Hey, Honey I’m Home! – A Peek At Our New Air Bnb!

Hello, beautiful people – let me take you on a long-ass, boring as hell journey with me. Thirteen hours on a flight to Singapore, sixteen hours on a layover in Singapore airport (a layover with ice-cream and the best chicken wings a girl could ask for, sure, but still sixteen bloody hours) and then another 8 hours to Gold Coast. It was long, it was boring – and it was suprisingly cold – but we finally made it to Australia!

(Also, apologies for not posting, but I mean look at that nonsense – there was no will to live, let alone write something somewhat coherent. I can’t even promise that this will be coherent and I’ve just had an over 12 hour sleep.)

Anyways, courtesy of the best Uber driver anyone could ask for, we have tons of things to do and take a look at over the next few weeks – and we got a free mini tour around the area we’re in too! However, as of our first day, we’re also jet-lagged to the point that remembering basic words is a challenge. So I’m going to share a mini tour of our Air Bnb with you (because it’s beautiful) and then I’m going right back to sleep.

I feel like nobody will appreciate the effort I had to go to just to make sure the damn audio was hearable (is that a word? I feel like that’s not a word).

Honestly, guys, this place is so beautiful – and it was so affordable. Β£380 each for 3 weeks next to the beach! (And look at these beach views!)


Sorry for the short update, but I’ve been busy soaking it all in (and also . . . sleeping. Jetlag is real.) I’m still massively behind on replying to blog comments, but I’m getting there guys! Okay, I hope you enjoyed this ‘lil apartment tour. Do you like this place? And can we talk about how beautiful the apartment is? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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46 thoughts on “Hey, Honey I’m Home! – A Peek At Our New Air Bnb!”

        1. My brother recently went to Australia for his gap year and he complained about the flight too – it takes so long to get there but it is 100% worth it when you do! He actually got accommodation for his layover to try and break it up. That is such a good deal on the air bnb – we paid that for one week abroad! xx

        2. Hahaha you are a hoot, Mia. That is the first time I have seen a part-whispering video, so that was fun. Your new digs are cool and the patio is so inviting. I can see so many girly evenings of fun playing out there. Have fun decorating your room and just falling in love with your new home! Hugs xx

          1. Why thank you girly! I had to run it through my video editor 4 bloody times to increase the audio enough that it was hearable lol so maybe just a one time thing πŸ˜‰ And I know, most definitely! Thanks girly xx

            1. I can understand you must been tired and I also had a jet lag when I came back from New York City a few years ago. I hope you get a lot of sleep πŸ™β€ That place looks awesome and omg I wish to go there once. I really want to live next to the beach. Your home looks awesome and also so cheap, lucky you ✌ Have fun girl!

              1. Thank you girly! I’ve definitely had enough sleep to sleep it off now! <3 And I KNOW it's so affordable and so pretty, i was honestly a bit confused. I hope you do get to go one day, it's a pretty area x

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