Re-Focusing For February! My February Bullet Journal Spread

Hello, my fellow Matrix slaves – how you doing today?

If you’ve only been following my blog in January, I apologise; my content is usually way more consistent than this. If you’ve been following my blog for more than just January . . . I mean, I’m still sorry, but you’ll know that I was so damn excited for New Year. All the posts, all the goals, all the resolutions!

Remember those?

Well, the big G – no, not Graham Norton; God – decided to pop in and say “fuck you”. Metaphorically, of course. If there is a God, I’m sure that he’s benevolent (actually, I’m wholeheartedly unsure of that, but I don’t really want to think about the alternative) and far too busy to pop in to trigger me (now, that I am sure of – my own dad is too busy for me a solid 70% of the time; the father of 8 billion other humans? Not a chance.). But still.

Now, I’ll tell you guys the whole story another time (mainly because I have a whole post idea about making decisions centred around it) but basically what happened is I put myself under a ton of stress, worked too hard in a really unhealthy way and burnt out . . . to then discover that what I was working for I didn’t even want. So my mood, my motivation and my health were just in this downward death-spiral that then turned into a vicious cycle and-

Look, let’s just say that I’m glad January is coming to a close and I’m breaking out of my melancholy.

 Thankfully, the universe provides – and it provided in the form of a blonde haired angel by the name of Isabel. You guys may remember her from my post about watching La La Land in Kensington Rooftop Garden’s outdoor cinema with her.

Isabel is a fellow blogger and soul sister – as well as one of the most motivated people I know. Seriously, this girl does so much. She’s a blogger, actress, musician . . . and it’s all her. She’s not at school, being told what to do or handed assignments; she pushes herself. It’s seriously inspiring. So I was excited to see her, have a laugh and get some of my magic back.

Until she shared that she had been feeling demotivated too. And it was honestly so therapeutic to be able to talk about it – to know that we weren’t the only ones experiencing it! However, even better than wallowing, we managed to overcome it. How? Well, let me give credit where credit is due:

Isabel suggested that we treat February as New Year. Say that Janaury is about deciding what you want out of the New Year, reflecting and deciding on the course you’ll take over the next 11 months – and February is about acting on what you decide.

And you know what? She’s right. I can look at it as I wasted an entire month and, in terms of healthy habits, have regressed to the levels of a young teenage me . . . or I can look at it as I decided on what I want to do over the next 11 months and discovered what’s important for me (take care of my health; continue to be motivated; improve my mental and spiritual wellbeing) and I actually made an essential decision for my future: what path I actually want to take, what university I want to go to . . . and what that means for me over the next few months.

So, while January was a pile of donkey dung, that’s okay. Because some of our best motivation comes through feeling bad and being in a place in life we don’t necessarily want to be . . . and using that to focus on where we do want to be and how to get there.

With that lengthy introduction, we finally reach the crux of this post: my goal-setting and re-focusing for February. As we all know by now, I am a fervent bullet journalling enthusiast – so naturally I’m going to be utilising this as my method of mass motivation. Let’s do this!

I’ve made a little video that I’d greatly appreciate it if you watched, where I do a quick talk-through January and the spreads I created over the last month and how I’ve set up my February bullet journal and why. Let me know what you think!

 Personally, my refocusing is going to be forcing myself to prioritise self-care (which we all should!) so that I can actually achieve the things I set out to.

I’m mainly focusing on eating and exercise because I’m one of those people that completes forgets to eat and, as food literally fuels your fucking body, you can imagine that this never ends up particularly well for me. And, as for exercise, that doesn’t even need an explanation! Due to this, my habit trackers are all diet and exercise related.

(Well, of course I had to slip some blog goals in there too! I’m not repeating January’s lack of content.)

Anyways, I really feel like I’ve milked this wordcount for all I can, so let’s drop this post off here. I hope you guys enjoyed; what do you think of my February bullet journal spread? Did you guys get any of the January blues, or were you riding that New Year high? And did you enjoy my video? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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64 thoughts on “Re-Focusing For February! My February Bullet Journal Spread”

  1. My father did an exceptional job in the 70’s navigating his way around a kitchen trying to work out who the short people in the house were and why his woman seemed to listen to them.
    Saying he can still get his way around your country from his ability to play cricket back then… and being his only surviving son (many say black sheep but I say sussex cross) he isn’t exactly disappointed with my ability to seal the family crest, so to speak. Can’t always get what you want… sort of thing.
    I sang it to our heavenly father some time and a priest dropped in and said that god told him to tell me that so long as both of us never have to see Forrest Gump again we will be ok.

