Tattoo Wishlist P2 – Roses & My Rose Tattoo!

It’s probably for the best that we get this out of the way early.

Guys . . . I have a confession to make.

I  love tattoos. I mean, to an abnormal degree. To the point that I dream about them and sketch tattoo ideas out in my spare time. If Rumplestiltskin were to offer me a deal, he wouldn’t ask me for my first child – he’d ask me for my tattoo ideas.

Now . . . Look, I realise that tattoos aren’t like clothes. You can’t just go browsing through a tattoo shop thinking “oooooh, I’ll take this, this and this – it’ll look great with those boots”. You need to put real thought and consideration into deciding whether you even want a tattoo before you even reach the minefield that is picking a style, design, placement and artist.

But. But. 

This does not stop me from coming across beautiful concepts and images and ideas that I want permanently inked onto my body. So, instead keeping this slightly addicted aspect of my life hidden the way that Gollum secretly coveted his precious ring, I’m sharing all my designs and inspiration with you all.

(And there are so many on the ever-growing list that this is definitely a part two of many.)

1. Growing rose


Be the rose among the thorns




Weird personality quirk of mine – I’m obsessed with layers. Like I can’t even explain it in a simple example; it seeps into all aspects of my life. I love layering clothes, I eat things in layers (watching me eat a KitKat is interesting to say the least), when I plan stories I develop characters and worlds in layers.

I don’t know how to explain it, but I think we can all gather that layers are important to me.

So when I first stumbled across this tattoo (below) I was hooked.

pé di pranta

I didn’t know what I wanted exactly (ink’s permanent so no rushing into choices!), but the concept was one I loved.

2. Rose in triangle


At this point, it’s probably a good idea to explain why I like roses so much. Honestly, there isn’t any deep and meaningful reason why – roses have just always been my favourite flower. They’re something I feel almost represent me and one of my favourite concepts; there’s so much duality to them.

They’re beautiful, yet thorny. Romantic, yet gothic. There’s something so iconic about roses.

While other flowers come in and out of fashion, (I’d say that sunflowers, lotus flowers and hibiscus flowers are very “in” at the moment) roses are classic and timeless. As for the triangle, I’m kind of obsessed with geometric shapes in tattoos. My first tattoo is compiled of triangles and circles.

3. Small rose on ribs



I am all about this placement. Although I do love my bigger pieces, small and delicate tats are absolutely gorgeous. Also, I kind of like the idea of having loads of hidden roses around my body.

4. Finger line rose


Again – the placement! Also, this is what I mean about the duality of roses; they can be delicate and sweet or they can be total rock’n’roll symbols of badassery.

5. Back of the neck tattoo

tiny tattoos (for sale) on Instagram: “ Yay or nay? ⚘ ⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚋ ☛owner: @tattoobyok Follow↪ @tiny.tatts Also Follow ↪ @black.tatts ↪ @tatts.nation ↪ @fashion.fet…”


6. Behind ear
Dainty rose tattoo

Image result for tiny black and white rose tattoo


7. Red ink rose

- ̗̀★ @GtfoLuna ★ ̖́-


Red ink tattoos are another thing that I’m in love with – I’m not entirely sure if I’d get one due to my skin tone and potential fading issues – but they’re awesome.

8. Rose on ankle

Small rose tattoo


9. Side of Wrist Tattoo

These Gorgeous Tattoo Ideas For Women Are Amazing


10. Roses On Wrist

Rose wrist tattoo by Zihwa


Now, there are a few other roses that I want but the rest of them are entwined in other designs where it’s more about the concept than the image. However, I do have a little treat for you – here’s a glimpse at the rose tattoo on the back of my thigh!


Alright you handsome devils; I hope you enjoyed this post. Do I have any fellow tattoo enthusiasts in the house? What do you all think about rose tattoos? Let me know below!

Part 1 of my tattoo wishlist (beautiful words I want tattooed) is linked here.


57 thoughts on “Tattoo Wishlist P2 – Roses & My Rose Tattoo!”

      1. Thanks for this! I’m definitely getting a rose tattoo on my arm very soon for my mum but I’ve struggled to find one I love! I’m really loving the one of the ribs and the ankle one! xx

        1. I love your blog, I love your wish list for tattoos my husband is tatted out and myself i have two but I have in mind a couple others I want so this totally it excites me I’ll definitely be following I hope you enjoy my blog too.

          1. I really like your picks! I think rose tattoos are always classic but modern. It’s actually the one tattoo that is kinda cliché but there’s so many styles that it’s not cliché?

            I personally wouldn’t get a tattoo just because I strongly believe it wouldn’t suit me (and besides, I wouldn’t know what I’d get and would probably not like it once I got it). But I really think they’d suit you. 🙂

            1. Thank you so much! And I totally agree; they’re the one flower that I’ll happily get (aside from lavendar and orchids) because they’re so timeless. They are a total cliche – but roses will never go out of style!

              And that’s fair enough – they aren’t for everyone 🙂 Thanks for reading lovely x

                  1. The finger line rose is beautiful, I love the idea of people just seeing a flash of it when your talking or gesturing… I talk with my hands a lot! I love tattoos, I’d love another but we shall see.

                  2. i love the idea of getting tattoos too, but never gotten the courage to get around to doing so. I think the one by the wrist (number 10) is a gorgeous piece! xx

                    1. I’d definitely recommend getting one – although, I must admit, I never had the chance to worry. As soon as I was legally allowed to get a tattoo, my parents strapped me into the chair x_x x

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