Lil’ Homeware Haul (Killstar & Anthropologie)

Hello, my internet family. Welcome back to another edition of Mia buying shit she doesn’t actually need pre-spending ban! If you’re wondering why I am currently on a spending ban, it’s exciting times for us at the moment, catch up with why on my latest video down below:

Before we enter this post, my friends, I just want – right here, right now – to give you a warning. This post may be inappropriate for some viewers. It may trigger your shopping addiction; there is a distinct possibility that your debit card could be at serious risk. This is heavy hitting stuff, be prepared.

Shop number 1? In advance, I’m sorry, okay? Because this shop is beautiful but it also bank breaking. It’s name?


If you’re a fellow lover of anything bohemian, your heart just shrivelled up in your chest. Anthropologie, much like Free People (which makes sense because both are owned by the same company, who also own Urban Outfitters) is where dreams go to die. So beautiful . . . so expensive.

I, however, managed to find the impossible. I managed to find some not only affordable, but actually somewhat inexpensive products.

Gold Speckled Mug

Anthropologie Gold and Blue Mug – £14

First up is this, quite frankly, beautiful mug. If you’re squinting at this and thinking “well, now, why does that look familiar?”, it’s because this is the mug I featured in my Spilling The Tea On Blogging: 10 Rules For Writing Better Blog Posts post. If you haven’t read that, I highly recommend it. There’s some actual useful content in it, instead of this pile of trash.

Honestly, I feel like I’m almost a caricature of a British person with the amount of tea I consume – a mug is a solid investment!

Farina Nut Bowl

This next purchase is probably my favourite of the Anthropologie haul (and that’s a lofty title because I picked up some real treasures).

It’s a super beautiful bowl (that my photos did absolutely no justice) and I was really pleasantly surprised by the size! On their site, it’s listed as a nut bowl – which I took to mean small – and it’s honestly a really good portion size. My main issue with this was picking what colour because they’re all so bloody beautiful.

Name a more first world problem, I dare you.

Slide View: 1: Farina Nut Bowl

Farina Nut Bowl – £12.95

Yes, my beloved blog readers, you read that correctly – this bowl was only £12.95. From Anthropologie!

Farina Plate

Before you look at me all confused and judging like “but Mia, why on earth are you buying plates? Doesn’t your house already have plates? What have you been eating off the past 10 years?”, let me excuse myself: I am a blogger. All this shit is for blog props.

Again, like the Farina bowl, this plate comes in a large number of beautiful colours!

Slide View: 2: Farina Side Plate

Farina Plate – £12.95

Moon Mug

Okay, so this . . . this bloody mug is what kicked off this whole haul. Back in the beginning of June, I met up with a fellow blogger Alix and we ended up walking into Anthropologie, seeing these mugs and successfully resisting temptation.

However, the prospect of owning such a cute mug was too much for me to bear and so I went on an online haul and bought it anyway. #SelfRestraint

However, what I will say is that this mug was very affordable – especially for how cute it is. There are different animals and designs for each letter (although, I think I got lucky with mine!)

Slide View: 1: Animal Alphabet Monogram Mug

A-Z Monogram Mugs – Anthropologie – £8

One thing I will say – and I’m sorry for this – is that since going onto the site to find the links for these items, I have found even more cute mugs. And, no, I haven’t purchased them . . . but I am going to have to drop them in for you to look at too.

Slide View: 1: Monterey Mug

Monterey Mug – £14

Slide View: 1: Astrology Chart Mug

Anthropologie Horoscope Black and Gold Mug – £6.95

First shop down – one more to go. Hold on, guys, you’re doing great. I’d say stay strong, but I earn money if you buy cute shit through my links and I . . . like money. So feel free to let your willpower move you to buy things.

Killstar (Dollskill)

If you remember my brand spotlight on the romantic aesthetic side of Dollskill, you may remember me telling you that there is also a very strong goth side. And, oh sweet Jesus, the goth side lured me in and got me. It got me good.

(Dollskill is worldwide, by the way, so everyone can get in on these next purchases!)

Crescent Moon Candle

Crescent Moon Candle – Dollskill – $28 -£20

My first purchase from Killstar was this super cute crescent moon candle. Because . . . I mean, why on earth wouldn’t I? The witch vibes of this are so strong, I’m already inspired to create an altar. (Which would make a great DIY post too, just saying.)

