10 Spring Rituals To Reset & Refresh

Why hello, blog friends – and greetings from Italy! We’ve been here for all of one single day at the point of writing this and you guys cannot accurately understand the sheer volume of ice cream that I have consumed. It’s great; fuck your “healthy diets”.

10 Rituals To Reset and Refresh

. . . Okay fine, change that to put a pin in them while I’m in the land of all the best foods ever. When I’m back home, it’ll be all “smoothies” and “fruit boxes” again. But when in Rome! (Also, we are quite literally in Rome. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to use this phrase accurately. I’d like to thank my parents, my friends and my Wi-Fi.)

Now, in case you missed last week’s warm weather, we are now in the full swing of Spring. In the spirit of Spring, I wanted to bring you a post about all the ways you could reset and refresh for the new season; some ways to wipe the shit-stained slate of winter clean and be productive and happy . . .

Then I broke my laptop, missed a collab post and wasn’t able to write this one properly. Oh, and Italy. Much business. So have a video of some of the simple Spring Rituals you can do to hit that mental reset and welcome in the best months of the year! (Make sure the video quality is 1080px, kids)

Now, while this post was somewhat legitimately trash (I promise, I had great ideas for it – hence, having a video premade!), fortunately it was a collaboration post with the wonderful AlysJournals. Alys is a super intelligent, super aspirational girl and I absolutely loveΒ her posts about mental health. Her blog is like entertainment and brain food all in one brilliant package. Alys shared some wonderful Self Care Tips For Spring, so go and take a read!

While we’re here: thanks for all the love on my last post; I have not suddenly become someone who laughs maniacally while pointedly ignoring their comment section. Again . . . laptop broke, then had to go to Italy. I’m working through replies and catching up on all your blog posts!

This was just a quick ‘lil post – what did you think of the video? Have you done any of the things I recommended for Spring yet? What’s your favourite Spring ritual? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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37 thoughts on “10 Spring Rituals To Reset & Refresh”

    1. Oh yes, I love the video. Definitely drinking tea this Spring more than I did in Winter which is so crazy to me. Also I’m planning a good bath tonight, so excited for it. xx

    2. While I have only been counting down the days until Spring, and praying and doing sun dances and basically willing to sell my soul to Mother Nature to ge weather ABOVE fifty…..None of that compares to the fact you are in flipping Italy!!!! Girl I am so jealous! And please diet schmiet! You need to be eating all that good food for me too! I am officially living vicariously THROUGH you! Ahhh so excited for you.
      Also I loved the video! I am in awe of your skills…But Oh. My. God. ITALY!!! I hope you are having the best time! <3

        1. I am living vicariously through you! I am green with envy girl. GREEN WITH ENVY!!!! I NEED to go!
          Bwahaha oh my gosh, so I was in DC last week, we weren’t even there an hour and my friend and I went shopping (In our defense it was flipping freezing and my friend and I were looking for some scarves and sweaters, but still…) no shame girl NO SHAME! <3

      1. I love this video!! You’re so creative and I really liked the edits πŸ™‚ Enjoy your time in Italy (and the gelato) Hope you share lots of pictures once you’re back xxx

      2. You are going to have a fantastic time in Rome! I loved the video – what font did you use for each heading? Also, the bikini top you wore is so cute – what did you get it from? xx

        1. For me it’s definitely getting out and enjoying the sun!! We have winter for way too long here in Canada, so any glimpse of sun is an instant joy haha

        2. I really enjoyed the video! <3 It's super aesthetic and pretty! I have yet to try out a bath bomb, but it looked super relaxing! πŸ™‚ My favorite spring ritual is definitely going to the coffee shop and writing. I've been doing it a lot lately and it's really helped with stress!

          Lovely post <3

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