Spring Aesthetics (Sneak Preview At Italy!) ft. Questions From A Teenager

Hello friends; can’t talk, off exploring! Your girl is living her best life, sunning it up in Italy – and, yes, eating it up too. I’m like No-Face in Spirited Away. I’ll insert a gif for those of you who don’t get the reference.

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Later today will probably be the first chance for me to really sit down and sink some time into catching up with the blogosphere, as we’re catching the train from Rome to Florence. And, yes, I’ll take photos for you!

Anyways, today’s post is basically part of a failed surprise. I took two of my favourite bloggers – definitely some of the most creative bloggers I know – (Chloe and Fiona) gave them both the same collab idea and was going to surprise them with . . . well, each other. Then my laptop broke, everything piled up and my surprise failed. Chloe, if you still want to do this post, please do – I’d love to see what you came up with!

We were each tasked to create a Spring Aesthetic; I decided to create a kind of visual moodboard in the form of a cute lil video.

And so, without further ado because we’re checking out of the hotel soon and I really need to get going, this is my Spring Aesthetic video! For more information (and also just to see the awesomeness that she has created) take a read of Fiona’s post too.

Sorry for my last two posts being so short; I’ll make it up to you guys when I’m back home. There are some sneak previews of Italy in the video, but take a look at this beautiful place we went . . .

Don’t forget to check out Fiona’s Spring Aesthetics post – she’s unbelievably creative and I’m really excited to see what she created too. As for everyone who commented on my last two posts, I am slowly but surely working my way through comments and catching up on all your blogs. Don’t hate me. Or do, but still keep reading my shit.

Did you guys enjoy this video? What was your favourite clip? What are the things you’re loving this Spring? Oh – and can we please talk about how beautiful Rome is? I’m in love. Let me know your thoughts down below,


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39 thoughts on “Spring Aesthetics (Sneak Preview At Italy!) ft. Questions From A Teenager”

  1. Coyote from Orion

    You are way too good for Italy. They better appreciate you.
    Take your witchy avatar back to the renaissance. I suggest Florence. You shall find a squirrel pelt dealer on the Pontevechio…

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  3. Okay… first of all – I LOVE that you planned to surprise Chloe and I! Such a sweet thing of you to do (even though it did fail lol) 😍😍 Secondly, I am in love with the way you edited this video, it’s exactly what it should be – AESTHETIC AS FUCK. Had so much fun working on this collab with you girly, we should do one again some time in the future! xxx

    1. Thank you girly! One day, my plans will work ;-; And awwwww you too sweet to me! I had a lot of fun editing it so I’m glad you liked the finished product πŸ™‚ I would DEFINITELY love to collab in the future, this was awesome! xxx

  4. YES! I was so excited when I saw Fiona’s post on Instagram about the collab!!! I am in ~love~ with the editing in this video, and the entire vibe of it, literally nothing less than what I expected of you. So beautiful, excuse me while I head over to Fiona’s post because I’m living for the magic you two are creating!!

  5. Girl I am drooling at your teaser pics! SOOOO pretty! and have I mentioned I am so jelly about you being in Italy? Because I am! WHY was I not put in your suitcase?!?! Also it is A-Okay! Girl you are in frickin’ Italy!!! (Yes I am hung up on that!) I hope you are having the absolute best time! <3

    1. Thank you! I’m home now and I HAVE SO MANY PRETTY PHOTOS TO SHARE, IT’S SUCH A BEAUTIFUL PLACE! Next time I go you have to fly out and we’ll explore it together! <3

      1. Girl I am going to be drooling all over my laptop when I see your pictures! (I am sensing that would make a good but really bad pick-up line) I am so excited! AND YES!!!!!! I love love that! <3

  6. I love this! I used to hate the idea of traveling but after seeing posts about peoples travels, it makes me want to visit everywhere ya’ll go. Rome is no exception hehe
    My fav thing from ur vid is ur cat, I didn’t know you had one ! I also loved the editing of it, so dreamy!!

  7. Ok, I commented on this yesterday and for some reason it’s decided not to post it but I shall rewrite it as best I can hahaha – I was worried about how shitty my post was anyway (like I told you) and then I come on here & see my 2 faves doing SUCH a good job & I was like…there’s no way I can post mine now!! Mine was NOTHING compared to these because I’m so rubbish in the visual department – girl you made a VIDEO!! Ugh. I love this though, you did such a great job!! xxx

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