My Travel-Themed Stationery Wishlist aka Pimp My Bullet Journal


Bonjour mon petit croissants. It’s me; I have returned! I know, I know – you thought I was going to do another one of my “returns to blogging” wherein I only post consistently for two weeks and then I disappear for three months. Well, in all honesty, that might happen . . . but I’m really going to try and avoid it.

Anyways, brief explanation for why all my consistency suddenly dropped off a bit: I just left Melbourne and moved to Brisbane! Actually, I moved to a little city two hours out of Brisbane called Toowoomba, with three of the friends that I picked up in Melbourne. We’re currently living in a pretty remote area, on a national park in fact, which means that reception is spotty and Wi-Fi is non-existent. Hence, a missing Mia.

But, thanks to 50GB data packages and hot-spots, here I am. Hello. Today, we’re going to be talking about my favourite thing that life’s been missing since I’ve been in Australia: new stationery. New, shiny, pretty sticky things to make my journal look *Pinterest worthy*. If you guys remember my March Bullet Journal Set Up, you will remember that my current bullet journal . . . is actually a travel journal.


Now, I hold my hand up here: I have not been as good as I’d have like to have been with my journal recently. It’s looking a little bland, a little unloved in places. So naturally I need some cute things to pimp it up. And, as it is my Australia travel journal, I need some travel themed cute things. And if you’d like to document your trips in an insanely adorable way too, why not stick around to see whats on my wishlist?

As I am travelling and therefore on a budget, I’m going to be making this wishlist from my favourite cheap-and-cheerful store: Aliexpress. For those of you who aren’t aware of the amazingness that is Aliexpress, basically it’s a website where you buy items directly from factories in China. This means you cut out all the middle men and their markups and pay way less money. Shipping is also usually free worldwide, but it takes a hot minute to arrive.

Smarter Shopping, Better Living!

Scenic Washi Tape – £0.6 -£2 each

Okay, so I am in freaking love with these washi tapes! Like honestly . . . how cute are they? It’s like Pinterest threw up pre-selected cute images for your journal – and they’d make a perfect background for inserts like menus or pressed flowers.

Smarter Shopping, Better Living!

Vintage Style Travel Sticker Set 50pcs – £1.48

Do I need to explain why map stickers in a travel journal is a good idea? I think not.

Smarter Shopping, Better Living!

Travel Sticker Set 45pcs – £0.71

Wouldn’t these stickers just be absolutely perfect for annotating little travel journal entries?

Smarter Shopping, Better Living!

Travel Washi Tape – £1.43

Guys, we already know about my ongoing love affair with washi tape. It’s one of my Top 10 Ways To Make Your Bullet Journal Pretty With No Effort and it’s perfect for any number of uses. This stamp pattern washi tape? Well, just think about how perfect it would look sticking letters from home into your journal.

Smarter Shopping, Better Living!

Paper Clip Sticker Set – £0.71

Now, yes, I know this isn’t directly related to travel – but what a cute way to stick inserts like tickets into your journal.

Smarter Shopping, Better Living!

Gold Foil Sticker Set – £3.63

These little scrapbook stickers would be perfect for annotating your adventures!

Honestly, all of Aliexpress is such a trap, guys. I started off looking for some stationery top-ups and finished with a bunch of dresses on my wishlist. Send help. I am planning to do a big recap on my travels sometime soon, by the way, but I want to do it as a “look over my travel journal” so it isn’t insanely boring . . . Hence, the whole wait. (And the wishlist post.) Mama needs craft supplies.

Okay, kids, I hope you all enjoyed this post and discovered some cute stationery finds! I’m trying to blog, but it is hard where we currently are. Do you have a travel journal for when you go on little adventures? Would you try any of these finds? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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36 thoughts on “My Travel-Themed Stationery Wishlist aka Pimp My Bullet Journal”

  1. Aww,those stickers are so cute .I’m waiting for my own package from AliExpress with stickers ,it’s the best place to get cute stationary in my opinion ❤💞Great post

  2. Gold Foil makes alllll the difference in a bullet journal adding that little bit of sass! admire the dedication to blogging when you are struggling with wifi, hope you’re having lots of fun! <3

  3. I love these suggestions. Washi tape is honestly the best it just makes anything look adorable. I have to try Aliexpress at some point but know I’d I’ll end up spending way too much for my travel scrapbook.

  4. I don’t have a bullet journal, but I think a travel journal is a great idea! All the stickers & washi tape you found on Aliexpress are so cute! I’m inspired to start my own journal haha
    Tales of Belle

  5. okay lol i love the title of this. so much pretty washi tape! these posts always made me wanna take up journaling, but i know i would just be absolute trash at it 😂 i’m loving all this creative inspo!

  6. I really want to start a bullet journal with all of my Polaroids but I am so bad at starting projects and completing them! All of this stationary looks so cute – I want it all! xx

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