In Memory Of Tombstone Candle

“In Memory Of” Candle – Dollskill – £14 – $20

The candle game is over. Obliterated. Finished. There is no candle to rival the utter beauty of this. It’s a candle that says “In Memory Of When I Gave A Fuck”. How does it get any better?

Alright my beautiful people, we have reached the end of this mini homeware haul! As I did purchase these pre-Australia and the whole Australia thing means I definitely don’t need them, your girl was good and she returned most of it. But it made for a good blog post!

By the way, do you guys enjoy haul posts? When I write them, I sometimes think “God, people must find these really boring”, so . . . if you do, just let me know and I won’t write them!

What was your favourite item from this haul? Would you buy any of these things? Have you ever shopped in any of these stores? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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53 thoughts on “Lil’ Homeware Haul (Killstar & Anthropologie)”

  1. I’m in dire need of that last and final candle because what better way to sum up the total loss of fucks to give then to watch them slowly burn and melt away leaving only behind a sweet aroma….?? The answer is there is no better way, jesus mia you always find the best shit that i DEFINITELY dont but 100% will still want. Really had to hold myself back this time, though I do have the animal alphabet mug open on a separate tab so…. xx

  2. That Anthropologie blue mug with gold flecks is absolutely stunning. I think I never saw prettier mug before, what a master piece. Anthropologie always has unique pieces, I’m so mad we don’t have them here. xx

  3. Coyote from Orion

    Green candle today. Keeping a few fucks in the bank in case I need to give some later and might not have enough to give… 🤔

  4. OML I love the bowls and candles-especially the crescent one!This makes me want to go homeware shopping-which is something I NEVER do haha<33love this!

  5. Omg I love Anthropologie!! Their homeware is so beautiful. A little expensive for me… but I still love it, haha! The blue mug you bought is gorgeous <3

    1. I really should have taken that bewaring disclaimer, about the upcoming beautyyy, a tad bit more seriously. Im so in love with these. I didn’t even know anything about anthropologie but all of a sudden my pinterest need to be updated. HONESTLY, I AINT EVEN COMPLAINING. BLESSS

    2. Oh my goodness, all of those dishes are so adorable! Consider myself triggered – closing my browser now before I do online shopping that I can’t afford haha!!

    3. Girl this post spoke to me on a cellular level! (WTF does that even mean?!?!) I Adore Anthropologie. Hell I am a bonafide Hashtag Anthro Addict. And yes I owen that mug and it is one of my favs! Their clothes and their home goods and just everything is absolutely amazing! And yes so flipping expensive. Also another hashtag why can’t I be a millionaire? 🙂 I hope you have an amazing weekend! <3

      1. Ahaha I totally feel you on those odd internet phrases that mean literally nothing…. but that we all love anyway 😉 AND GIRLLLLL YES! It’s actually such an issue; all three of their stories (UO, FP and AP) are genuinely so dangerous for my wallet. Hope you’re having a fab weekend too, sendin’ all my love! <3

      1. Omg I have a cute mug obsession and these are all totally affordable and so beautiful 😩💕 thank you for contributing to my bad habit of mug buying 🙈

        1. I find hauls really interesting as it highlights pieces I might want for myself without having to do the online searching for it first. But I feel like I should say the opposite so as not to encourage your online shopping habit! I spent the entirity of this post wondering how you were going to be able to move all of this delicate china to Australia!!! I have never shopped in any of the stores although I can appreciate the appeal of such shops. xx

          1. That’s a good point actually – you can get people to do your shopping for you LOL! And don’t worry, my shopping has been curbed (sadly.) And yeah that was a wee problem about doing the whole aus thing so randomly – i hadn’t saved anything LOL xx

          2. Your pictures are SO pretty!! How do you make them look so aesthetically pleasing??? So jealous. And I absolutely love Anthropologie! I wish there was one near me. I also love Urban Outfitters!! 💕

          3. Are you kidding? I love haul posts lol they’re seriously one of my favorite posts to read on anyone’s blog! I am in love with that last candle, Mia, it’s the best. I hope you kept that one!

          4. Omgggg I love your hauls always so much 😍😍😍 You definitely make me wanna buy everything. All of these are so beautiful 😍 I especially love the moon candle and the cup with the m with the moon. All these mugs, candles and plates are so beautiful 😍 Love the colours 💙

          5. I started an art degree, ended up studying advertising and worked in advertising for years and now I’m a graphic designer, I find most jobs are tedious with graphic design working with people so I’ve started doing it on my own. You could do that <3

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