30 Notebook Purpose Ideas & My 2018 Notebooks

At some point, we need to come to terms with the fact that SAA is going to become a thing: Stationery Addicts Anonymous.

Hello, you wonderfully brilliant humans. I have a confession: my name is Mia and I have a notebook problem.

No, but seriously . . . those smooth, sleek pages; those intriguing, seductive cover designs; the infinite possibilities and temptations an empty book presents.

If guys gave me the same feeling a good notebook gives me, I’d have been married three times by now, I’d have cheated on all of them and there’d be a trail of broken-hearted men I ghosted and left behind, forgotten and replaced, that didn’t even make it to the altar.

30 Notebook Uses(1)

Now, I know myself (we’ve had 19 years together, after all) pretty well and I’m most definitely an analogue person. Writing, doodling, circling, highlighting . . . these are all things that engage my brain. Setting goals? Write ’em. Planning a trip? Write it up. So notebooks are not just an aesthetic indulgence for me; I actually struggle with the fact I find them genuinely useful too. Try resisting their seductive lure when you can’t even tell yourself “Mia, don’t buy it – you won’t even use it”.

Today’s post, however, is about those impulse purchases. Those pack of three notebooks you bought because . . . well, you just liked the cover. That ever-growing pile of notebooks in your drawer. Today, I am going to be sharing with you 30 uses for notebooks, so there is no excuse for your neglect anymore.

30 Uses For Notebooks

30 Notebook Uses

  1. Bullet journal!
  2. Blogging Notebook – for blog goals, ideas, schedules, etc
  3. A diary
  4. A planner
  5. A sketchbook
  6. A cute book of quotes
  7. A “line a day” book
  8. A Scrapbook
  9. A Goals Book & Progress Tracking Book
  10. A Manifestations Journal
  11. A Review Book (I used to have one of these and they were really useful; every time I read a book or watched a film I’d leave a star rating and maybe a few words)
  12. Gratitude journal
  13. Mini photo album!
  14. Lists book
  15. Recipe book . . . maybe with a review after the recipe. I used to do this a few years ago, back in my baking days and it was actually really useful.
  16. Creative writing journal
  17. Dream life inspiration book
  18. To read notebook
  19. To watch notebook
  20. Just legit, brain-dump notes
  21. A memory book (this is great if you have an instant camera, by the way)
  22. Things you love
  23. Things you hate
  24. A massive bucketlist
  25. Song lyrics
  26. A recommendation book; a notebook where you write in things that you enjoyed and would recommend to people
  27. Things you want/need. I know this sounds relatively absurd, but how many times have you thought “oh, I could really do with a new phone case” then forgotten about it . . . and cracked your phone.
  28. A contact book with details of your friends (phone numbers, emails, birthdays, addresses, etc.)
  29. Idea book
  30. Print out texts and emails and keep them in here book

Now, unfortunately, my family all know about my secret shame and when all else fails . . . they buy me notebooks. Which means that, combined with my own reckless spending habits, I have an abundance of new notebooks that are begging me for attention . . . on top of all of the old notebooks I have so lovingly tended to over the years.

Here are this year’s notebooks . . . and what I’m using them for!

1. Bullet Journal

You guys already know about my bullet journalling addiction – but, if you didn’t, allow me to educate you.

2. Manifestations

Most of you will probably have no clue what manifestations are – and that’s fine. (I have a post planned explaining them coming up.) A really quick and completely inaccurate way of describing them is almost like your dreams/wishes. You “manifest” your dreams into reality; writing them down is a good exercise for thinking through said dreams and narrowing them down.

This journal is super cute and motivating; it was actually a gift from my cousin/aunt/we’re Caribbean, I have no idea what the relations are anymore there are so many of us. I love it and I feel like it really puts me in the right headspace to write down my dream life opportunities in.

I Totally Got This Journal – Amazon UK – £11.95

I Totally Got This Journal – Amazon US – $15

3. Blog Book

I actually have two blog notebooks; one is a blog planner where I track posts, what needs to be done on what day, etc. And one is an idea book; as I work, I can’t usually sit down and bash out a post when the inspiration strikes, so I note it down in my idea book.

