A Week In My Life!

by Mia M.

Yes, this post heavily inspired (or, as the kids like to say, completely fucking stolen) from Priya’s week in my life. Her post was genuinely really interesting and I discovered a lot about her – like the fact she’s an artist, Priya where have you been hiding this? – so make sure you check it out. This is coming from someone who usually finds “Week In The Life” posts woefully boring. I don’t care how you have your cereal, Sarah.

Hello, beautiful humans! In my Florence And The Machine Inspired Lookbook post, I touched on the fact that I’ve been insanely busy and not engaging as much as I’d like on this blog. However, you know, just the saying the words probably doesn’t explain all that much. So I decided to, a la Priya, show you what is actually going on in my life!

Let’s go.


  • Clubbing with Deniz!
  • Booking some stuff for Australia.
  • Sleep. Tidy room a bit. Blog.

Sunday was a fun one; I met up with one of the girls I’m going over to Aus with, Deniz, to go clubbing because . . . well, we both love a bit of clubbing and we get along fabulously. (Wait, let’s just be clear: we met on Saturday night to go clubbing, not Sunday night. That would be weird. Although, it’s London – there’s plenty of places to go clubbing on Sundays too.)

After stumbling back to hers at like 6, we crashed for a few hours then booked some shit for Australia! Currently, our plan is to stay for a month on the Gold Coast, then we’re going to stay in a Workaway for another month and then we’re going to hit Melbourne and try to find farmwork out there. Possibly. We set up our Workaway accounts on Sunday and by Monday one of our stays was accepted! Cannot wait to share it with you, it’s freaking beautiful.

Initially, I’d planned to get home kind of early and get some of my room cleared out. This did not happen, we ordered KFC and watched comedy all day (no regrets) . . . then when I eventually did leave I discovered the trains were all fucking cancelled and a 40 min journey took me 3 hours. (Many regrets.)


  • Tidy room more.
  • Meet Luke, take OOTD photos in lavender field

Monday was a good one! I got a lot of blog work done (still behind on comments and reading, but I’m really just trying to get content written up until October so that I don’t have to worry about writing if I’m busy out in Aus) and met up with my friend, Luke, to visit a lavender farm. It was boring as fuck (the farm, not the outing) but I literally don’t know what we were expecting from a lavender farm.

I forgot my SD card (smart one, Mia.) so no “official” OOTD photos, but the photos worked for a different post anyways, so is all good. Plus, you know, “socialising”.

I’d planned to do the room clearing out that I should have been doing Sunday in the evening (plus some blog work), but Luke ended up coming back to mine and we watched South Park til 9.30. Also – and it’s really sad that I’m excited about this, but that’s my brain for ya – I ordered my Australia travel journal and I’m just so in love with it.


  • Work. Boo.
  • Tidy room.
  • Film ROMWE video!
  • Meet Leila!

For August, I’m meant to be working 4 days a week, but my boss went on holiday without confirming, so I just decided to wait for her to come back and do two weeks 5 days and two weeks with 3 (it works out the same amount of days). So no work today. Let’s cross out that!

However, because I skipped out on work, my room really needed to be sorted out. (To be fair, I’ve been putting this off because my room is the insulated, may I point out, loft and it is honestly disgustingly hot – especially considering London’s been having 30+ degree weather.) I’ve sorted out some clothes to sell in the bootsale and to friends, now to start packing!

My best friend was back from a few months in Thailand today too – I could literally cry with happiness, I love her so much and have missed the pants off her, but I’m so excited she’s living her best life – so I went to go see her and have a ‘lil catch up.


  • Go to Angel to take photos of Dogs Trust installation for work.
  • Meet Deniz for lunch.

One of the parts of my current job is occasionally going to photograph installations that my company does (office installs); this Wednesday was one of those.

I had to go to Angel (North London, about an hour and a half away from me- and actually where I went to college!), which is conveniently one 5 min tube stop away from where Deniz works so we met up for lunch. Random aside: we did this last week because I was up there then too and got burritos. This week we did burgers. Our friendship just goes from strength to strength.


  • Work. Boo.
  • Blog.


  • Work.
  • Blog

A lot of you probably won’t know this about me, but I suffer from pretty frequent headaches and migraines because I’m just pretty sensitive to the world. Things like temperature, air quality, noise, lighting, hydration, food . . . it can all really fuck my head up.

Our office has no air-conditioning (again, kids, it’s 30+ degrees at the moment. For reference, England’s summer months are usually early to mid 20s at most – our country really is not built for this heat) is not the best lit (oh, how I miss all the natural lighting of my old place – and yes, this is insanely picky but it massively affects my headaches) and is pretty loud. I like it, but the hours are longer than my old place and . . . in this heat, it’s just not the best setup for my sensitive ass self.

None of this is to complain, it’s just to kind of explain that being at work generally leaves me with a headache by the end of the day, so when I get home it’s “eat, check emails, spend some time drifting in and out of our living room and talking to my parents, resign myself to the fact I can’t concentrate and go to bed”.


  • Tattoo!
  • Blog

Yay! I finally got some time to actually sit down and blog (guys, I really have been trying but . . . your bitch is busy) in the morning, then in the afternoon I met my friend Luke, got my old phone’s screen fixed (so I can sell it) and went to get my new tattoo! I won’t talk too much about it, because I have a whole post coming up on it, but I’m a happy bunny.

All in all, this was a good week! I didn’t quite get to see as many people as I’d planned because I was just knocked out after work, but there’s still some time left. Plus, I’m having a big leaving party so I can just see ’em all then.

Okay, well, I don’t really know how to end this post. It didn’t really add any value to any of your lives; I can’t imagine it was particularly entertaining. I hope you derived some sort of sick pleasure from watching me live my inane London life? (Although, I might do one or two of these when I’m in Australia so we can see what the contrast is like!) Did you enjoy this post? How about the video? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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