Delicious 2-Ingredient Banana Breakfast Pancakes Recipe!

I’ve finally listened to science and invested time in making and eating a good breakfast!

Hi guys – it’s your friendly neighbourhood Mia here to show you a quick-n-easy delicious breakfast meal that’ll tick off two of your five a day, a good morning boost in the form of protein – oh, and it’ll tickle your tastebuds. Besides, it feels like a cheeky treat . . . so go ahead and indulge. Not only will your tongue thank you – your whole body will!

Recently . . . I’ve been thinking about pancakes. About those delicious, thick, stacked piles of fluffy warm pancakes, drizzled in some decandent sugary cream or syrup, piled high with chocolate chips and- oh great, I’m hungry again. Now, as simply amazing as those hypothetical (cough cough Kensington pancake parlour) pancakes sound, I admit we cannot constantly snack on these obesity/cancer/premature death/Donald Trump inducing circles of deliciousness. So I decided to tackle that problem!

Side note: wouldn’t that be a great sleepover scary game? You know like the “say Bloody Mary 3 times” – except with Donald Trump. Say “The Donald” three times and you’ll wake up orange in a “Make America Great Again!” cap.

So what are we making today? Well, if you somehow missed that rather obnoxiously large post title, we’re making:


Or, rather, we’re making completely healthy, fruit-based, 2 ingredient pancakes. The kind of pancakes your wallet and your immune system (and your sweet tooth) will thank you for. The kind of pancakes that are delicious and make a great midnight snack, but are nutritious and will keep your 80-year-old-future-self nimble and spritely.

So what do you need, you eagerly ask me, hands clutched in eager anticipation, body hunched forwards, desparate to read that ingredients list you know is coming next . . .

  • 2 eggs (sorry, vegans – but there are egg substitutes you can use! I think…)
  • 2 bananas

Image result for adventure time and gif

I know; that’s it! If you have a non-stick frying pan, you don’t even need to grease your pan! (That said, olive oil is pretty good for you too, so I use that to grease my pans. But only a tiny bit because you don’t want oily pancakes.)

How to make:

  1. Whisk your two eggs together. Simple. Easy. You got this.
  2. Honestly, save yourself time, just stick your bananas in the blender or get a machine whisk. It’s such a mission to mash them by hand to the right texture.
  3. Just realised that you could stick the eggs and the banana in the blender together. Welp. This recipe just got easier; one step. Stick ingredients in blender. Press button. Batter done.
  4. Grease your pan, put your hob on low while you sort your pancake blobs out.
  5. Each pancake is two tablespoons of batter. It should look quite thick in the pan. Depending on how large your pan is, you should be able to fit 3 or 4 pancakes in at once.
  6. Turn the hob up to medium.
  7. Let the pancakes cook a bit; wait until the bottom side is golden then flip!
  8. Let the next side cook, then you’re done!
  9. I recommend drizzling grated dark chocolate (healthy; fight me.) and fruit on top.

And what is our finished result? Well, you take a look at this deliciousness. Maybe this post should be R-Rated because this is verified food porn.

Honestly, these were just . . . yummy! I’m focusing on eating more healthily, but I absolutely refuse to sacrifice nice food too. So I’m doing both! I hope you guys enjoyed this post and gained some inspiration! Are you a big breakfast eater? Would you try these pancakes? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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