Italy Diary: Florence Day 2 + OOTD

Hey beautiful people – welcome back to my Italy Diaries! If you aren’t all caught up, make sure you take a read of my Day 1 and Day 2 in Rome. Italy’s such a beautiful place, you’re going want to read about all the bits I visited – trust me.

So, Florence. Because we caught the train from city to city, my day 3 in Rome/Day 1 in Florence was pretty non-descript, so we’re skipping it. Cool? Cool.

Now, I feel like the order we travelled in was perfect. Why? Because Rome . . . was beautiful. But Florence? Well, Florence was breathtaking. Unfortunately, I did not take OOTD pictures that did it justice, but I’ve committed to writing these OOTD diary posts and I’m not a quitter. Let’s do this.

Firstly, can we have a moment of appreciation for clothes that get worn for years on end? I’ve had this Missguided shirt dress since secondary school and it’s not going anywhere soon. I’m pretty sure I picked this up for something crazy cheap like £10 on sale (because I was a broke student; all my clothes were sale steals. Actually, nothing’s changed – I’m still a bargain hunting kind of girl.) and it’s been worn countless times.

Here are some alternatives that you can grab! (Links are affiliate links.)


For our first (and only) full day in Florence, like day 2 of Rome, we went the tourist route. Again, we were super lucky with hotel placement and the bus into the center of Florence was right outside our hotel – so we booked a walking tour, headed in a couple of hours early and explored for a while.

Now, while I could wax poetical about the beauty of Florence and all the (quite frankly awe-inspiring) architecture . . . I’ll get to all that later. Because the first thing we did was pop into Accessorise to buy some sunglasses (I mean, yes, I already had 2 pairs . . . but you can never have too many sunglasses) and then, my dear friends, then I found the Lindt store.


Honestly, I have no idea why I was so entranced; I’m pretty sure you can find Lindt everywhere in the world. But, hey, I’m a simple girl – I see a shop selling loads of chocolate, I enter said shop and buy more chocolate than is healthy for any one human.

After a brief chocolate interlude and some lunch, we went in to the central square where we were promptly blown the fuck away.

In fact, let me just pause right here and say: this place (Il Duomo di Firenze) is a straight-up bucketlist add. It’s so immensely intricate and beautiful that you absolutely can’t miss it if you’re in Florence.

Il Duomo di Firenze, also called Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore or according to Google “Florence Cathedral”, is . . . well, I mean, it’s what it says on the tin: a cathedral. However, what makes it noteworthy (aside from all the jawdropping architecture, of course) is that there are actually four  awesome buildings in the same square.

1. The cathedral. Free to enter, but the museum requires a ticket.

2. The dome. Absolutely fucking amazing and way higher up than my photos make it look. You can climb all the way to the top for 45 euros, if I remember correctly. The dome is technically part of the cathedral, but tickets are sold separately.

3. Not a clue what it’s called, but the place where babies are baptised. I have no idea if this is open to the general public, but on the day we went it wasn’t.

4. The belltower. We didn’t look into this one, as we knew if we were going to do anything it would have to be the dome.

I actually have a photo of it ready to show you. Albeit a terrible one.

Can you see the four buildings? The dome is at the back; the cathedral in front of it; the belltower to the right and the baptist-part (so official) is at the front.

So in just one square you have so much history and beautiful architecture; well worth a visit, right?

Our walking tour naturally included these beautiful buildings – and we found out some really interesting things about them. Want some facts you’re likely not going to use ever again? Let’s do this:

  • Those statues you see in the photo above are from the Florence Cathedral; there are multiple layers of statues, God being depicted at the very top (not pictured). This row is of all the saints – but above the saints are some of the great minds of the time. Scientists, artists, sculptors – Galileo, Michaelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci are up there! – are the ones directly under God.
  • The cathedral’s exterior is pink, white and green marble – but the pink was originally meant to be red, so that the colours represented the Italian flag. The Italian flags colours mean: faith, hope and charity.

  • The architect (Brunelleschi) who designed the dome was, naturally, a fucking genius – but, much like the Egyptian Pyramids, nobody knows how he did it. Sadly, this means that if the dome is ever damaged or destroyed . . . there won’t be any way to exactly replicate it.
  • That architect also hand chose every brick used in the dome.
  • In that little gold ball at the top, there used to be remains and relics, but the dome was hit by lightning, the ball fell off and when they replaced it they decided to put the relics inside the cathedral.

