Italy Diaries: Final Day In Venice OOTD

Oh, sweet blog family, how have we reached this sad day so soon? We are at the final day of my trip to Italy . . . and dare I say we saved the best til last?

Nah, probably not.

I mean, Venice was absolutely amazing but I think the OOTDs from Rome were probably the best ones. (Definitely worth a look, if you haven’t seen them already. Just saying.) At the beginning of the holiday I was so young, full of hope and blogging motivation . . . by the end of it, I was just in awe and mentally planning my next trip back. No time to pose for OOTD photos.

If you remember, my second day in Rome we ended up walking through a strip of shops. Naturally, due to my uncontrollable spending addiction and dedication to opposing the nudist lifestyle, I was powerless to resist a little clothes shopping. Although, I mean, I think I showed considerable restraint in that I only bought one dress – and that dress is what is featuring in my final OOTD!

Guys, this dress. I walked past the store and actually stopped because the mannequin had it on and I just knew. I knew that this dress and I . . . we could have some fun together. We could make some memories together. We could rock Venice together.

Don’t worry – your girl has got you alternatives. (Links are attached to the photos and affiliate links.)

Parisian Petite Floral Maxi Dress

Also, I know this isn’t supposed to be a wishlist post or anything, but while we’re here . . . look at this gorgeous dress I found when looking for alternatives.

Moving on . . .

So the one thing I noticed in Italy was black. They wear a lot of black and a lot of leather – and I freaking loved it. My leather jacket is a trusty travel companion pretty much everywhere I go and it earned its space in my carry on this trip.

Venice is a bit cooler than the other cities and as most of the parts you walk in are pretty narrow alleyways, you end up in a lot of shade. So the leather jacket was actually worn quite often as we strolled around.

Fun fact that we learnt from our gondola driver (yes, we rode in a gondola. Yes, it was fucking awesome. Yes, I will tell you about it in a minute) is that Venice is actually made up of really small islands. All of the bridges connecting the land together are actually connecting islands. Pretty cool, right?

The first thing we did was catch the bus into Venice, then the waterbus to . . . uh, a station? This is a touristy bit (there was a big cathedral) but I’ll be honest here and admit that I was just following my grandma and mum around here. I don’t know what we did, I just know it was pretty.

Have photos to make up for the fact I was useless.


See? Beautiful. The inside was just as lovely, but I have to admit I wasn’t really in the right mood to appreciate it. It’s fine, I mean . . . you gotta have something to go back to Venice for right?

After our little escapade in the cathedral, we spent some time wandering the lovely canal-side streets. It had an almost marketplace feel to it in places, with how small and cramped (in a really cosy, nice way) everything was. So many little treasure trove shops to be discovered as we wandered round.

Unfortunately, I have never been great at resisting treasure. (Seriously, in another life I think I may have been a Valkyrie because you can distract me very easily wih shiny things.) (Also, I mean, I was literally wearing a dress that I bought earlier on the trip.)

So I bought a few pieces of jewellery for my father. (That’s what’s in the Amen bag, which is actually an Italian brand I discovered and I love it.)

After exploring for a while, we naturally sat down for some ice cream and a nice meal . . . and then, my dear sweet friends, then is when we did what I came here to do.

We rode some fucking gondolas.

Well, one. We rode in one gondola – but that is besides the point, the point is that it was freaking awesome. Let me just, straight up, say right now: yes, the gondola rides are expensive and yes, they are worth it. Add it to your damn bucketlists. Now.

Added it? Great. So the fee for the gondolas is 80 euros for half an hour, but that’s for the entire boat – and you can fit 6 people in there. If you’re in a group, it’s easy to split the cost.

Honestly, though, it’s such a lovely experience I don’t think our trip to Venice would have been complete without it. Firstly, the motion of the boat is just really oddly relaxing. However, more than that, the views. Now, naturally you can see a lot of Venice walking around, but there are loads of little side roads and alleyways that you just wouldn’t think to explore. And they’re beautiful.

Our gondola driver was also a really informative and interesting guide; we learnt a lot about Venice that we definitely would not have known.

Want some facts? Well, my friends, if you insist:

  • Most of Venice floods at some point during winter, so a lot of the bottom floors of houses/flats are empty or used for storage
  • Underneath Venice is mud.
  • There are wooden poles used all around Venice; these look new as hell . . . they’re not. Most of them have been there since Venice was built, but because of the mud Venice was on the wood doesn’t get oxygen and doesn’t decay. (I definitely remembered that wrong, but it’s along those lines okay.)

I’m clearly getting old because I can’t quite remember all the cool things that he told us – but it was a really interesting journey. Plus, I mean even if he had been mute . . . we rode in a gondola.

