My First Post; Who Am I & What Is This Blog?

I feel like the kid that’s awkwardly called to the front of class and forced to introduce themselves on the first day of school. You know? Kind of nervous, kind of embarassed and drawing a complete mental blank. Who am I? Jesus Christ, I don’t even know anymore. Am I real? Do I even exist? Have the past 18 years of my life just dissipated into the void?

Is it just me?

As soon as I’m asked about myself, it’s like my brain flicks a switch and goes all Gone Girl on me. I’ve been writing about myself on the internet through various mediums for years now; you’d think it would get easier.

Spoiler alert: it doesn’t.

Now might be a good time to tell you my name, huh? Well, hi, I’m Mia. It’s nice to meet you; I hope we can get to know each other better. I’m a born and bred Londoner, which I personally believe explains away my sarcastic and rather uniquely-humoured disposition. At the point of writing this, I’m currently 18 – but annoyingly time continues to pass and life keeps slipping away from me, so I’ll be 19 and then 20 and so on and so forth until I inevitably die.

That took a turn.

This is me, by the way. Hi.

I enjoy my life; immensely. I love to travel, go to concerts and festivals (I very much love music; you’ll see if you stick around. By-monthly playlists will be a thing.) – and I’m obsessed with tattoos. All of which has contributed to my 18th year on this earth being my favourite. I’d argue that I’m best described my hair, which is a big ball of uncontrollably wild curls that everyone else likes light and that I prefer dark.

Writing and creating things is a passion for me; art is as well. You’ll be seeing a lot of stationery-related posts as I’m a big bullet-journal enthusiast. And a lot of DIYs because I find them satisfying as hell.

I guess that’s enough about me – what about this blog? What can you expect from Beautiful, Inspiring, Creative . . . Life.?

You can expect life; you can expect the beautiful, the messy and . . . the not quite perfect. (I have a penchant to write scathingly sarcastic reviews about products I hate . . . it’s a problem.) You can expect art and music and fashion and sarcasm and lots of references to the pinnacles of television – Adventure Time and The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. And, I mean, to be more specific this is the kind of content you can expect:

  • Travel
  • Beauty
  • Fashion
  • DIYs
  • Art
  • Stationery Porn
  • Lifestyle related things

Well . . . I sincerely hope you stick around for the journey! See you beautiful souls later.


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  1. The pleasure is all mine Mia, thanks for stopping by on my blog and allowing me to discover you and your beautiful blog.
    It’s much appreciated 😊
    Good luck with everything and God bless πŸ™‡πŸ’

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