      1. Yeah he was awarded an OAM on Friday for Australia day. When I lived in Oxford my household referred to an OBE as ‘other bugger’s efforts’. Given their backgrounds probably justified.
        In seriousness though my father stood up for something years ago…

  2. My sweet, thank you for such kind words wow 💖 honestly hanging out & talking to you really fueled me and dreams back up, so you’re the true blessing 🌹 love this post!!!! and I can’t wait to slay february with you ✨✨

  3. I’m sorry to hear that January was a hard month for you and it’s completely understandable that you may not have been as consistent with your blogging seeing as your uni portfolio was such a monumental task and you should be super proud of yourself for getting to the end of that. January in general can be a difficult month, with the pressure of living up to resolutions as soon as humanly possible, but seeing it as a lesson as opposed to a failure is definitely a good mindset to adopt. And as always, your bullet journal is absolutely gorgeous – I love all the doodles and quotes you’ve included. Here’s to a fantastic February! Xx

  4. Best of luck with getting yourself refocused! January was kind of a burnout for me as well, I didn’t do half the things I wanted to get started. Winter just zaps my energy, too. I did start bullet journaling, and trying to find my personal way of formatting it out, and it was largely inspired by you posting yours all the time. So thank you (: let’s hope February brings us all closer to our goals!

    1. Thank you lovely! And ugh, I can definitely agree – Winter is such a demotivating month I just want to hibernate until Summer rolls back around. And awww that’s the sweetest thing ever, thank you so much! <3 I hope February is a great month for you xx

  5. Your journal looks so cute!
    I’m glad I’m not the only one that just kinda felt a touch of failure this month. After reading the comments it seems like most everyone felt that too! Maybe there’s just something wrong with January instead of all of us! 😋

    1. Thank you so much lovely! 😀 And me too – it’s comforting that isn’t just an “us” thing, right? Let’s blame January for all the blues it brang! Hope you have a WAY better feb 🙂 xx

  6. The February aesthetics are gorgeouss!! Omg ikr I set up so many goals in January and then bam it finishes and I didn’t get a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g. done!!! I love your self-care theme – so important to take care of your body (I got the eating down but hmm not so much the exercise) 😂

    And yes, I was bored and nosy but it’ll help once I get a bullet journal (I haven’t gone to Michaels yet ugh)

    1. Why thank you gorgeous girl!! AND YES YES YES. So damn true! I thought January was going to be super productive and then….welp, that didn’t happen. And thank you so much – I definitely agree, self-care is incredibly important, but it’s so easy to slip. OOOH GIRL YOU WATCHED THE VIDEO 😉 xx

  7. Aerial aerobics looks super cool! That is quite a hobby to take up! Don’t beat yourself up about January; we, your readers, know how important it was for you to get uni sorted and as much as we’ve missed you, we totally understand. I know you’ll crush February!! I can’t wait to see what you’ve got up your sleeve!


  8. Love the idea of January being your month to decide what you wanna do and then February being the month to take action. My heads a bit all over the place with what I’m doing atm and this made me feel a lot more motivated and like the best is yet to come ! So thank you for that. P.s your journal is super cute x

  9. Huge HUGE hugs beauty. I can relate to this. January was a shoddy month for me as well, but new month (okay seriously holy shit it is February? I mean I know I pretty much drowned myself in Reeses’ the whole month but seriously WHERE did January go?) is here, and definitely new beginnings. YOU got this!
    You also are not alone, I think a lot of people feel melancholy and unmotivated in January. All the glam of the holidays is over and it is cold AF. It stinks! I hope February is kick ass for you sweets! <3

    1. Aww thank you lovely! I’m sorry January sucked for you too (I read the post; damn girl, you were in the WARS) but you’re right . . . as quickly as it’s gone, February is now here and we will kick ass once again. WE GOT THIS! And yes yes yes that’s a really good explanation actually…we have holiday hangovers! <3

  10. Sorry to hear January sucked but there is always something better to come! Don’t worry about the lack of content at times, it happens and we all get so busy. I’m quite sick of January now too haha but as always, I know February will fly over because it always does.

    Your bullet journal is looking so, so good! I’ve just been using an ordinary custom diary for now and will probably start bullet journaling again after I’m done with it. (May as well, would be nice to finish up a notebook thing.) xx

    1. Thanks lovely – that’s definitely a motivational point! And that’s true; life gets in the way after all! You’re definitely right about that, but February has so many cool events coming up so I’m pretty excited for it!

      And thank you so much! My january weekly spreads weren’t anything particularly great, but I’m planning to improve in February! That makes sense to be honest 🙂 xx

  11. It’s great to see you taking control of your life and starting again. It’s never too late to re-think things when a situation is going anywhere. There is hope! what a positive post. I love your youtube video. I’m subscribing!

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    1. Aww thank you so much! I wish I was that organised; I just set it up week by week and see how it goes! I’d recommend checking out Etsy for cool stickers/prints – the absolute easiest way to make your bu-jo look 100000x prettier with no real effort!xx

  13. Your bullet journal posts give me some serious motivation to start mine but I kinda wanna practice doodling for the entire year and start one next year already planned out and themed etc lol but I know I should start small since I’ve never done one lol

  14. Completely get what you mean about January I feel like its the month of sorting out steps toward the goals and then February is starting doing it. Small steps add up in the end. oh and nice spread for the month ahead 🙂

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  16. Woah this is so beautiful! I really like how unique and individual your style is. I recently also wrote a post about my February bullet journal pages – maybe you could check it out? Thanks so much Juliette xx

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