My Transition Season Favourites! (Autumn/Spring)

Monthly Favourites!

Why, hello there, beautiful humans – how are you all doing today? Oh, me? I am fantastic. I’m great. I’m also back – and really excited to catch up with everyone’s posts. Breaks are good for the mental health, but I missed you all!

Monthly Favourites!

So today is officially the last post of collab month . . . and we’re going out on a high! Karen from Karen Wodstrup and I are going to be sharing some of our transition season favourites. She’s moving into Autumn and over here in Aus, we’re moving into Spring – but I have a feeling our seasonal faves are going to work in reverse too!

If you haven’t heard of Karen, by the way, let’s change that! Her entire blog is the definition of dreamy and aesthetic . . . and who doesn’t need that in your life? I’ve been following Karen for literal years at this point and I still always get a little excited when I get an email notification for her blog.

But without further ado . . . let’s look at my transition season favourites!

1. Reusable Water Bottles/Flasks

Papaya Art Water Bottle



Is it random? Maybe. But is it also true? Definitely. In summer, I suck back water like a vampire through sheer necessity . . . and in winter I practically inhale green tea because it keeps me warm. For Spring and Fall though? I always find myself forgetting to stay hydrated.

Keeping a reusable water bottle on my desk or in my bag helps me to mindlessly drink throughout the day. Plus, they’re super cute!

2. Journalling

pressed flowers in journal

Okay, I admittedly love journalling at all times of year – but something about the transition seasons really motivates me. Spring feels like the natural time of planning and doing . . . and Autumn is the perfect setting for reflecting.

We all know about my love of bullet journalling, but I do also love to press flowers and fill my notebooks up with random sketches too! If you’re into gardening like me, it’s so satisfying to see your flowers blooming in spring and being able to preserve them in your journal! (And then use them in crafts. Of course. Like the craft below!)

Pressed Flowers

3.Planting/plant related things

“Plant related things” . . . ah, the eloquence.

Propogated succulents

Transition seasons are a great time to tend to any plant related business you may have going on!

If it’s spring, you can do some planting . . . and if it’s Autumn, why not propagate your plants? Cuttings will grow all year round (in fact, it’s actually better to propagate succulents in winter) and it’s a fun way to bring the outdoors in during the colder months!

(Plus . . . plants. Do I really need to say more?)

4. To-do lists

to do list

Papaya Art To-Do Pad – Amazon US – $11.99

With the coming of a new season, you either start to go outside more . . . or spend way  more time in the comfort of your home. Whichever it is, I always find myself gravitating towards making to-do lists. It’s nice enough to go outside for once? Okay, what do I need to do to makeover our balcony? It’s starting to get cold? What are all the fall crafts I want to try?

5. Coffee!

Papaya Art Mug – Amazon US – $16

Papaya Art Mug – Amazon UK – £17.27

I don’t really know if this counts as a transitional season favourite specifically – but I do tend to drink coffee way more during Spring and Autumn. In summer it’s way too hot . . . and in winter, I gravitate to hot chocolate and green tea.

Autumn though? That’s for drinking coffee, having energy and soaking up the last of the sun! In spring? Well, in spring we want to be doing and organising from the moment the sun rises to the moment it sets! (And we all know mama doesn’t have that kind of energy naturally.)

Alright lovers, that’s this post all wrapped up! I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into my seasonal favourites – make sure you go check out Karen’s too! Do we share any of the same faves? What are your seasonal rituals? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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4 thoughts on “My Transition Season Favourites! (Autumn/Spring)”

  1. Aww, honestly you’re just the sweetest! Best compliments ever <3 What great favourites you've got. I love plants in spring, they just add such a fresh and calm touch to a room. Also coffee is an all year faveourite for me – very suitable for autumn too actually. It's been an absolut dream to collab with you, thank you so much. I wish you the most joyful week xx x

  2. LOVE this! Reusable water bottles are a must and yours I so cute! I also adore your mug! I agree with you about the coffee! I tend to make it (aside from Pandemics occurring, because I have been glued to the Kuerig lol) more at home during the autumn/winter months, then during the summer (when I like iced coffee)

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