You may all be somewhat shocked to learn that I actually preferred the architecture in Venice to both Florence and Rome. While they had a lot of “wow” power and big flashy buildings, pretty much all of Venice’s buildings were just damn gorgeous.

One thing I will say is that, while I am definitely missing all the beauty that is Italy, I think the time of year we went was perfect. It was busy, but not too busy (although I’m a Londoner and we’re a tourist hub ourselves, so I’m used to it) – but you could already tell that soon it would be jam packed.

If you want to take a trip of your own to Italy (and I highly recommend it) you can always do what I did and use a Wowcher. I visited Rome, Florence and Venice for 6 nights (hotels, flights and transfers included!) for £250. My exact deal has expired, but they always have similar ones up. Here’s one I found (and if any UK bloggers want to go CAN YOU TAKE ME WITH YOU PLEASE, I’LL HAPPILY GO AGAIN!):

8 night Rome, Florence, Lake Garda and Venice Trip – From £299 pp

I hope you guys enjoyed my Italy diaries! What did you think of this OOTD? Are you as in love with Venice as I still am? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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46 thoughts on “Italy Diaries: Final Day In Venice OOTD”

  1. You are stunning girl! I love your dress so much! I can see why you couldn’t resist it haha 🙂 Venice is a beautiful place, I need to go back there some day! Really loving your photos and have seriously enjoyed this series xxx

    1. Thank you so much lovely lady! And I’m so glad you enjoyed the series, I loved writing it. I think I’ll definitely do my trip recaps in this style from now on 🙂 xxx

  2. I believe the building is called the Doge’s Palace as it was the residence of the Doge, the ultimate authority of Venice. We actually went up the Bell Tower when we were there because it offers an incredible view of Venice. I think a gondola ride is definitely a must if you haven’t before, but due to the price and the fact it is just a boat ride, I don’t think I will be doing it again should I revisit. xx

    1. Thank you so much lovely! I didn’t even realise there was a belltower, something else to add to the bucketlist for next time right? 😉 And I agree with you here; gondola ride was amazing but if i went back i’d probably save my money because it’s been done now xx

  3. How incredible! I am in awe at Italy’s infrastructure. It’s so romantic and cozy. That dress is divine—if you didn’t buy it, I’d shame you for being conservative on vacation! Can’t wait to see what else you’ve got strummed up! I know the Australia recap will be just as awesome!

    Dom |

    1. I know right? What a beautiful country, all the places we visited are literally stunning it’s crazy! And why thank you! I personally thought “well, I need a souveneir, right?” xx

  4. I’m sobbing this is like a fairy tale. Glad you can share your experience with us ! I never wanted to travel to uk/Italy/Paris or those really popular travel places other than Tokyo maybe, but it does seem like something everyone should experience at least once. I’m just not into the popular places, but wth Tokyo is a popular tourist place too so might as well go to all of them 🌍

    1. Thank you girl – it was such a dream, so beautiful! (Although I mean if you want to see something REALLY dreamy, check out my disneyland paris over christmas trip… AMAZING holiday). Tokyo sounds awesome tbh! x

  5. Firstly, that dress is everything!!! It’s the best when you see an item of clothing and it’s love at first sight :’) Secondly, I have a major urge to go to Venice now, because everything about it seems perfect, from the beauty and the charm to the numerous shopping opportunities. Loved reading your posts about Italy, and the pics are gorgeous of course! Xx

    1. I love your outfit you are stunning in it 😊 Venice looks amazing I’d love to go there some day. You took some amazing pics and I’m so sad that this is the end of the Italy diaries 😭 xx

      1. Thank you so much lovely! Honestly, I hope you get there – you’d really appreciate the culture and the beauty! I’m sad too – just means I’ll have to go on another trip I guess 😉 xx

      2. First of all WHY is this your last post? (oh yeah end of vacation, back to reality…Booo) Seriously girl I have been living vicariously through you! And you finished your Italy travels with a bang! That dress is stunning! Also Italy suits you! You are a model and own those Italian cobblestone streets! Thanks for taking us on your adventures! <3

          1. LOL. I just laughed out loud in a coffee shop. And sorry beauty, my bad…(but I don’t want this to be your last post! ;p) Yes girl! We need to take some in the future! I am sensing some collaborations! Just not sure if the world can handle us though! ;p <3

        1. All these pictures were so damn beautiful 😍😍😍I would love to go Venice. I love your flower dress so much. You are always looking beautiful 😍 I aldo wanna take a gondola ride. It looks so amazing! I love this series so much. Thank you for sharing

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