Winter Holidays You NEED & My December Plans

I have been waiting for this post for months.

Hi guys – today we’re going to be talking travel. It may surprise some  most  all of you to learn that, upon first starting this blog, I actually wanted to be somewhat of a travel blogger. I know; who on earth would have got that from any of my content?

Shall we take a look at where I’ve been this year?

  • Mauritius
  • Lisbon
  • Milan
  • Cyprus
  • Valencia
  • … and I want to say there’s somewhere else, but I’ve genuinely forgotten.

It doesn’t matter – that’s not the point. The point is how many of these trips did you know about? How many have you read about? Hm? Huh? Oh, is that silence I hear? Yes, yes, it is – because I’m a shit travel blogger. Well, I can’t quite promise that’s going to change (can I, however, interest you in a guarantee that it probably won’t?) – but today I’m going to be sharing with you all my travel plans for December and giving you some Winter trip inspo of your own!

What am I getting up to next month? Let’s do this:

  • 1st-4th December – Toronto

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    Toronto is the first stop in a two-part Christmas present I got for my mother; we fly out to Canada for a few days then fly over to America and visit New York! I’d never actually thought about Canada (or America) as potential holiday destinations, but my mum loves America and figured both places would be beautiful at Christmas, so away we go!

  • 4th-8th December – New York

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    Again, outside of my mother’s influence, I probably never would have made my own way to New York – but it’s so pretty! I’m crazy excited for our holiday together; it’s going to be so Christmassy and we already have some fun shit planned. Both of us are theater lovers, so we’ve pre-booked Broadway tickets to see Kinky Boots (I’ve seen it in London and it was amazing, but my mother hasn’t so I’m making her go, then when we’re back in London on my birthday – the 29th – we’re going to go watch Book Of Mormon again) and a couple of excursions in each place!

  • 13th-15th December – Disneyland Paris

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    I’m sorry, but does this even need any explanation? It’s Disneyland . . . at Christmas. I love France and spent most of my childhood summers over there (my grandad is technically my step-grandad and is French, so come the summer holidays he would take me to France in his caravan for a few weeks), so I’m excited to go back. This one’s a best friend holiday with my always fun Leila!

  • 17th-20th December – Swiss Alps

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    Okay, so I’m excited about all of the other trips . . . but this one I’m excited about. Why? We’re staying in these luxury eco-pods (pictured) on the Swiss Alps and they look amazing. I’m going with one of my friends, Tara.

    And now I’m going to tell you how I afforded all of this, because boy-oh-boy money does not grow on trees and my bank account is more than aware of this. (Although my recent spending habits suggest otherwise…)

So, here’s one of my life hacks: Wowcher. In case you haven’t heard of it, (in which case, what rock have you been living under and are you, in fact, Patrick from Spongebob in disguise? Blink twice for yes.) Wowcher is a massive discount site. Before you ask: yes, it’s legit – I’ve actually learnt about it at work (I just finished a digital marketing course) and been using it for years.

** Disclaimer: I’m not sponsored by Wowcher in any way (which is a shame when you think about it; Wowcher, feel free to send me on a free holiday) and all opinions/trips booked and taken are my own, BUT I am an affiliate, so if you purchase any deals from Wowcher I receive a small payment – like a tip. This doesn’t affect the price you pay in any way; it just means I get a free cup of coffee! **

If you’re flexible about the dates, you can pick up some fabulous deals on holidays and trips away. (And things in your local area; you can go paintballing with a group of 10 friends for like £10, paintballs included! There are escape rooms, meals, clubs, classes and more. It’s great!) It’s also international so, while these are trips from the UK, it’s still worth checking out to see ones near you.

All of these holidays were booked through Wowchers – and meant I saved an average of around 60-70% on them! The somewhat depressing thing about Wowcher is that deals usually run for between a week to a few months, so once it’s gone . . . it’s gone. (Although there are new deals being added literally every day.) But here are a few of the travel deals currently running that I’d consider if my December weren’t already full!

#1 – Italian Christmas Market – From £69pp

Italian Christmas Market Hotel & Flights – From £69pp (based on two people sharing a room) – Linked

#2 – German Christmas Market


2-3 Night German Christmas Markets – from £79pp (based on two people)

#3 – Berlin & Prague Trip

4-6nt Berlin & Prague Trip – From £139pp (based on 2)

#4 – New York Trip

3-4 Night New York Trip – from £399 pp

#5 – Swiss Alpine Eco-Pod

2-3 Night Swiss Whitepod Stay – from £299 pp

And the best thing about all this? These deals are all for the flights and the hotel! I know; just take a moment to appreciate the good value! I hope you guys got some serious wanderlust from this and are tempted to try out some beautiful new destinations this winter. They also have a great selection of warm countries, if that’s more your thing, but I was keeping it Christmassy. Personally, I cannot wait to jump inside one of those Swiss eco-pods – and my best friend Leila is such a massive laugh that I’m thinking Disneyland isn’t going to go quite as expected . . . Do any of you have some fun travel plans coming up over November/December? Would you visit any of these places? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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45 thoughts on “Winter Holidays You NEED & My December Plans”

  1. I actually thought you were an international assassin like Bridget Fonda doing the Slash from G’n’effing roses look. I thought you were obviously keeping it low key and rock star at the same time…
    Are you telling us it isn’t like this… or are you just putting up some more veneer just to keep up the legend?