This is my blog planner.

I’ve been obsessed with this notebook for years . . . but never actually bought it. I saw it in a tiny stationery store in New York and realised that 2018 is the year for “Fucking Brilliant” ideas and so this became my blog book!

 I just use this to jot down post ideas, or blog related notes that I want to come back to later, during the work day.

Fucking Brilliant Journal – Amazon UK – £8.99

Fucking Brilliant Journal – Amazon US – $9.95

4. To-Do List

My last notepad is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen (it’s also from Paperchase, so drop in store if you’d like to pick it up). It’s a massive to-do list and I use it for everything from personal goals to blog stuff to work – and it’s genuinely very, very helpful.

Okay, so I feel like this post ran a little longer than expected; I apologise. If you’ve suddenly felt the urge to go out and purchase some stationery . . . well, I mean, with practical ideas like I’ve just given you, what reason is there not to?

Hopefully, this post wasn’t too excruciatingly long. Do you guys have an unloved pile of notebooks sitting around? Are you going to try out any of these ideas? Which of my notebooks are your favourites? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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58 thoughts on “30 Notebook Purpose Ideas & My 2018 Notebooks”

  1. I have so many half-finished notebooks where I’ve started something and never finished it oops. The manifestations notebook is so cute! xx

  2. Coyote from Orion

    Book of Shadows??? Perhaps you can leave spell books behind from your eras and rise in power 🐼🐀

    1. Oh my god this post is ME. I have an actual shameful obsession with notebooks – genuinely think that my family and friends judge me because I have so many. I have a ‘revision’ diary and a ‘life’ diary, a to do list for school, a to do list for my blog, a to do list for my life ….. the list goes on. I’m always happy with any form of stationary as a gift (have you ever tried Zebra mildliners? I got some from my secret Santa for Christmas and recently had to indulge in the rest of the set!) and the amount of notebooks I buy myself is kind of bad! Have you ever been into Tiger and seen their stationery? The spring range is lush and I got the most beautiful notebook for only £2. It’s honestly GORGEOUS.

      Great post as ever. Kind of wanna blow my bank balance on notebooks now. Thanks 😅😅x

      1. I have not tried zebra mildliners….But I will take a look into them (because I’m a genuine stationery addict with a problem, thank you for enabling me! :'( ) I actually haven’t been to Tiger for ages – but I will have to stop in because I know their stationery is super well priced so if it’s also CUTE… well, I can do it for the blog 😉 And thank you girl! <3

        1. Tiger is always a good idea, and mildliners need to be purchased; you can get all 3 packs for eleven quid on amazon and they’re great!

        1. But in all seriousness, I loved this post and all of these ideas – so creative! There are so many things I wouldn’t have even thought of. Also, if you couldn’t tell by my 1st comment, I actually really need a few tips and tricks for using all of those notebooks I have, so thank you!! xxx

          1. Thank you lovely girl! With your creative mind, I’m taking that as a compliment 😉 And ugh I literally starting writing this post as motivation for me to use my notebooks back in January so I had something to post about – I feel ya pain!xx

        2. Hi, can I please join SAA? In fact, I feel like I could potentially be the founder of SAA considering I own way more stationery than I need / use and always end up buying more whenever I see it, I can’t help myself. I have so many journals all dedicated to different things, I’ve no idea how people only ever manage to keep just one….love this post so much!! xx

          1. Girl, we’re always accepting members! And I feel like this is a legitimate problem – imagine us shopping together! And same here, one notebook for all things? I’d feel so disorganised to be honest (and I NEED an excuse to buy loads of stationery). Thank you gorgeous! xx

        3. I love journaling! And let me tell you I have like half of the notebooks ideas you mentioned! Like song lyrics a massive bucket list scrapbook, bujo and many others!
          Anyway, I loved reading this post! xx

        4. I have so many notebooks that it’s hard to keep track. I have shamefully not opened my diary in a while and just written everything in one. So looking at this has inspired me to say no Laura – use your diary as well, and that to-do list one, and the spare one lol. Love it! What good notebooks you found as well. xx

