For The Love Of London: Canals

Hey, beautiful creatures – quick question for you.

What do Kings Cross St Pancras, Angel (Islington) and Camden have in common?

I mean, other than the fairly obvious link that they’re all in London. Hint: when in doubt, always look at the post title. Ah yes, you pub-quiz extraordinaires, you got it – all three places sport some, quite frankly, gorgeous canals.

If this doesn’t fill you with glee, then congratulations – you’re me a few years ago. So, for the entire one year that I went to college (loved it; picked stupid subjects, completed my first year and decided to do an apprenticeship instead) up in Islington, I had the pleasure of discovering an entirely new side to London. Until that point, I actually hadn’t liked living in London.

To be fair, I live in quite possibly the shittiest part of London, known only for the riots a few years back, so can you really blame me?

But going into North London everyday, making friends who liked to explore Central London with me and going to all these new places was absolutely eye opening for me. I discovered so much about London to love – and I now want to stay in London for uni. (Before, I’d planned to leave in favour of somewhere abroad.)

One of my favourite discoveries, however, has to be the canals. I’m so indescribly jealous of people who live near the canals – if I did, I would never leave them. I’d go there to sketch, to meditate, to just watch life go by. One of the things that I hate about my area is how ugly it is. I love being by myself (not in a weird way; hear me out) and I’d happily go for walks and chill out alone . . . but to go anywhere nice it would take at least a half an hour train journey.

Today’s post is just a little breath of escapism for all of us; a little chance for me to share one of my favourite spots in London with you all.

#1 – Camden Canals

On one of the last days of summer, I went to my friend, Danilo’s, neck of the woods to explore – the lucky sod lives in Camden, which is one of my favourite parts of London.


With the eccentric spirit of Camden, in all its beautiful character and vibrant soul, the sun shining on the canals makes for a playful day. You can hire boats and kayak down these scenic canals – finish up near the food stalls, or go to a delicious Italian resturaunt.

chinese resturaunt riverboat

Or you could board the Chinese food canal boat resturaunt. We preferred the sunlit spot to sit and reminisce about childhood memories and failed first kisses. Dan wins, his was way worse.

I’ve been to – and loved – Camden many times before this day, but never this side of it. More the slightly grungy markets and their rundown treasure-filled stalls. Camden was always a place almost beastly; mesmeringly off-key. Strange, quirky.

Yet something about the scenic stroll and the summer warmth of this canal revealed an entirely different side to Camden I’d never experienced. The kind of quaint and pictuesque London you see in movies.

Walking along these canals we were treated to some truly beautiful views and, as you exit, you walk through the lush mini-camps the river-boat-dwellers have set up.


Definitely should’ve taken an OOTD picture here. But hey – if you’re a Londoner and you want great spots to take OOTD photos, try the end of Camden canals!

See what a quaint and lush little walk it is?

I’m not even going to attempt to explain away the enigma that is Danilo. He’s a unique breed of special.

#2 – Kings Cross St Pancras Canals

Now, the Kings Cross St Pancras Canals show the real divide in London – you’ve got the pretty and you’ve got the urban. The sprawling mansions and the tower blocks. Camden canals is very much the first . . . and Kings Cross is the second.

Look at how beautiful my best friend is! Also . . . she’s got some wicked hair.

Immediately, Kings Cross is much more grey and grungy; surrounded by buildings and flats instead of Camden’s greenery.

Rather randomly, we stumbled across one of the UAL campuses – which is my dream uni! I’m taking it as a sign from God.

Although less than pristine, I think the charm and character the canal-side flats have make up for it.


As you walk along the canals, you’ll be treated to a variety of graffiti. Some of it incredibly artistic and interesting . . . some of it less so.

Personally, I enjoyed the poetry and the quotes we managed to find in amongst all the scribbling. Oh – and the dead body.

Who could ignore such a wonderful mural? This is a club on the “to check out” list, for sure.

Ah . . . and here’s possibly the funniest image ever. The buddha with the fidget spinners!

That said, there are some genuinely thought-provoking art pieces.

I’d highly recommend looking up Berta Vive.

Anyways, this was just a quick (ish) post to share a few of my favourite places in London with you! If you are ever around these areas, I would highly recommend taking a trip down the canals; they’re a really relaxing and scenic walk. (Albeit very different scenery for each one.) Which was your favourite? Have you ever visited any of the London canals? Would you? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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47 thoughts on “For The Love Of London: Canals”

  1. This was so interesting to read! I’ve gotta say, when you were saying how nice camden canal is I was like …??really?? But that’s because I’ve only been to the lock/market where it’s kind of.. edgy hahahaha. These pictures are gorgeous 😍 I’d love to explore London more but as someone who doesn’t go ofter I tend to only visit the more touristy parts

    1. Thanks lovely! And I had the EXACT same thought when I went down there for the first time, but it actually is such a lovely place! That’s understandable; if you’re ever down and want to explore, hit me up! πŸ™‚

    1. The post made me smile because I loved wandering by the canals too. I had a thing for the floating bookstore on the canal which changed locations and I last tripped into it in King’s Cross. Gosh I miss it all so! Lovely photos of your friends and you, the graffiti and lastly, may I be cheeky enough to point out that it is Shiva with the spinners. xx

      1. Thank you so much! Oh my goodness – I actually know the exact one you mean! When I was going to school in Angel (Islington) the library was at the canals there! And thank you lovely – why of course you can. I think I just assumed because of the pose, thank you for the correction πŸ™‚ xxx

        1. I wondered if you might throw a bagel at me πŸ˜› I am relieved.
          I have not seen the likes of that little barge stuffed with books anywhere else. Such a floating piece of joy it is.

          1. I love colouring canals, but unfortunately I’ve never been to any of the ones in London! But I’ve made a list of these and next time I go I’ll be sure to visit these ones. Lovely post!

          2. There is something I absolutely love about the vibe of these photos and it makes me want to go asap – the Camden one seems perfect for little boat trips both my mum and I would enjoy a lot. Thank you so much for these suggestions as I’m always looking to explore different sides of London! (And get good outfit pics as well πŸ˜‚) ❀️

              1. Thank you lovely! And I definitely agree – I wish I’d known about them sooner! There are also some pretty cool boats in Hyde Park πŸ™‚ And yes girl – you know about those outfit pics! <3

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