Honestly, the tour was amazing and we learnt so much that I’d really keep you here all day just on these buildings – and there’s still more to see! If you are in Florence, though, there’s so much rich history that I highly recommend a walking tour. It really helps you to appreciate the beauty of everything.

This olive tree was planted to represent peace; a mafia bomb was set off outside a house in Florence (in that spot) back in 1993 and it killed 5 people.

Okay, I’m going to cut this post off here because we’re over the 1,000 word count and I’m sure you beautiful people have better things to do than listen to me yammer on all day! Our day in Florence was far too short and it’s easily one of the most charming cities I’ve been in; dare I say, I preferred it to Rome! I’d love to come back and climb up the Dome (my grandma has a bad back, so that was a no go this time round.)

If you want to take a trip of your own to Italy (and I highly recommend it) you can always do what I did and use a Wowcher. I visited Rome, Florence and Venice for 6 nights (hotels, flights and transfers included!) for £250. My exact deal has expired, but they always have similar ones up. Here’s one I found (and if any UK bloggers want to go CAN YOU TAKE ME WITH YOU PLEASE, I’LL HAPPILY GO AGAIN!):

8 night Rome, Florence, Lake Garda and Venice Trip – From £299 pp

What did you guys think of Florence? Isn’t the architecture beautiful? Did you like my OOTD? Shirt dresses are an easy outfit, right? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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67 thoughts on “Italy Diary: Florence Day 2 + OOTD”

  1. I actually stayed down the road from the Cathedral but never actually found out what it was, other than being pretty! Didn’t see the Lindt store either which I’m disappointed about because I adore their truffles. There were two places I would recommend visiting for when you go back to Florence (when not if ofc!) – Piazzale Michaelangelo which offers panaromic views over Florence and the Boboli Gardens which is a garden of beautiful sculptures. xx

    1. Girl, you KNOW I’m going back! Thanks for the recommendations, I’ll make a note of em 🙂 And I didn’t have a clue either LOL but the tour we booked explained it all xx

      1. We did a hop-on, hop-off tour but it was often hard to hear what they were saying as they had such strong Italian accents! xx

      2. Yes I agree with piazzale Michelangelo, and I’d recommend going at sunset too, it’s stunning! So many people gather, it’s an amazing atmosphere, everyone finds a seat grabs a beer from the street vendors and enjoys the music floating around from buskers whilst watching the sun set over all of Florence 😍 its beautiful!! Xo

      1. Thank you lovely! Ugh, there are so many places that I went to as a kid and I really want to rediscover! Hope you get to Florence, I think you’d really enjoy it 🙂 xx

    2. Oh my gods, those are beautiful pictures! I love the architecture it is just SO amazing! ❤ I want to go there, too. I’ve never really fancied Florence but I do know right after seeing this post!! 🙈

      1. Thank you girly – and I know right, it’s STUNNING. I have to admit, before going to Florence I never particularly wanted to either, but after visiting I definitely want to go back! xx

    3. Coyote from Orion

      I will never forget some uppity pom in York lecturing my mother on York being a minster and not an abbey. He even called her a colonial etc…
      My 400lb Rottweiler also known as a bitch of a nurse (to her friends) and the cherished daughter of a Warrant Officer then asked the hobbit why Westminster Abbey was called both.
      I don’t know he said.
      To which Mum said… fuck you dickhead.
      She was over a decade sober so everyone was safe.

        1. Coyote from Orion

          Venice and Florence: the 2 basic models of the enlightenment during the renaissance in Europe. I will always be a Han Solo type in Florence…. would have a great jacket.

      1. I was in Florence 4 years ago and it’s still one of my favorite trips I ever had. Italy is my favorite country so naturally I love everything about it. Gorgeous photos dear. xx

      2. I visited Florence back in November and this has brought back all the memories! You’re definitely right, the architecture is breathtaking, we climbed up the dome – it was hard work but definitely worth it! Would you go back again? P.S – your dress is beaut!
        Pippa x

        1. Isn’t Firenze beautiful…..I can never get tired of going there….Oh, the history, art, and culture…and the magnificent architecture…its like a walking tour of Renaissance

        2. Wooowza, everything here is BREATHTAKING. I’ve had it on my bucket list to go for so long but haven’t gotten around to it (yet) – everything is like, art though, I think I’d be mesmerised. And of course you look gorgeous as always! xx