  2. I do not have any travel plans for this year because unfortunately I am working but because of this inspiration I maay squeeze in a cheeky getaway one weekend as I am INSANELY jealous of all of your travel plans! I mean, disneyland around christmas is going to be magical. Cannot wait to read all about your trips – I think you’d make a great travel blogger;D <3

    1. Aww that’s such a shame – but get that money girl! Save up for summer 😉 And definitely do – a lil weekend trip never hurt anyone. You could check out a nice Christmas market and say you’re visiting for your blog! And thank you lovely; I can’t wait to share the trips on the blog 😀 <3

  3. Oh wow I’m so jealous!! I’m going to New York next year for Christmas and I absolutely can’t wait, also Disneyland at Christmas is the most magical thing you’ll EVER experience omg, it’s my favourite theme that they do!! xxx

  4. Wow this is amazing, you’ve really been adventuring this year/going to be adventuring! Honestly the definition of travel goals right here. Your plans sound amazing and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous! Also what amazing deals! I think I’ll look ahead and consider travelling more next year, it’s one of my ultimate dreams to travel around the world! Have the best time, definitely looking forward to hearing about it all! xx

  5. TORONTO! That’s where I live! You’ll love it here. As they say on the show 30 Rock, Toronto is just like New York but without all the stuff. 😛
    Disney at Christmas will be so lovely! Have the best time!
    Haha, are you even going to be home at all in December? Do you not go to school / work!!!
    We don’t typically travel in the winter months – we do Spring and Fall. Germany and Poland are on our list of places to go next year, most likely. 🙂

    1. WOOO! We’ve been looking into things to do in Toronto and it looks fun 😀
      Thank you!
      And nope, pretty much home for about 7 days in total x_x Aha I timed it really well; my current job’s notice ends at the end of november and my new job begins in january, so I have all of december free 🙂 And ooooh lovely – you have fun! I’ve never looked into Germany, but Poland looks awesome xx

  6. Oooh are you in NYC next month then? If you have time for a cuppa, let me know. In any case, have a wonderful time and party it out in Mia style. Don’t dazzle them too much. We gotta pick up the pieces you know. xx

    1. I am! That would be amazing – we’re actually planning to go cafe hopping (an old tradition) so definitely pop along and drink up 😀 Aha you do make me laugh – I will try to contain myself 😉 xx

      1. Yay okay…closer to the date I shall check with you. I am supposed to go on a jazz night with some friends during that weekend that you are here so should be good to see you in person! 🙂

  7. Wow. Woooow! It’s not even December yet but I am sooo excited for you on your trips!! 💖 (and jealous too! 😂) It looks like you’re going to end your year so beautifully. ✨

  8. I am so jealous! You’re going to have so much fun. New York is the next place to visit on my list and I’ve recently fell in love with Toronto, too! And I think everyone dreams of Paris, especially me! Looking forward to your posts on all your travels if you end up writing them. 🙂 <3

  9. Whoa girl wow. You are the traveling Queen!

    I have never considered using Wowcher – never came across my mind when searching for flights! Will have to look next time.

    Disney at Christmas will be beautiful I bet. I’ve only ever been to Disneyland Paris once and the day we went (on a Friday in August), they had an amazing fireworks display and parade. 🙂

    I’d love to go to New York but I think I’d want to go for more than 4 days. Same with Toronto just cos the flights are a bit longer. Anyhow, enjoy your time lovely!

  10. oh my goodness, your Canada and New York trip is going to be insane and Disneyland for Christmas is incredible!! So jealous, you’re going to have a ton of fun xx

  11. That’s so awesome, over here in the states we have “groupon” and you can usually book hotels or trips to other countries for a discount, it’s pretty neat. I would love to visit Toronto someday, it just looks beautiful! And I’m not super crazy about NYC but I think it would still be a sight to experience, all the city lights, especially during the holidays.
    And oh, my, gosh!! the swiss alpine eco-pod looks freaking awesome! I really want to go there! 😀

  12. Wow omggg you are going to havr a wonderful December 😍😍👌👌 I’m jealous haha wish to go to NYC with Christmas. I have been once to NYC and loved it so much. It was during summer time so during christmad time with all the lights and the big christmas tree it must be so damn beautiful wow enjoyyy 😍 Also swiss alps and disney land…. 😍😍👌👌

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