Skinnydip Headphones + August Music Favourites

Damn, that went quickly.

Hey, beautiful souls!

They say time flies when you’re having fun and, as this year has been by far and large the best of my life so far, it’s absolutely flying. That being said, August has been a weird month.

If you asked me, I’d say it was pretty boring, but then I’d remember “oh, I went on holiday!”, “oh, I sold my old site!”, “oh, I managed to grab those surprise Paramore London tickets!”. And then I might reconsider my answer and think “hey . . . August wasn’t that dull after all!”.

I was going to write an August favourites, but . . . guys, that would just get long. And, in all honesty, most of what I’ve been loving this month has been music and these, quite frankly, awesome new headphones I bought – so I thought that I might as well just post about that!

1. The Killers

Look, I’m aware that “good human beings” are humble and circumspect etc. etc, but I don’t really give a damn at this moment in time. Why?

I got tickets to watch The Killers in London!

I repeat: I am seeing The Fucking Killers in London this year. Do you guys remember my Cheap Festival Wardrobe Challenge where I spoke about Fib festival and how I was walking on water I was so happy . . . but the only thing that could be better would be The Killers?

God: it was totally worth sacrificing that baby; thanks, man.

Okay, now, excitement aside – The Killers have a new album “Wonderful Wonderful” that I am anticipating more than I will anticipate the birth of my own child.

You know when one of your favourite bands release new music and it’s . . . yeah, it’s not what you were hoping for. You’re torn between loyalty and the fact that artists should be free to experiment and try different things . . . and the fact that you kind of hate those different things.

Well, so far the tracks that have been released have definitely not been like that. They’ve released two (you can hear both in that promo video) and I love them both:

1 – Run for Cover

First of all, I’m pretty sure Run For Cover is about Donald Trump (“he’s got a big smile; it’s fake news,”), so that’s an instant yes. I love the rhythm, how fast it is, the verses. I don’t think the video does the song justice, but that’s just me.

2 – The Man

No complaints. Zilch. Nada. None. I absolutely love this song. I imagine dancing to this song; I walk to work in a great mood because of this song.


It’s been months and I’m still not over Guns’N’Roses and how utterly brilliant they were live. I don’t want to get over it. I don’t want to be a person who can brush off amazing things with a blase attitude – I love that experiences can still linger with me months later.

This month, I’ve had a few new favourites of theirs on repeat:

1. You Could Be Mine

2. Rocket Queen

3. Night Train

4. Mr Brownstone

The White Stripes & Jack White

The White Stripes’ cover of Jolene live in Blackpool is genuinely one of the best things my ears have ever heard. I’m loving both Jack White’s individual work and his work within The White Stripes.

Brendan Urie

Soul Of A Man

So I actually wound up completely randomly seeing Kinky Boots a couple of months ago with one of my friends Danilo . . . and it blew my fucking mind.

Like, I’m a self-confessed theatre-junkie. The biggest tragedy of 2017 for me is that I didn’t manage to score Hamilton tickets. So I’ve been ’round the block, I’ve seen a few shows. But holy shit the cast, the songs, the talent of Kinky Boots is bloody amazing. Most shows have a few “wow” players, but quite honestly everyone in Kinky Boots is a “wow” player.

When I heard that Brendan Urie (anyone that knows anything about me knows that Panic! is one of my all-time favourite bands ever.) was playing one of the leads, a small piece of me leapt for joy, while the rest of me died inside. Because there was no way in hell I’d ever be able to see him sing it – it’s Broadway, which is America.


Yeah, I’m definitely late to this party.

I know that Coldplay blew up years ago (for good reason) but until now I was only really a casual consumer, you know? I’d listen to and enjoy their chart toppers and then I’d disappear like nothing ever happened.

Well, one of the songs of theirs that I absolutely love is Sky Full of Stars; it’s just so happy and upbeat and I love the video to it.

So what started off as an innocent listen to a well-loved song turned into this weird rabbit hole trip that’s ended up with all of their albums on my laptop.

How did we get here?

Side note: one of the best things you might see this lifetime is the Coldplay Game Of Thrones musical. It’s hilarious – and you get to watch the cast all sing. And Emilia Clarke performing like a Rastafarian.


Again, if you read my Fib festival review, you’ve probably guessed this one – Kasabian. The one that got away.

Due to logistical issues (the logistics of which being the veins connecting blood to my brain, as it surely wasn’t working when I didn’t bother to book a coach to the airport), I had to leave on the last night of the festival and I missed Kasabian. So all month I’ve basically been torturing myself with their music.

The woe.

However, one of my music favourites has to be You’re In Love With A Psycho – and the video has to be one of my all time faves. Just watch it and be blown away.

And that, my dear sweet beautiful babies, is my August music loves. Usually I have tastes that are a lot more varied, but this month has been pretty genre specific. But for now . . . now, it’s time to talk about the headphones.

These beautiful babies are Skinnydip ASOS Exclusive and have a gorgeous embroidered rose pattern on the side. I absolutely love them – and they were only £30!

You can buy them here.

Do you guys know or like any of this music? What sort of music do you listen to? And what do you think of the headphones? Let me know all your thoughts down below!


29 thoughts on “Skinnydip Headphones + August Music Favourites”

  1. Haha I’m totally the same with you and Coldplay! I always knew about them, heard their songs a few times and just felt very indifferent about them. But from around June I just suddenly became obsessed! I really don’t get it😂
    And, before I go, those headphones are absolutely beautiful…not afraid to admit I’m so jealous rn😂❤

    1. Exactly – where did the addiction spring from? Was something slipped in my water when I wasn’t looking? And thank you lovely – I’m in love with them xD Best purchase of August by far! xx

  2. Loving the headphones and I have to say I heart all the outfits you mention except for Kasabian. So I am going to go now and check them out. I am envious btw that you are attending The Killers concert and have watched Guns n’ Roses live too. xx

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