        3. I thought I loved your Rome pics but girl. girl, GIRL!!!!! Jaw dropping, my keyboard has drool all over it, I am green with envy, and about ready to book a ticket yesterday! Your pics are stunning! And I adore that first picture of you! I can completely relate to those staple pieces you have had for eons! I seem to own more of the goodies but oldies during the Summer and I love it. It is like welcoming long lost friends when the weather gets warmer.
          That cathedral is stunning, and okay I have never been, but I think Florence has just become my favorite place! Thanks for sharing beauty! <3

          1. RIGHT? Honestly, I was just as stunned as you – I hadn’t done any research about Florence, so I was NOT expecting all that beauty to catch me off guard! Thank you girly <3 And DEFINITELY – I think summer style is just timeless tbh 🙂 I hope you get to girl, I genuinely think you'd love it <3

        4. Ugh my sister pressed enter ^^ Anyways, gurl your outfit is on fleek and the architecture in Florence is gorgeous. Aah the Lindt shop – send me somee 😂 Loved this post and can’t wait for more.

          1. Don’t worry about it – my cat CONSTANTLY walks over my keyboard and sends things early so I feel your pain x_x and THANK YOU! I won’t lie – those chocolates didn’t even make it to the airport LOL xx

        5. Beautiful Florence…she had my heart too 🙂 I love your look, Mia, and hey, I would go bonkers inside any Lindt shop too. And I think I am greedier than you. My bag might have been fuller 😛 xx

          1. gorgeous photos and that architecture is absolutely stunning!!! love your dress also 🙌🏻 so awesome when you have something in your closet for years & still wear it!!

          2. Did you know that chocolate actually has the ability to release stress-relieving “happy” hormones, so initially, chocolate is really good for mental health, and depending on if you like dark chocolate (I know it’s far and in between for those who do), it’s known to increase memory and study habits, as well as help with energizing.
            The only reason I know that much is because I will do anything to have an excuse on why I eat chocolate all the time.
            Also, that dress was awesome, and I’m all for sales, and the pictures of Florence was freakin’ amazing!

          3. Can we buy Lindt chocolates at every grocery store here? Yes. Would I still lose my freaking mind if I saw a Lindt store in Florence? Hell yes. The architecture is so intricate; how tf do they maintain such precious stones? If these are the photos, I can only imagine seeing all of this beauty up close and personal!!! I love how you only wear designer dresses and every one of them was 20£. Deals, Mia! Deals! 😍

            Dom |

            1. Dom you are quite literally me. I was like “yes, yes I know it’s available everywhere….. BUT I WANT IT FROM HERE.” And they do restoration works (thankfully; imagine how devastating it would be to lose such beauty!); you can see the scaffolding behind the cathedral in one of the pictures where they were doing some bits while we were there 🙂 Aha why thank you girly! xx

          4. Wow! Breathtakingly beautiful! I would absolutely love going here. I’m obsessed with history, culture and exploring. It’s so incredible that it doesn’t look real. And you’re right about those clothes that stay with you for years. The dress is gorgeous and what a good price. I want to buy more shirt dresses for summer. xx

            1. It is honestly so stunning – I really hope you get to go, it sounds like you’d LOVE it. And definitely recommend shirt dresses for summer – they come into fashion year after year too xx

          5. Your shirt dress is gorgeous and Florence looks amazing. I actually went to Rome a few years ago and I loved it, I can’t imagine how much I’ll Florence!

          6. I want to go so bad, ugh! Architecture like that just makes me swoon, and I’ve only seen the old buildings of New York, which is a relatively young city in comparison. I can’t imagine the beauty in person. Thanks for sharing!

            1. I don’t blame you – I’m home now and I just want to go back and relive it! And yeah, I have to admit when we went to New York it was pretty but it didn’t blow me away 🙂 x

          7. OK. Florence is on my bucket list now 😀 Your shirt dress is lovely and you look gorggg (as always). I also love it when items are that nice that they are in my closet for year and years! It’s like a confirmation of how good that purchase was. And I totally feel you in regard to that Lindt store.. I have visited a few in different countries and it’s still a little piece of heaven every single time 🙂 xxxx

          8. Mia, woooooooow. First of all, I LOVE your hair. (I’m sure I’ve already told you that at one point, but I just had to tell you!)
            Secondly, with everything going on in life right now, I long for a holiday like yours omg, I was in Florence once and it was STUNNING. Italy has such a rich culture and so many interesting people, I just love visiting. Beautiful photos (as always), so jealous 😭😍😍

            1. Omg thank you girly! And I genuinely really recommend that if you can you take one 🙂 It was really beautiful and inspiring actually – look how much bloody content I’ve managed to get from it, after all 😉 xx

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