So you want to know more about me? That’s weird, but okay.

I’m a 21 year old born and bred Londoner who’s currently living it up in Australia! Before moving over here and becoming a defiant Sim to my well-meaning overlord, I worked in Digital Marketing for a few years. Loved it, highly recommend – if you’re a blogger and would like to learn how I made blogging a career (…in a non-pyramid scheme way), feel free to read my post here.)

I’m a pretty basic bitch, to tell you the truth. I love tattoos, houseplants, heavy death metal. Happiest with a beer and a festival ticket in my hands, chunky docs on my feet!


Oh, hey – fancy seeing your gorgeous face here! Well, since we’ve got you, allow me to convince you to stay . . . 

First of all, hi! My name’s Mia; I’m the awkwardly smiling human to the left. Don’t let that picture fool you, I’m neither that tanned nor cheerful. (Although I can usually be found surrounded by plants, so at least it’s not all a lie.)

This website is my baby. It’s a creative space dedicated to finding magic in the mundane; entertainment in the everyday. It’s a collection of crafts, ideas, inspiration and anything that captures my creativity!

Hopefully you’ll find something that captures you!


I mean, I’m biased – but here are a few of my favourite categories to flick through!