        5. Loved this! I also have a thing for notebooks 🙂 I currently have 4 bullet journals, a memories journal and all of my school journals – so I totally understand you 🙂

        6. These notebooks are beautiful! My problem is my mom won’t let me get any more until I use the seventeen ones that I haven’t finished using. I’m concerned that I don’t actually like writing in notebooks-just having them around. =D

        7. I had to laugh when I came across this post. I thought I was the only one in the world, Who hoarded notebooks/ Stationary. Not to count the pens and pencils. Oh because I love recipe’s, can add in the index cards and boxes. Its great to know I am not alone.

        8. Absolutely perfect – I need to stop buying notebooks until I actually finish a complete notebook before moving onto the next. It’s an addiction and like you my family and friends feed into it as well which really doesn’t help. Loved this post, so many good ideas! x

        9. I still haven’t managed to start journaling for any reason yet, so many something on this list will draw me to it! Haha I’m usually just typing notes on my phone or writing events on my hanging calendar (:

        10. I am such a notebook hoarder- always have been! Love keeping a journal throughout the years; it’s always fun to look back and see what was occupying my thoughts at the time.

        11. I often buy notebooks for all these different purposes, and end up never using them because I’m afraid to ruin a page of a good notebook😂 Especially if it’s a really cute one I’m like, I have to be completely sure and careful on what I want to do with this before I even start. So, a lot of them are basically collectibles at the moment lol

          1. Great ideas for uses of notebooks!! I have so many notebooks stashed away it’s unreal and I end up collecting more each birthday even though I clearly tell people I don’t need any more notebooks 😂 xx

          2. This is all so beautiful! I have such a huge obsession with journals. I have a thing fro quotes, no matter where it comes from – songs, books, movies, etc. I like to write them down and keep track of them in journal, helps me to have something extra to believe in . <3

          3. LIVING for this post ! If SAA becomes a thing I need to go – seriously though, I need help. I have a whole shelf of unused but the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing notebooks you have ever seen. Thanks for sharing some inspo on how to fill them all and for making me feel like I am not alone as a notebook addict! xx

          4. Aren’t you just simply amazing for this post!! Thank you, and SAA is so real….I’m Sharon, and I also have a notebook problem

          5. I just bought another two notebooks the other day.. – for no reason other than leaving them alone on the shelves just because *I* didn’t *yet* have a purpose for them felt incredibly selfish 😉 This post is almost kismet.. maybe the Universe is telling me I should go back and get that third one I was eyeing..?

          6. I looove your manifestations notebook, it’s too cute! I have an ever-growing pile of notebooks too. I have two notebooks that didn’t even make your list lol. 1. My quotes notebooks (movies, shows, books) 2. My passwords book because I forget them right after making a new account on some site haha.

          7. I’m such a stationery addict 😍 I love notebooks so much and use it as scrapbook and to write blogging ideas. Your notebooks are so beautiful 😍 I love this post so much

          8. Im definitely a Stationery lover and Oh my that to do list book is so beautiful! I have had a problem in the past of collecting them and never knowing what to use them for this post is great.

          9. I am a total stationary whore. Gold rung notebook? Mine. Folders covered in glitter? Messy, but I’ll take those too. Ridiculous pens with feathers on the top? I’LL TAKE ONE IN EVERY COLOR.

            I am literally ecstatic when I get a new notebook. Although cutely slogan’ed notebooks come a dime a dozen, it’s *something* about finding that one. Perfectly spaced; not quite college ruled but not wide ruled either, strong spine so when you actually use the shit it doesn’t fall apart, and don’t let it have a built in compartment to house all of my designer post it notes….

            I’m probably going to buy the “Fucking Brilliant” notebook just as soon as I find a matching pen…

            Dom | http://www.DivaNamedDom.com

          10. Girl, I have so many notebooks! I write about my notebooks in my other notebooks, lol. I love this post though. I just went digital with my planning, but my to-do’s and daily brain dumps need to go somewhere or I’ll lose my mind!

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