THANK YOU LOVELY! and yeah… i can see how maybe these aren’t GREAT for a guy xD i did the open when letters for my best friend josh and he loved them BUT he has leukemia and is in-and-out of hospital a lot so he’s a lot more emotionally receptive to things than most guys i know 🙂 x

              1. Thank you so much lovely! I want to try making memory boxes… And IKR! Isn’t it adorable! I know you’re not in Europe, but take a look on Wowcher; they’ve got some AMAZING deals for holidays and whatnot 🙂 x

            2. These are all such amazing ideas Mia!! My best friend and I usually get each other one stupid gift that’s related to our extensive inside jokes and then a ‘normal’ one which is something that I always struggle with because I want to make it useful but not too generic, and all of this is just perfect – I especially love the idea of a memory jar to make sure that the best moments are never forgotten 🙂 And I laughed out loud at the ‘in case of miracle break glass one!! Hope you’re doing well lovely <3

              1. MARIA! Hi lovely! I’ve missed you 🙂 I figured you were revising and doing uni things – I hope that’s all going great lovely. And thank you – that sounds super cute. You could try the charm bracelet idea; that way you can get each other charms that relate to a memory/joke. And me too – I’m totally making that for some of my friends! 😉 I’m fine thank you – just bought my first lot of Christmas wrapping paper so who can complain 😉 <3

            3. Wow! All of these are such great ideas!! The way you placed those things around the letters BFF, is amazing. This post is quite a help about gifting solutions! Thanks!🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂👍👍💕💕

            4. This is such a cute post Mia! I haven’t seen my best friend in months and I miss her so much! So probably going to end up getting her something from this list when I’ll finally see her! Loved this 💙💙

            5. These are the best gift ideas I’ve ever seen – they are whimsical, elegant, touching, beautiful and more. You are truly a gifted blogger and a delightful gift to anyone who reads your blog. Thanks so much for the fabulous ideas!

            6. Wow, superb ideas! My best friend’s birthday is near in next month and I am really looking for thoughtful and rare gifts for her. I have planned to gift her a collection of the rarest items that she must not have ever received before. I have already collected a pair of small lamps and a glass jar full of best birthday and friendship quotes and now will add charm bracelet and little monster powerbank to the collection. I think my quotes will best express my best wishes for her along with my care and love through the rest of the collection. Thanks for sharing these ideas. I am very excited!!

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