Feb Wrap Up + March Bu-Jo Spread

Well, hello beautiful people – it’s that time of the month again. No, not that one; who do you think I am, mother nature?

It’s time for my monthly bullet journal spread! I can practically feel all your eyes rolling, but my engagement on bu-jo posts says that you guys secretly love ’em. So quit playing it cool and revel in the fact that we are all sad stationery addicts. It’s fine; creativity and all that, right? We’re developing skills here, people.

February absolutely flew by. I complained about January dragging out and it’s like February took that as a personal challenge.

Honestly, it was a pretty uneventful month. I got a bit of my mojo back (and, you know, a paycheck), started my new job and I feel like I finally actually started the year. Oh, and I got a new tattoo which is always fucking great. Most of my time was spent at work, sleeping (because body was not used to said work) or scambling to catch up with all the shit I missed because of said sleeping.

A lot of decisions were made in February (the psychic was right! More on that in another post…) and I feel like I’ve regained my sense of direction. That said, February has most definitely served its purpose – and it’s time for March.

This month’s spread is super minimal because I have decided to stop fighting it. I might love intricate, detailed bu-jo spreads . . . but I do not have the time or energy for them at the moment. Which is in many ways brilliant – if I had time to spend hours on decorating an ultimately meaningless collection of papers every day then I would arguably have far too much time on my hands.

Well, unless I were an artist. But, in case there’s any doubt about that, I am very strongly not.

As I’m starting my second job in March, I already know that my soul-deep exhaustion is going to be even worse – so my goals are incredibly minimal.

Summer, the things I do for money to enjoy you with.

My March goals are: to welcome in one of my two favourite seasons, Spring; set me some blog goals because I’ve been chugging away aimlessly on here; and get the second session of my tattoo done.Β  Simple and achievable – plus, they tie in to blogging as I’d love to share my new ink with you and I tend to welcome in Spring in very bloggable ways.

(Is that a word? It feels like a word. Fuck it, blog isn’t even a real word – I’m making bloggable legit, fight me on it.)

One of the things that really motivates me is blogging – I know, you’re shocked I’m not just here for the money. Well, I don’t know if I’m even earning through this site yet (money’s on no. Oh wait – what money?), so I guess I’ve got to get by on passion. Ugh; don’t you just hate when that happens? It’s just so not capitalism.

No, but seriously – I love blogging. I love the process of creating something, planning it, doing something (like a DIY) and sharing it with people. It’s interesting to me; engaging. So at the front of this month, instead of habit trackers that I’m too tired to fill in, I’ve decided to include a content calendar.

By the way kids . . . I’ve got some good shit coming up. You’re gonna love it.

Pastel highlighters are genuinely the best investment I ever made; they make my bu-jo look so much more aesthetically pleasing. They’re also linked below and on sale for under half the price. Don’t say I never gave you anything.

Pastel Highlighters – Set Of 6 – Amazon UK – Β£4.59

One of the biggest changes I made for March is one of pure laziness – I highly recommend it.

Essentially, I just . . . pre-made all of my layouts. I know some people do this normally, but I always leave myself space because I do tend to have random bursts of inspiration where I’ll create a whole layout for something else in the middle of the month. However, I’m going to be so busy for all of March that there will likely be no leftover energy for inspiration. Or pretty layouts.

So I’ve still kept the layouts minimal, but it just means that I don’t have to draw anything out at the beginning of the week – I can just open my bu-jo and go.

This bag was the first purchase of Spring (yep, I’m aware it’s snowing here in the UK . . . but I need to believe it’s spring. Just let me have this, please.) and it’s also just amazing, so naturally a photo of it deserved to be featured.

Right, so the next couple of images are just my weekly layouts. They really don’t require any annotation, so I’m just going to stop talking here. You don’t mind, do you?

Okay, well this post felt almost obscenely long. I hope it didn’t feel too painful.

Guys, we’re actually in the third month of the year tomorrow – how damn quickly has that gone? I hope you all have a great March, by the way.Β  What did you think of my bu-jo? Do you guys like the minimal look of it? What was your favourite spread? And do I have any fellow bullet journallers in the house? Let me know your thoughts below!

(Oh – and you should totally follow my bullet journal board on Pinterest too. Just sayin’.)


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58 thoughts on “Feb Wrap Up + March Bu-Jo Spread”

  1. I’ve actually never seen a bullet journal spread and had no idea what on God’s earth a bujo was short for, lol. It’s really freaking pretty. I feel you on the blogging thing. Having cool people to share stuff with is great. I can’t wait to see all the plans you have come to life. Keep running on passion till that good ole capitalism kicks in!

    1. GIRL WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Join the bujo cult….we welcome new members with open arms πŸ˜‰ jokes aside, bullet journalling is genuinely great and I really recommend it if you’re an organisation junkie (i am. i really am.) And yep that’s legit my favourite thing about blogging; you genuinely build your own little community, it’s great! xx

  2. β€œMost of my time was spent at work, sleeping, or scambling to catch up with all the shit I missed because of said sleeping.”

    WHY is this my entire existence?

    Mia, I swear to god I thought you were an artist. I thought your uni portfolio was to get into art school for visual arts. Are you suuuure you’re not an artist and you’re just being modest (because you’re sensitive about your shit)? You already know I live vicariously through you and I’m obsessed with your BuJo (and far too neurotic to have one of my own). Also me: trying to zoom in and read your cursive for the upcoming blog posts.


    1. Because girl bosses are busy bitches and we all have too much to do in too little time! :'(

      And well you are kind of right; I was developing a graphic design portfolio (I studied fine arts, media studies and graphic design from secondary to college). It’s more that when I was practising I USED to be good at art and now I know that my technical drawing ability has run off to Ibiza and left me behind LOL.

      (Hint hint: mother’s day, DIYs, notebook ideas, tidying room tips, setting some goals, crystal wishlist, a spring trailer and some other fancy things πŸ˜‰ ) xxx

  3. Girl your Bullet Journal is always so gorgeous! I WISH I was creative enough to do it. But I am not. We win some we lose some right? And oh my gosh I LOVE that you got a new tattoo! WE NEED a blog post! I can not wait to catch up with you in March and good luck with your new job! So flipping excited for yoU! <3

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